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What is the most important lesson learned from this season on The Walking Dead

Don't move into a prison 0.08695652173913 8.7% [ 4 ]
Don't trust a guy who keeps heads in a fish tank 0.19565217391304 19.6% [ 9 ]
Always use contraception during an apocalypse 0.54347826086957 54.3% [ 25 ]
You can kill a person with walker bones 0.17391304347826 17.4% [ 8 ]
Total Votes:[ 46 ]
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The yells of a small crowd reach a climax and echo off of the walls of the bar. This crowd looks like nothing more than a multitude of faces and hands. Some faces contort into expression of anguish despite the otherwise joyous yelling, and money begins to flash in their fingers, changing hands in accordance to the bets placed. At the center of it all, illuminated by the golden glow of the spotlight, a single figure stands erect. Sweat tumbles down her face, and her lips are parted by the exertion of heavy breathing. At her feet, the crumpled form of her opponent lays, moving only to clutch at their bruises and groan in submissive anguish. The fight has concluded. The victor has been decided.

Two women- the owners of this establishment- move to lower the wards around the fighting arena. The wards vanish without a sound following their administrations, and for a brief second, the victor at the ring's center looks up at the bar owners. Her attention turns towards the crowd, and she hoists her arms triumphantly into the air.

"Is there anybody else?" she roars, clenching her wrapped fingers into fists.

A new challenger emerges from the crowd, shedding their watch, wallet, and coat as they step up. For the briefest of moments, a grin passes between the two bar owners as they observe this new participant. The bets gurgle to a start again among the crowds. The protective wards fizz to life once more. The fight begins anew.

This is what the bar owners live for: the fight, the thrill, the rise and fall of champions. Here, victories are made. Here, legends are formed in the passing of a single chaotic night. These legends are the rulers of this underground world.

Welcome to Chaotic Nights. Do you dare to step up to the challenge?
» » SETTING « «

In the city, there is an old run down building which had been abandoned long ago due to finical reasons. This building consists of several stories, and any sense of grandeur is lost beneath its strong, middle-class influence. Next to the building is an alley that leads to a garage where anyone can park their vehicle of choice. The building may not look like much, but word is reaching ears near and far about the secrets within it. The word mostly reached the ears of those non-human folks, but the humans may enter, too, if they dared.

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Once one walks inside it seems as though the building may consist of an apartment complex or hotel. The inside appears completely empty. Paint dangles from the walls and ceilings like cobweb, and the air is filled with the faint scent of mold. Near the back corner of the room. however, is a grand old stair case. The staircase presents the option of ascending or descending.

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Heading down stairs leads the visitor into a dark and different underground world. The room is dimly lit, and a bar counter sprawls along its left side. Behind the bar counter is a door that leads into the kitchen where anything can be prepared. In the back corner is a lounge area with a tv, up to date video games and movies. There are also seats where one can sit back and watch the entertainment and purpose of the bar.

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In the center of the room appears to be a stage. There are no instruments, no band sitting, nor no little girls in skimpy outfits dancing. No, this was a fighting arena where two or more people would step up to fight or spar. Once fighting, there would be a force field that would protect the bar from any stray attacks. Yes, there would be tournaments and ranks. Gambling also proves to be an option for those seeking a quick payment. So have fun, or die trying.

Underneath the bar and down the stairs is a gym with specially made equipment for work outs. Do as you please. The stairs ascending from the main level present a variety of rooms for both employees and regulars. The rooms, generally, come in three varieties, but they may be customized by the owner.

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» » RULES « «

Though you are allowed to post without filling out an application or a form of any sort, there are some rules that you must follow. You will be immediately kicked out of the bar if you break any of these rules.

1. This is a Semi-Literate to Literate Bar
This means you should spell-check your posts, use proper grammar, and type at least three sentences. I understand lame posts and writer's block every now and then.

2. Obey All Gaia Rules
Follow the Gaia rules, kiddos. There will be nothing over pg-13 here. There will be no spamming here. There will be nothing that violates the ToS. Period.

3. Obey The Bar Lord(s)
Whatever the owners,co-owners, and employees say is law. If they kick you out, you leave. If they say you're not being literate enough, you're not being literate enough. The owners and co-owners are the gods of this bar, and they shall be respected as such.

4. Do not be a complete jerk.
This is a relaxed atmosphere, and it's not meant to be a place to let your ego run free. Granted, it's fun to play a surly role playing character once in a while. As long as you keep your character in check, it's acceptable here. Please do use common sense. Don't flame or ignore anyone in the bar. If you have a bone to pick with someone, take it to the pms. In-character fights are accepted;in fact, they are encouraged.

5. Please be active
No one likes to be left hanging. I understand that we all have lives. If you are going to be gone for a long time, let us know.

6. No advertising or spamming!
You might have the greatest bar/guild/roleplay in the world, but if you're not a definite friend of the bar, we don't care. If a newbie posts an advertisement but isn't regularly active in the bar, they will be banned immediately. And please don't post useless garbage

7. Keep OOC to a minimum
If you want to chat outside of character for extended amounts of time, take it to the pms. If you want to get involved in an OOC argument, take it to the pms. This is a bar, so a little OOC is expected. Just be certain to place it in the appropriate markers. (Parenthesis), {brackets}, and other <marks> are accepted.

