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*ears twitch.* "Oh hello!"

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starrbutterfly Report | 10/25/2020 3:45 pm
Ain't nothing wrong with the usual as long as u try to kick it up a notch all u can. Lol. My day has been good but I have 3 feathered amateur singers to keep me entertained to. I'm gonna get them a pet fish soon too, either a betta or a big eyed goldfish. I already have fish supplies to keep fish again too. Lol. It's time the feather puffs had their own pet fish again. Hee hee! blaugh

starrbutterfly Report | 10/25/2020 12:14 pm
I'm actually just a theist and always have been it's just that simple for me. How ya doin?! I'm doing good and keeping busy and enjoying life like always. cool
Usagi Utau Report | 10/24/2020 7:32 pm
Usagi Utau
i saw ur status ,it true ppl on here put items to high ,iv seen items that should be less then 1,000,000,000,000 gold ,for over 300,000,000,000 gold
starrbutterfly Report | 10/23/2020 4:42 pm
Thats another reason I cant stick with Christianity Im pan and always have been and most modern Christians and their churches and places of worship do not agree with that.

I think the only reason Christians invited me to their churches was to try to CONVERT me to Christianity. lol. I was raised as a Christian so how could they possibly re-convert me? Yeah, I know about born-again and all that, I WAS a born again Christian since 2005 but now now. It is not for me and it makes me very uncomfortable esp. when the super conservation ones STARE at me since I wear jewelry, sometimes dye my hair in unnatural colors, I listen to ALL kinds of music and I prefer to wear dark colors and I mostly wear black. Why, coz its always been my fav color along with red. Uh oh some Christians thing that color belongs to the FELLOW down below, I will just call him that. Im tired of religion and NOPE, Im not an atheist either. I believe SOMETHING made the entire and everything on it, I just dont put a name on it as I dont know that name and there is no way to find out for humans. Thats how I feel, not sorry. Reese's didnt make up the NOT SORRY phrase either but its a clever phrase and good for marketing, thats true!!
starrbutterfly Report | 10/23/2020 4:37 pm
Cool and glad you understand. See, Im actually just an agnostic theist and I do believe in theism itself of course. Christianity is a very peculiar religion to me as to ADHERE to the teachings one must live give up everything really and yes, I got lots out of being a Christian while I was a member of that religion, but its never been for me. Ive actually always been part of the new age movement. Christians will TELL you and try to brain-wash you into the idea that it's a RELIGION but it is not, it has never claimed to be, does not WANT to be and never will be.

Okay, what I actually am is a LIFELONG student of METAPHYSICS including spiritual metaphysics. Make sense to me. What I actually believe is that a HIGHER POWER than us created the known universe but I simply do not have a name for it personally. Thats it. I realize that LIFE FORCE has a Son that Christians called Jesus Christ and I respect that but I dont follow the Christian path any longer. I cant do it.

I dont even AGREE or can relate with most of what Christianity teaches. Every time I have been to services they cut down EVERY other organized religion and other ways of believing and every spiritual concepts in the world. If their so LOVING and ACCEPTING of ppl that are NOT Christians than they should accept the fact that NOT all HUMANS can and want to be part of the Christian religion.

Ok theology skool is over for today.

I get tired of those ppl that say Christmas trees are forbidden too and that trees for for PAGANS too. I looked that up on LOTS of Christian sites and thats just not true at all as you prolly know.

Im not putting up a tree this Christmas since Im no longer a Christian. I do like garlands and a wreath but not coz Christians use those for their holy celebration of Christmas.

Christianity is a wonderful religion, I just dont care to be a member any longer. If God sends me to hades when Im deceased then so be it. At least Im being true to myself.

