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Were tail!!

My first quest on gaia was to get one. In my newbie days, I had the "Girl's raven navy" hair, the "Girl's Bright Eyes Purple" eyes, a black castaway shirt, black goth skirt, were feet and were tail. That was my outfit for a LONG time. xd (I would show you on tektek but apparently the saving is down right now)

To this day, I still have it. I used to wear it with every outfit but now not so often. If I ever sell all my items or give it all away, I would keep the were tail for ol' times sakes. smile
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Kawaii Phantom

Before the Erlking Ears were released it was Elven Ears. I always wear them.
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Aha. Yeah, a few items like that. Quite a few!

Enchanted Strings, for being the first MC I ever paid for (and the Fire Flower/Mecha Suit as well, like july 06 or something I think).
Blood Drop Brooch, for reminding me of the first event I really threw myself into hour after hour and day after day, instead of just dropping in on, and all the Grave Danger stuff for a similar reason. <3 I worked for that stuff, I got invested, and those are my memories.
Orindae, because I was gifted it on my old main after having a real friendly convo for the first time in my Gaian life, and I'll think of that user and that thread every time I equip it.
Romantic Knight Aphrodite because I literally got it from the dumpster and was shellshocked that someone would be so nice as to donate a 30k item for a random gaian heart I took it off my wishlist, but it's stayed in my invo.
All of the Commedia and Pierrot items I've quested, because I started questing them after performing in a very emotionally involving production of a Commedia show and realising how much the form and characters meant to me. I have a lot of nostalgia and introspection wrapped up in those items every time I wear them.
Keiko's Cake for being the first cash item I made a spur-or-the-moment, easy purchase for (and only one so far). It made me feel like I had arrived, y'know?
and.... SD PLUS REAL BIGLANKY14 DOLL! Because I won it fair and square, I'm one of a select few gaians who have it, and it makes me feel like if admins like something I did then I must have something of value. It gave me pride from an outside source in my poetry for the first time in a while. I was sad to see him go, but I will always treasure the memory of that contest and the sheer joy that I feel thinking about logging in one day and suddenly having 500k and kasjlfdsklgjlkf I can't even put it into words. So Much Emotion.

Good topic. Nice to see things mixed up a little bit. wink
My Fresh Grass Skirt.

It feels like it's from another time completely. It was the first item I ever quested (back when it was 80 000 gold and I managed to get it months before it shot up to around 200 000 gold) on my first Gaia account. I still used to frequent the A/M/C during that time and a lot of the regulars back then helped me out <3. Probably the first time I ever felt at home on Gaia and I remember a few of the people who helped. Would have been...hmm...probably 2004? Possibly early 2005, I don't quite remember sweatdrop .

I can never get rid of it (despite it being worthless on the MP anyways). I have literally transferred it to two separate accounts (this being the second) as I switched accounts just because of how much it means.
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Of course! C: it's hard not to put sentimental value on something that was given to me as a gift C: I tend to treasure my dolls above all of my other items but I hold dear all of the ones that were given to me~ I never sell gifts and do my best to make nice outfits with them, gifts from close friends and my boyfriend are also really special, I feel all warm, fuzzy and proud whenever I manage to wear one in a way that I really enjoy XD <3

I have waaay too many items though, so it's hard > 3<; I spend most of my time in Gaia just playing around with my avatar, I try on so many random SD+ dolls and mood bubbles XD it's crazy I just love them, I always wanna wear one even if the outfit really calls on holding those back lol

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              I have several. These were the first items I ever quested. With no booty grab, contests, or anything special.
              I achieved them through plain ol' posting.

              User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
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Apep cobra armor. The head is awesome, and it was a gift from my friend. Just can't say no to something so good.

And maybe Zhivago's underwear. There is something so good looking about that underwear...reminds me of that great feeling you get when you put on a brand-spanking-new pair of panties and you're like the King of the world.

Or maybe I'm just a freak.
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No one will ever convince me you told a lie.

              Even though I don't always wear it, it's Mimpi. It's the epitomy of what I find cute. Pastel sheep. And if anyone knows me, they know how much I love sheep and pastel colours. I have like.. five of them. emo heart

Moriarty was REAL!
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Gwee the Dragon. It was my first "big" item, the first item I really worked hard and scrimped and saved for.
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Angelic Scarf. <333
My first super hard quest, FULFILLED!
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Sweet Frosting for the hair ends up being part of my avi's new identity after the Valhalla armor and Ice Queen hairs.

Ciro doll to show a bit more identity and it is to show my dedication to that NPC from Love Charm I like

Pale Marionette: A first near-impossible quest, with the help of a friend of mine (who did my profile art) through her art auction. The promise to never sell the Pale remains with me to this day.
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Melchior the Meowl. I luff him, he is so adorable, I sold a good portion of my invo just to have sit in it, becauseI have never ever worn him.

If they could breed that s**t in real life I would pay with my firstborn.
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Card Shark Bands. Even when I'm not wearing them they're one of the only items that almost never leave my inventory. 3nodding
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Oculus mythica, creepy cat's eyes are my thing cat_whee
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My dark halo. First item I quested for.

Then a gift of goddess, it was given to me by anonymous gift when I was having a bad birthday. Lomg story short, exams and well.. My sister and mom started thier usual fighting and arguing and the nice spaghetti dinner I made for everyone ended up getting thrown out at the end of the night. Not sure who I told or how I told someone about it. But I got the gift with a nice message. Something like "You'll always be a goddess to me. happy birthday." Like if I was to lose this account that would be the one thing I would be most upset about. Not having THAT GOG again.

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