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What is the most important lesson learned from this season on The Walking Dead

Don't move into a prison 0.088888888888889 8.9% [ 4 ]
Don't trust a guy who keeps heads in a fish tank 0.2 20.0% [ 9 ]
Always use contraception during an apocalypse 0.55555555555556 55.6% [ 25 ]
You can kill a person with walker bones 0.15555555555556 15.6% [ 7 ]
Total Votes:[ 45 ]
As Chaos waited on the coastline, the gentle breeze became a bit more cold and blew more firmly against her before a small portal opens in front of her with the familiar fog flowing out from it as Marcus then calmly steps through with a blank, unamused expression about him, "...So the Goddess of Destruction...Chaosissees; come to die..." he says as he stepped closer to her. The clang of his sword heard among his steps.
At seeing Marcus actually appear Chaos was a bit surprised, but she figured he couldn't pass an oppertunity like this one. "Oh Marky, don't tease." She said using a nickname she had once use to called him. She looked him over in an interested way. "Its so odd to see one standing before who was thought to be dead though its not the first time." She said. "Anyways I am actually glad you came I have a few questions for you."
"I am in nay spirit for yer honeyed words, wench." Marcus dismissed as he then draws his sword, "Questions, eh? Ye speak as if I'd answer to ye." He says as his own power could be felt rising as though ready to fight, "I had me hopes ye'd be the first god I'd slay..." he says then smirking coyly.
Chaos hummed "Ah, I see you remembered your favorite name for me." she said at being called a wench. As Marcus drew his sword, Chaos made no move or even act like she was willing to fight. "Well you kinda answered one of them. The first god you slay hmmm? Do you mean to slay us all?" Chaosisees asked intrigued. "What purpose does that serve for you Marcus?"
"What's in yer head, wench?" Marcus said as he became more irritated until she asked her other question before uproariously laughing. His head thrust back in loud laughter for a long while, "Ohhh...dearie me...Ye gods are astoundingly stupid if ye must ask me my intentions." he says before laughing a bit more, "What is it ye think I aim to be doin'?" he says presenting himself as the destruction of the gods was most evident as his intentions.
Chaosisees shrugged. "Well pardon me, I know you wish to end your brother and myself, but to kill all the gods? What do you gain from that Marcus? Is that really why you continue to live? You hate them that much that you refuse to die until each one is dead? Why Marcus?" Chaosisees asked. "After you slay us all, what then?"
"That is the point, stupid wench." Marcus says in a snap, his temper then flaring as his eyes blacken and burn red, "I gain the simplest satisfaction that every last of ye is toppled of yer glory! I don't care what happens after! The world may end for all I care! I will tear this realm into pieces until I annihilate the very last being with a spit of yer 'divine essence'!" As Marcus roared, the winds began to pick up once more as the fog enveloped at their feet, "I can take everything ye are and turn it against the rest of yer kind! I will tear yer powers from ye and make ye all helpless mortals and cower before me begging for the same mercy as you beg every other mortal and puppet playing by yer strings! I-will-end the gods and none of ye will stop me!!!" He roars once more as an immense force pushes against Chaos.
As the force pushed against her, Chaosisees held herself firmly against it. As the sand cleared, she looked back at Marcus. "Such an idiotic reason to keep living." She merely said. "Just to be the ones who slay the gods just because you are tired of their wagging finger. You could liberate the world or destroy it by killing all the gods and you care not." She mused to herself. "Are your jealous of them Marcus? Or perhaps are you jealous your brother slinked his way up to become one? Does it just burn your soul knowing he takes charge of what happens in the world?" Chaos asked him. She then giggled gently. "Marky, I am not the one trying to stop you."
"You forget, wench. I am the one who was bent on ruling the seas. I rue the day I ever set sight on ye. When will ye ever learn we don't need ye gods. Worthless, the lot of ye. What makes ye think ye're worth anything? It was never about revenge...It's about the straw that broke me back in me tolerance for ye. I will not rest 'till I see ye dead. The dead care not for the living...Chaosisees." Marcus then brings himself within an inch of Chaos as his sword was then pointed up at her chin, "Not stop me? Only yer strength will suffice me needs."
"What did I ever do to you Marcus? Was it because I perfered the arms of your brother then yours? " she asked curiously. "Had I been a simple mortal maiden would you still despise me so? " as he pointed the sword to her Chaos smirked. "I agree most are a worthless lot." She said. "Marcus my dear my power is not for you to take today. You will need more then what you have to take me down and more then what I have to finish off the other gods."
"That buffoonery yer playin at is the coy ignorance I mention. There's no sense in reasonin' with yer likes who feel nothin' but coy obligation to have yer way. I had fancied ye, yes...and ye simply thought nothin' of the consequences in takin' off with the one man I despised most. Ye simply p*ssed off the wrong pirate, Chaosissees, but don't patronize my reasons. Yer not the only one I have business with. If ye were mortal, I'd slay ye all the same. Besides, I think me brother would agree...don't ye?" He says in a sting how he knew they weren't together and how it came to be.

"By the powers, yer right...not by myself." he says as a pair of glowing lights could be seen in the distance behind Marcus as the creaking of wood could also be heard and the shadow of a titan of a ship looms over them, "The undead have the power to rival the divine, when used properly. I have many targets ahead of me, me beauty...Ye would simply make it all the more easy."
A smile slowly came to Chaosisees' lips as she watched the ship appear. Her thoughts brifely returned to the memories of the past. "Perhaps I have. I tend to piss off the wrong people a lot a habit a guess." She said. Chaos moved her eyes from the ship back to Marcus. "You are so angry. How awful that must be feel, to keep surviving on alone and in hatred even after death." She then hummed "Yes Dimitri he seems he would have business with you as well. He plans to put an end to you once and for all and everyone seems to think he might actually do it. I am kinda hoping everyone is wrong." She said. "Marky you should know by know I never like making things easy."
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Marcus soon jabs the tip of the sword and presses it against Chaos' flesh, threatening her further, "You mock me...but perhaps yer tune will change after I find the man yer with now...Tell me, Chaosissees...Where is yer Ozma?" He says with a hiss, squinting his eyes, "And Beth for that matter?" he pushes further, "I care not for yer trivial get-backs with Dimitri...I aim to see ye all dead. I'm sure Dimitri could...that's why I have my preparations in order. So either arm yerself lass or enjoy yer execution." he threatens once more as the cold look of death filled his eyes ready to strike at Chaos.
Chaos looked at Marcus as he held the sword against her. Hearing him threaten Ozma and Beth brought a panic to Chaos she had not felt before. "Tis a shame Demarcus, it would seem I would have to disappoint you again." She said before she swiftly vanished, leaving Marcus alone on the beach.

Repressing her divine aura, Chaos reappeared in the home she shared with Ozma. "Ozma! Ozma!" She called out. "Come here now!"

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