I do not serve any kind of EVIL or wickness, devils or demons too just so ya know. Those things exists of course but Im against EVIL and wicked things and always have been. So now ya know a bit more about me. 3nodding
starrbutterfly Report | 10/23/2020 2:44 pm
I just meant that you should try to enjoy each day and night and make the most of it no matter what comes ur way in life is all. That's what I've always tried to do in my life. I'm going back to my former spiritual beliefs though as christianity is just not for me and that's hard to put into words. I dont agree with lots of what that religion teaches and believes in anyway so that's another reason I'm going back to my former spiritual path. I gotta do what's right for me of course.i find that christianity is just to suffocating and a person has to give up so much to be In that religion. Sure it gives back a lot but it's just not what i wa t for my life and it never was 2b honest. Sorry if ur a Christian as this is not intended to offend u in any way. I'm glad I can feel free to share things about my life with u. I'm glad that u can do the same with me too.
starrbutterfly Report | 10/23/2020 1:01 pm
Yeah, I know those feels too as variety is the spice of life for me! I would go out and do things even during this pandemic but I would have to walk to the city bus line and thats not far but it takes a while coz of the arthritis in my legs. Its not pain that bugs me about that, its the mobility, coz I have arthritis in both of my knees so that makes it harder to get around. See I love to WALK and to see things that way and I luff using my cane, but I have to talk breaks if Im gonna talk long walks. Cant jog like I used to coz it makes my arthritis worse. lol. I do luff swimming but I dont know always use our community pool as its not within walking distance of my home. See I either have to get the city bus on a main highway called 434 or I use 436, those are the 2 MAIN highways near me that offer city bus service. I really dont wanna use the city bus during the pandemic but only coz of my chronic health problems like emphysema and covid 19 can make ppl sick, esp. ppl like me that have emphysema. I used to smoke tobacco before is prolly how I got emphysema.

I hope things are great for you today and always. Your my good friend and I will always care about you. Eh, you already know that but you will always be my friend. Im not good with emotional things but I do try anyway! Anyway enjoy your day and I hope this is a great day for you in every way.
starrbutterfly Report | 10/23/2020 12:34 pm
I love how some ppl think the supernatural and paranormal do not exist and they never did. lol. Even Christian pastors use the word supernatural in their sermons quite often so yes the world of the supernatural does exist and it always has it always will. Of course the paranormal exist and it always has. That is simply another reason WHY I luff Halloween so much as it deals with THE UNKNOWN and there is nothing creepy or spooky about the unknown to me. There are things that exist outside of our realm and the world of the living, thats just how I see things like that. Ive been reading and researching those 2 subjects since childhood so I know a lot about them. I just think the supernatural and the paranormal are quite fascinating coz they are to me.

How are things with you anyway? My room does not spell any longer as the STUFF he put on the wood is dry now and the birbs are me are back in our room and having fun and keeping busy like always. Im always reading, working on hobbies, talking to people, listening to music and studying things I want to learn more about and I like to watch anime and read mangas every chance I get and Ive been enjoying anime and manga since childhood. Living in Asian countries exposed me to anime and manga so that is when I first learned about those 2 things during elementary school.
starrbutterfly Report | 10/23/2020 11:09 am
Yeah, thats what I like about it. I like to acquire ALL different kind of items and different RIGs to buy coz I like to try and create all different kinds of characters. I dont always use characters from known fandoms as sometimes as I rather just make up my own. Those might be iNSPIRED by fandoms and things in the entertainment world but I put my own take on them to make them my own.

I do wish I could have had bio. kids though as thats just something I always wanted and something that was always lacking in my life. I didnt do the whole infertility treatments years ago when I was younger as the everything was just very expensive back in the 70s when I was young enough to start having kids. Two kids would have been enough for me. Im a very nurturing and loving person that would make any sacrifices in order to raise some kids. Im just glad that I have my extended family is all I can say. They mean so much to me and they always have and they know that.
starrbutterfly Report | 10/22/2020 3:57 pm
Me too homie, coz I love things like that as u prolly know by now. Me and the burbs r in the den coz Carl my cool handyman had to put some stuff on the wood frame he made for my wall AC unit and it spells yucky and it could make my birds sick coz they cant have those fumes in their tiny bodies. Small animals should never be exposed to bad odors like that as it can make them sick and that's common sense anyway. It's only for 1 or 2 days and then we can go back in my room coz that's also their aviary too. They only sleep in this room at night so their not used to hanging out in here yet. Their smart burbs and their getting used to the den already! xd


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"Trying to butter me up?"

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Imma Bee

Fell Paps has my heart and SOUL

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"Tid bits"

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My name is Maria but everyone calls me Skare/Krow/Mia. 32 years young. In a relationship. She/Her. INFJ/Phlegmatic personality. Libra. I try to get along with everyone. I judge others based on how they treat those around them. Not much of a talker but I love to listen.
Some things I love: Gaia, cats, monsters, horror, video games, fanfiction, music, art
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"Girl Gang!"

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"Please don't go."

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