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In a relationship with Froggy


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My Edmund companion and Edmund SD dolls. People have gone so far as to joke that my SD dolls are like my little bearded children. xd
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Blessed Defender

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I have an item that's more than just an item. crying Oh skin of the blessed Overseer, I can never part with you! I'll have you equipped until the day I'm banned (or gaia does another full avatar system rehaul like the one that got rid of zombie whichever year it was, that would suck out loud).
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Aekea Businesswoman

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My two items that are MORE than items are my two mecha puppies.

Retrostacja, my Roro, has been by my side for at least 3 years now, developing with PQ as a character. I wouldn't sell him for the world, or replace him.

Tesknota, my MP3 Groovy Dog, was the FIRST MP3 Groovy Dog ever to be made. I spent millions of gold making her with Alchemy. While I can't wear her without unequipping Retro, she is absolutely priceless.
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Dangerous Demigod

I don't have one..But I am a hoarder so, I can't ever seem to get rid of any of my items lol
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Smitten Pumpkin

I've always loved my Jack'd Skirt 2k6. Part of it is nostalgia; it was my first Halloween event on Gaia, and possibly my first event overall on Gaia. I've used that skirt in so many avatars over the years.

My favorite item, though, is Baby-kun the Kitty. She (I call mine a she) looks like my kitty.
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Partying Dabbler

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My orphans. heart I played through that event so many times, trying to see every single orphan, and then I did it all again until I found my babies and I kept them until the event took them away at the end. I took many screenshots of them, actively joined the campaigns to make them companions...
And then when they came out as items, I went straight to the MP. I don't have too much of a story for this avatar, but she definitely adopted Eustace and Ethel.

Of course, they've been in my avatars a lot less lately because I've been going with airship captain/apocalypse/vampire themes, and I don't want my babies in dangerous situations. crying They'll stay safely tucked in my invo for a month longer...
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Tipsy Rogue

The box of chocolates I got years ago from an anon pretending to be Louie. That was back when the guild was still active. Sometimes I go back and reread the old threads.
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High-functioning Lunatic

Stylish Charcoal Winter Skirt.
It was a gift from my first and best friend on Gaia.
I rarely use it anymore, but it'll never leave my invo.
<[Can there be carrots? Wike green ones?]

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Precious Cutie-Pie

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Horns of the demon, most of my outfits has it not because it is expensive but because I got it from a few friends.
I was questing a long long time ago and a few days before Christmas a friend pmed me how much I had for the horns. I was round 50%
So she and two other friends send me the remaining gold as a Christmas gift.
While at are only pixels it is one of the sweetest things somebody did for me on gaia.
this is so cool and awesome biggrin
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Kawaii Carnivore

Well ...>w< , I think it would be the SDPlus Katsumi that is one of the items I will never be able to detach myself from , unlike my other possessions .It is the very first thing I wanted when I came to Gaia , but I gave up, thinking , 'it ' s hell too expensive '.I made many avis afterwards , got a bigger invo,but always felt like I didn t own anything that I really hardly quested for. And I decided to quest it .It was very , very hard for me and I was nearly going to give up when I got an anonymous donation (it was in form of an item) with a very kind note .It was really unexpected and gave me a wonderful boost with which I finally managed to get my Katsumi.
So , it is 2x precious to me as it reminds me of the good old past but also made me believe that there are really kind people around here.
(I use Katsumi 75% of the time but I am currently trying to get used to other wigs ...)
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Married Senshi

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A few actually,

Ancient Katana: It was THE item I wanted when I was a newbie and someone had given me one. It's one of those items I would never ever sell.

Coco : I have a thing for cats and Coco reminded me of my previous cat I had. And it was the other item I had wanted when I was a newbie. I had a lot of help questing for it. I even named it Sagi, after my cat.

Silver Promise Ring: Not really a good kind of sentimental, it was from an ex. But I've put on so many of my outfits it's second nature now.

Silver Sweetheart Earrings: An anon gifted them to me posing as Akihiko. And it was so undeniably cute that I just keep them on because of that.

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