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My Coyote Brothers hold huge significant meaning to me. They are a symbol of my glory days on Gaia, when my avatar was continuously coyote-themed. They were also my first big quest completed. I believe I bought them for something around 9 million, a number I had never thought I'd see.

I will never ever sell my bros. <3
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my special items:
bunny slippers = i quested for 4-5 years for these ;__;
nitemare scarf = this was donated to me in 2004 and i still have it so it's super special
chimi the chihuahua = my friend was CRUELLY SELLING HER PUPPY so i took him and will be taking care of him forever
all the mood bubbles = my WHOLE COLLECTION which i don't care much about equipping but they look really nice in my inventory
fairy wings = i bought them from a guy i super totally had a big crush on in 2004 redface
jacked-up shoes and kandy korn hat = my first ever quest items
bananaman = obviously this needs no explanation
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The G-bot. I don't have him equipped at the moment, but I usually do. I got him the moment he first appeared on Gaia and he's been my avi's sidekick ever since. I'd feel lost without him in my inventory.
Well that item used to be my Coco Kitty Plushie. First item that I genuinely loved and quested despite feeling like it was out of my reach. I stopped using it after a while.

Kept it for three years,
then I sold it about three months ago
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Reve Rouielle and Fremere's Guard,,the very first multiple poses items that I bought. Sold all of them after I got scammed,, but I just recently bought Reve Rouielle again with it old price,, (almost) the same price when I bought it on the past!
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Tipsy Werewolf

The event items from Halloween 2k8. It was my first Gaia event, and more or less set the bar for me.

Also, Picolitrosso's Urn; it was the first big gift I was given, and the fact that it is probably, in my view, the prettiest EI ever does not hurt.
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I understand perfectly that these are just items no matter what.

But I do get what you were trying to express... The sentimental attachment feelings that we have for some items...

That for me would be Fremere's Guard. It's the time (first time) when I had saved the money (gaia gold) to buy such an extravaganzas evolving item. It was at its initial stage, hasn't evolved. So when it was unfolding stages, I was witness its spectacular poses one after another with all gaians who were around and excited. I love that item very very much. That happens with Gogh Reed also, but Fremere's Guard was my first ever treasured EI.
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For me that would be the pirate patch. It was the first item I worked to get. I still use it in most of my avies. Its simple but I think it adds to them.(it also helps I love Pirates)
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There are a few items that have meaning to me.

First is my Oisin's Blessing. This one means a lot to me because my boyfriend helped me get it. It was his "Gaia Christmas Gift" to me, donating me a massive chunk of the gold for it so I could complete my quest. It was a surprise and I could never part ways with it. I was very happy that Christmas haha.

Next is my Tragic Tower. A good friend of mine gifted it to me when she was taking a hiatus. I really wasn't expecting it at all, since at the time we didn't talk as much as we do now. Our friendship was pretty new actually! I was incredibly grateful and surprised haha. Even though I don't wear it too much now, I could never sell it, since it was such a wonderful gift.

Then there is Silver Sonata. I got it as a gift from another good friend of mine, and it was also pretty close to when we first met haha. Again, I was surprised and definitely wasn't expecting it. I haven't worn it for a good while; I haven't been able to come up with any ideas for it, but I'm definitely never selling it. It's special~ I know I'll wear it again someday!

Last but not least, I must mention my Compass of Seidh. This was the first EI I had ever bought. It was the first I had ever quested or even wanted. I had just gotten back into Gaia and I couldn't contain myself at how beautiful it was. I went crazy questing like mad for this thing, I could never get rid of it. It's been years since I've bought it and it definitely brings back memories!
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Magic Mage

Everything I've had gifted to me, big and small, is precious to me. I don't sell off gifts. This is why I have about a half-dozen gramster lollis and enough langer plushes to choke a horse.

In particular, my nitemare scarf. A dear friend gave it to me before he had to quit Gaia and move away and work a thousand hours a week in a game shop in Iowa. I don't have much left from him, but that scarf and a few photos and the memory of his scent. Which is actually really sad, but on the other hand, I'm glad what I have of his is so valuable, even in virtual currency, if only because it's how I know I meant something to him, too.

And, more recently, my Cathulu, for similar reasons. She was a birthday gift, from someone very dear to me, who isn't here anymore. There's more to it than that, but, it being more recent, still kinda hurts to talk about.
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D; Keiongaku Style... As much as I want to sell it that damn dress that I just love makes me keep it... curse you one pose....
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The Runcible Spoon. My hubby and I love the Owl and the Pussycat tale and we collect owls and cats, so when that item came out I bought it instantly purely out of sentimentality. I also love the SD doll because it completes the cat's wedding outfit.
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My Devilish Tail. I wouldn't be me without it, my horns as well . I could switch clothes all day but i will never switch out these 2 items.
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I totally agree with you about the Reve, it was one of my very favourites from the start.

I would have to say one of my most cherished items and nostalgic is my Devil Tail; I came by it by doing a massive amount of art for one person and then sending her the originals, and when I finally got my Devil Tail (this was back in '06 I think) I wore it with eeeeeverything, haha.

It meant so much to me mostly because I'd gotten it from a good friend too, and sending my original art to someone was really hard to do for little 16 year-old me. whee
all of my ducky items, really
I think my rubber duckies mostly, because they were obtained through help by some wonderful people

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