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What is the most important lesson learned from this season on The Walking Dead

Don't move into a prison 0.085106382978723 8.5% [ 4 ]
Don't trust a guy who keeps heads in a fish tank 0.19148936170213 19.1% [ 9 ]
Always use contraception during an apocalypse 0.53191489361702 53.2% [ 25 ]
You can kill a person with walker bones 0.19148936170213 19.1% [ 9 ]
Total Votes:[ 47 ]
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As Brix left, Anari turned to see three different dragons start to approach him. Unknown to him, the two others abandoned the fight at recognizing Anari and decided not to take their chances. Baring his fangs, Anari growled. "Coming to your deaths are we?" Even though the whirling snow made it hard to see, Anari engaged into a vicious fight with the three dragons. Biting, clawing and tearing the snow underneath them became stained with blood. The fight was short lived, But Anari was the definite victor. Only having a few cuts on him, Anari changed back to his human self as he spread his wings and took off after Brix and the girls. Once he caught up to them, he transported them back to the bar.


"That is why I came here!" Mochi said. "Do you think that I am that stupid just to walk around the streets like a moving target?"

"Well its pretty stupid to not tell anyone. I have enough on my plate right now, it would help if you didn't run off." Nayh said. "Do you don't know how scared I was?"

"Well if you don't want me to run off them maybe you shouldn't be so mean to me!" Mochi said.
As they returned to the bar suddenly, Beth was a bit surprised at how easily Anari seemed to make it look as he came back so quickly given how many there were. As they were at the bar, it was unfamiliar to Beth as she looked around, ((dunno where they are >.> ))

As soon as they arrived, Brix took a moment to catch his breath and rest his wings from the bitter winds before looking over at Ziri and quickly embracing her so tightly, "...You stupid head..." he could barely muster as it was something he always called her whenever she was bossy to him as kids as he was just so happy they were all finally back home.
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(( In Anari's room ))

As Brix held her so tightly he would be able to feel her much larger baby bump press against him. Ziri didn't really return Brix's affection or excitement. She still more shocked and confused then anything else. "B..... Brix...." she managed to muster before her father interrupted.

"Brix and you." He said pointing to Beth. "Out, now." he ordered firmly as he pointed to the door.
Brix barely acknowledged her baby bump before Anari then demanded they leave. It brought a small downer to his relief, but it figured he would want to have a few words with her alone.

Beth felt a small wave of nervousness as her eye went back to its brighter blue color from Anari's intimidating tone. Not wanting to create anymore tension, she figured maybe now was a good time to rest in peace...and a more temperate climate as she left with Brix.
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As they left, Anari slammed the door before turning to his daughter. He had a scowl on his face and he could see the fear in her eyes as she was near trembling. Walking over to her, Anari wrapped his arms around her and held her close. Turning her head to look up at him, he said. "Why did you run? Why did you leave Ziri?"


As Beth and Brix walked out into the hall, Mochi had come stopping up the stairs. She and her mother had argued a bit more before Nayh had demanded that she go up stairs to a room and stay there for awhile.

Nayh stayed down at the bar after sending Mochi away. They both needed a moment to cool down. Plopping down in a chair Nayh slumped over, burring her head in her arms that rested on the table.
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((my internet's out it's going to be hard to post until I get it back sad ))
(( dunno how up you are for a small little scene, figured there would be a nice little discussion between the gods, simply put, Dimitri will voice his wish to be the one to fight Marcus. Dunno if Chaos or any other god will protest...maybe a nice little hallway chatter between Dimitri and Chaos wink ))
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(( Or not so nice chatter lol, I am fine with that ))
(( Should we go with Dimitri and Chaos then? I won't do Dimitri's volunteering scene unless some god or goddess you may know may argue against it. Because otherwise it's just tedious to rp *shrug* >_> ))
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(( I think all by God chars would argue against it ))
((shweeet :3 ))

With the recent outbreak within the drow arena from Marcus, a meeting was immediately called by the council and its members from their first meeting informing of Marcus's return. Most speculation came from who was the first to inform the Council about the attack: Dimitri. As the meeting was called there was much clamor about how strong Marcus truly was. This was the first showing of Marcus's power and his first opponent, one of the strongest mortal dragons remaining, was arguably well handled, even made him retreat, but for the gods, it was a positive sign that Marcus did not appear strong enough to kill a capable god.

Calling the meeting to order, Adon stood and brought everyone's attention to him, "...With all that has happened, it is now safe to say we're all in agreement that plans must now be made...I will be neutral in listening to everyone, but one of us must be the one to fight and slay Marcus." Adon stated as after a brief pause Dimitri stood with prompt posture to volunteer himself, but even he knew he would have those who would disagree.

Even Adon had his doubts about sending Dimitri to be the one to fight him, but as he stated, he was the neutral party.
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As the meeting was called, Chaosisees sat in her seat with a dull look on her face. She was tired of theses meetings, as this bickering, suggestions and the lack of action. She was also in a foul mood since Ziri had currently abandoned her quest. As Adon started to speak, Chaosisees drifted her green eyes over to him. Someone to slay Marcus? "You say he isn't strong enough to defeat a god right now, but what happens when whoever faces him gets sucked up? He surely would be able to then." Chaosisees said. As Dimitri stood up and volunteered, Chaos then waved her hand. "Oh well, then nevermind... " She said, coyly insulting him.
As a few of the gods got a chuckle from Chaos' insult, Dimitri quickly replied nonchalantly, "That's one approval..." he says then glancing to her before the god of earth interjected,

"You jest if you think you're trusted enough to take another step in that realm, Tosai. How convenient that you know so much of what your brother plans to do next and how you're always on top of 'watching' him and 'listening in' as you've so described." he sneered.

"As the only being in this universe who has fought Demarcus and lived, it has its benefits of knowing the crazed fool." Dimitri argued, "I killed him before and I aim to make sure it stays that way." he adds as it was clear he seemed irritated at the notion he wouldn't be the one to kill Marcus.
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"If you actually killed him the first go around, then we wouldn't be having this problem then would we?" Chaosisees merely asked.

"Chaos, not another word unless it is actually helpful' Erlifindy warned. "Dimitri I feel that your sibling rivalry may blind you. Whereas you are most knowledgeable of him, going in to fight him alone may not be the wisest."
Dimitri turns his eyes to Erlifindy as she voiced her concern, "...If only it were just a rivalry as you believe, Erlifindy..." he simply said not wanting to make it about him, "Alone? Erlifindy, I know you saw our fight centuries ago...This go around would rival my fight with Ozma that Adon stopped." he said stating about their armies, "Demarcus's vengeance is most directed towards me and in consequence of some others in this room, the rest of the divine realm. He's been under my thumb since we were children and it's my responsibility to put him in his place."

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