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"Welcome to the circus~"

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*ears twitch.* "Oh hello!"

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starrbutterfly Report | 07/20/2019 9:32 pm
My budgies are wild and they would totally do that. You see to them, a cat is just another TOY to have! OMFG, these shelter cats and kittens though --their so CUTE and adorable and they look at you like, please, get me OUTTA here, take me home please. I like the ONE site coz it said which cats and kittens were adopted. They need good homes. They all look so SCARED too poor kitties --I would be scared too its like a JAIL for animals!!! I wish they never put to sleep any of the animals and its wrong to me to put perfectly HEALTHY animals to sleep. They deserve good homes, all of them. Their so precious. The dogs are cool too but Im more of a cat person. Besides, dogs are reckless creatures and I would prolly get one with a HUGE tail and you know how they get that tail going and KNOCK things over on tables and stuff. I would be like, you really wanna go in the back yard huh? Not to be mean, just for a short bit.

Im go make popcorn coz Im craving it. lol
starrbutterfly Report | 07/20/2019 9:14 pm
My budgies would EAT a kitten but first ride on it's back, dive-bomb it and and generally tease the kitten until it slowly goes insane so NAH, no birdies and kitties together. Sky is sweet but he would make a cat his servant!!!!! blaugh
starrbutterfly Report | 07/20/2019 8:53 pm
AWWW, I need PINKY too a white kitten -very VERY cute and playful --they even made a video of this kitten playing!!!!!!! heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart
starrbutterfly Report | 07/20/2019 8:48 pm
Nope, sorry, I need TWO cats now, I always wanted a white cat too and found a cutie on the ASPCA page!! Gah, why are cats so sweet and pretty!! Their one of those animals that are precious and pretty as kittens and still very pretty as adults.
starrbutterfly Report | 07/20/2019 8:44 pm
AHHHH this kitten is PERFECT --I just found the CUTEST black kitten 7 MILES from me. Hmm, wonder if this kitty could deal with 3 playful and feisty birds??! lol. ITS SO CUTE TOO. AH I love cats and kittens!!!
starrbutterfly Report | 07/20/2019 8:21 pm
Maybe their a fan of Star vs. the Forces of Evil coz see my UN is from the main characters name. Im still PISSED that dumbass Disney cancelled that show. lol
starrbutterfly Report | 07/20/2019 8:12 pm
Okay, I'm a sociable person most of the time but I dont post in the forums like I did before so I wonder HOW someone found me recently to send me a friend request?/ I accepted it coz I like to meet new people but just wondering how they found me? lol
starrbutterfly Report | 07/20/2019 8:06 pm
It is strong stuff but well I would only have 2 drinks to celebrate really. I used to drink when I was younger but well booze was cheaper then too!!
starrbutterfly Report | 07/20/2019 8:00 pm
PEACH VODKA -yum!!!!! heart
starrbutterfly Report | 07/20/2019 7:58 pm
Okay, your young and if you drink what stuff is good to get for booze? lol. See, we never had these FANCY flavored things like banana rum and OH watermelon captain morgans spiced rum and well there are DOZENS of flavors --IDK what to get!!


"Tid bits"

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My name is Maria but everyone calls me Skare/Krow/Mia. 31 years young. In a relationship. She/Her. INFJ/Phlegmatic personality. Libra. I try to get along with everyone. I judge others based on how they treat those around them. Not much of a talker but I love to listen.
Some things I love: Gaia, cats, monsters, horror, video games, fanfiction, music, art
If you mess with my friends I will consume your face.(❛▿❛✿)User Image


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Drawn by Goblin Punch

"Spooky friends."

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Drawn by: luvlee_pretty_gurl

"Girl Gang!"

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Drawn by: neashnah


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Drawn by: Yokies

"Favorite Music/Video Games/Movies/Anime/TV Shows"

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A Perfect Circle | Tool | Gorillaz | Disturbed | Chevelle | Soundgarden | Audioslave | Fuel | Sevendust | Bring Me The Horizon | Seether | Halestorm | Theory Of A Deadman | Volbeat | Like A Storm | Nothing More | Breaking Point | Bush | 10 Years | Three Days Grace | Breaking Benjamin | 3 Doors Down | We As Human | Nirvana | The Offspring | Nujabes | Trapt | Cibo Matto | Shinedown | Sarah McLachlan | Within Temptation | Phil Collins | Sting | Dave Matthews Band

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Silent Hill Series | Pokemon Series | Super Smash Bros. | Spyro | Tomba | Sonic the Hedgehog Series | Super Mario Bros. Series | Legend Of Zelda Series | Undertale | Slime Rancher | Mortal Kombat Series | Left4Dead Series |

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IT | The Lion King | The Crow | Edward Scissorhands | The Nightmare Before Christmas | Nightmare On Elm Street Series | Friday The 13th Series | Halloween Series | Watchmen | Liar Liar | Thief And The Cobbler | Lord Of The Rings Trilogy | Hobbit Series | Tommy Boy | Black Sheep | Jumanji | Patch Adams | Bruce Almighty | Ace Ventura Movies | Dumb And Dumber

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Seven Deadly Sins | Assassination Classroom | Dragonball | Dragonball Z | Dragonball Z Super | Paranoia Agent | Tokyo Mew Mew | Slayers Series | Samurai Champloo | Hellsing | Attack On Titan | Pokemon | Samurai Deeper Kyo

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Stranger Things | Gotham | Once Upon A Time | iZombie | Rick And Morty | Steven Universe | Adventure Time | Bob's Burgers | Flash | Legends Of Tomorrow | Agents Of SHIELD | Freakazoid! | Rocko's Modern Life | Ed, Edd, N Eddy | Monk | Ghost Hunters | Ghost Adventures | Good Eats | Iron Chef | Ah! Real Monsters | Doctor Who | Sherlock | Scrubs


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"Me and enchanted_bunny enjoying some oven-less brownies."

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Drawn by: Wild Artist has Appeared


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Drawn by luvlee_pretty_gurl

"Straight through the heart."

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Drawn by Pirate Cashoo

"It me"

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"Trying to butter me up?"

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Drawn by: Kashikun Reborn

"Don't mess with Team Skull."

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Drawn by: vivtsya


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"Grin and bear it."
Drawn by: i am kiri

"I love you~"

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Drawn by: Amai_Neiko

"Please don't go."

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Drawn by: Xyana

"The best boi" ♡

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Drawn by Xyana

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