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Demonic Man-Lover

I thought this might be a good change of discussion from elves and vampires

Is there an item that you love, something fierce?
That holds sentimental value to you, or you can relate upon a different level
than items like "trail of ants"?
Whether it will be nostalgia, or they remind you of someone
or something else, I would really like to hear about it.

For me, that item will always be Reve Rouille.
Its one of the first EI's and items I found coming opon this site,
and whenever I now look at the poses, a rush of nostalgia comes opon me.
It's weird, and the ominous story really pulls me, and makes me wonder.
And the art done for it is so beautiful.

Now, enough of me talking about stories that make no sense.

I want to hear about you.
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Eye patches.

They're my identity, man.
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My whip of fire, on an alt account.

The first item I earned through an art commission (30k, I even remember the amount!).

For my hooker avatar.

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I love the old Christmas and Halloween event items. They're a little ugly in comparison with items nowadays, but I have a special attachment to them. 3nodding
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Yeata Zi
Eye patches.

They're my identity, man.

that's true!! I can't imagine you without a patch eye! eek


mmm... I change too much my avi... I have no identity!! gonk gonk
but I must say my 2 Coco's are my most precious items!!! one was donated to me when I was new to the site in a charity thread and the second was a prize in an art contest... the first one I won years ago!! emotion_kirakira I use them both always in my fav avi ^^

and my angelic scarf, was a gift from a nice person that leave the site a few years ago, so it have no gold value for me <3

edit: and my avatar hair, it represent my RL identity, for that I never change it (curly brown)
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Smitten Kitten

My monocle/pirate patch as they were my trademark for most of my time on Gaia (though after 7 years, I've been experimenting without them sweatdrop ), my black skeleton shirt/hot basic skirt/cat band because it was my first outfit on Gaia, and my Angelic Scarf as it was given to me by a dear friend.

Edit: Also my Horns of the Demon. First MC, I donated for. The were still "donation items" then.
My Horns of the Demon. I've had them since I was new to this site. It's a link to the good times I had way back when and reminds me of a more innocent time in my life. xD;

It's silly, but they hold fond memories for me.
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Obsessive Werewolf

My SDPlus Pyawakit Doll. The cat looks exactly like mine c: I can never take it off, no matter how much it doesn't fit with the rest of my avatar.
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Dapper Flip-Flopper

My SDplus Gambino doll
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Fashionable Bear

I didn't think I had an item like that until I took a thorough second glance at my Santiago companion. Character design and backgrounds aside, he reminds me of one of my original characters just because of the fact that he carries a gun and has accurate height proportions.

Arnie wouldn't be caught dead in white, though...Still love you all the same, Santiago.
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Hitched Sweetheart

faded revenenant, I just can't give it away.
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Destructive Sentai

I used to, but not anymore. After getting rid of my bronze medal, no other item has been sacred to me on this site, not even for nostalgic reasons. With so many new items, if there's a better version of something I used to use all the time, I'm going to go for the updated one.

Unless it's an investment, there's no sense in keeping something I'll never use.
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Aged Gearhead

These stupid horns my avatar is wearing. When I first joined Gaia I made a dream avatar with them but then I found out how expensive they were so I gave up on ever owning them. That is until this January. I sold a lot of things to get them but they are mine now. They have been stuck to my avatar's head permanently.
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♥ kottan belle. it was the first ever sparkly item i got, and was a gift from one of my best friends. sadly, she left, but i still remember what happened.
i was in towns, and just sort of eavesdropping on her convo with some other girl in which she said "i wish my kottan bell would sell already", and i said "i love that item haha! it's so pretty!" and she said "ohm would you like it?" and then sent it to me! c:
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My swords and eye patches. My avatar must always have one eye hidden or both, it's just part of him. Also I try to always wear a blade from my collection. I mostly have katanas but I also have B.F. swords. I like both type of swords I just can't make an avatar that is weaponless.
I also wear the skittles contacts since I like how the eyes look.

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