8. Please Be Aware!
Know what is going on in the bar and if there are any employees around. Do not come in, making up a scene that is conflicting with what is going on with the regulars, such as loud music and dancing when no such character is doing so and with a fight going on in the bar, or making up an employee such as a bartender when there is actually not one. The owner or a regular will assist your character if they are on or available.

9. Stay within the Realms of Chaotic Nights
The Chaotic Nights thread is a world within itself. The bar is just one of the numerous locations the characters can end up at. However, most of these characters are run by a regular or an owner in which their character's story or plot has built up to leaving outside the bar and expanding the Chaotic Nights world. Newbies to Chaotic Nights have to earn this right. Please do not come in yourself, or with an rp friend, for example, to post about a day at the beach when it pertains to nothing that is going on or none your characters have established any sort of relation with a regular or an owner.

10. Have fun!
This is a relaxed atmosphere, yet again. Kick back, relax, and enjoy throwing your characters around! If you have an idea, pm it to me.
» » JOBS « «

Any position that is vacant in the Jobs post is available to anyone. In order to apply, please pm Chaotic Nights with the following form. Employees automatically receive a room at the tavern. Please do not put unknown for history.

Profile Skeleton

Desired Position:

You only need to fill this out if you want to be an employee or a regular. If you just wish to post, you do not have to fill out this profile.

Raven (Miss Merciless)
Nyiakole (Lady Silvertastic)

1- Ivon (Perja)
2- Anari ( Lady Silvertastic )

1- Hanku (Hankitty)
2- Anari (Lady Silvertastic)

1- Rei Hyuuk Hun (Hankitty)

1- RruRynn (Lady Silvertastic)

Regulars: Characters within the thread who do not live at the bar
1- Pear (Perja )
2- Nukha (Hankitty
3- Candice (Lady Silvertastic)
4- Nayh (Lady SIlvertastic)
5- Mocsha (Hankitty)
6- Chaosisees (Lady Silvertastic)
7- Dimitri (Hankitty )
8- Ozma (Hankitty )
9- Lexi (LainLoki)
10- Bhaltair ( Hankitty )

1- Jace (Miss Merciless)
2-Raven (Miss Merciless)
4- Rei Hyuuk Hun (Hankitty) & Nyiakole ( Lady Silvertastic )
5- Brix (Hankitty)
7- Argent ( LainLoki)
8- Falkor 'Baya' (Lady Silvertastic )
10-RruRynn (Lady Silvertastic ) & Devorick (Lady Silvertastic )
11- Ivon (LainLoki )
13- Anari (Lady Silvertastic) & Ziri (Lady Silvertastic)
15- Hanku (Hankitty )
17-Aylanna (Lady Silvertastic) & Meriel (Hankitty ))

» » EVENTS « «

( Current Updates coming soon 5/11/11 )
» » UPDATES « «

May 11, 2011: Important Front Page Information Has Been Updated!

January 04, 2010: The Plot Summary portion has been added to the front page and updated.

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< R a v e n >


      Raven moved to leave her bedroom, fully clothed and ready to depart. She cast a final glance at her meager belongings, and she scarcely seemed to note the messy state of her spaces. The woman moved downstairs calmly. The multiple flights of stairs hardly seemed to effect her breath, but her boots did produce a clear, ringing sound on the stairs. At last, she arrived to the underground portion of the bar- the bit where the true heart of the establishment lurked. She illuminated the bar with the flick of her fingers against the light switch. The bar was remarkably light, and the light lent it an almost classy air.

      Raven uttered a satisfied "hm" before moving behind the bar to fix herself a drink. Her ebony hair fluttered behind her as though it almost had a life of its own, even when confined by her ponytail.

    User Image
    ~ Nyiakole Kuroryutsuki ~

    Nyiakole walked out of her nicely decorated room and down the stairs to the main level of her newly bought place. It took awhile to renovate, but she had invested a lot of her daddy's money into this place and she loved it dearly. She looked around the empty main level of the room and smiled as she headed down the stairs once more into the bar. Nyiakole's raven black hair was messy and curly, as if she had just stepped out of a hot shower. She was wearing a nice button up black shirt and blank pants. Her dark green eyes saw that Raven had already made her appearance and the younger girl gave the older one a wave as she walked to the bar counter and sat "Ello there Raven" she said
    ((I really wasn't sure if this character would be welcome or stay in the bar. It depends...but the profile is ready just in case.))

    Amidst the quietness and emptiness of the bar, a long-coated individual, appearing to be a young man, strolls into the building looking around calmly as if not wanting to be identified. He walked into this bar seeing as how it looked uninhabited and desolate. Seeing the two staircases he heads downstairs to hide, but to his shock, the room became modernized and appealing.

    Lowering his collar, he reveals to be an Indian-color-skinned young man with long dark-blue hair and bright green eyes. It looked empty for the most part, but upon hearing footsteps from behind the counter, it startles the young man as he then stealthily hides unsure if the police were still chasing him.
    User Image
    ~ Nyiakole Kuroryutsuki ~

    Nyiakole walks out of the kitchen, in which the door was located behind the bar counter. She had just finished her little morning meal and was about to head back up stairs when she smelled and out of place smell. For the past several weeks it had just been her an Raven, among a few other people she knew that would stop by, but this one she had not encountered before. Glancing around with her dark green eyes Nyiakole briefly scans the room and doesn't see anybody. She then hops up on the bar counter and takes a seat with her legs crossed as a grin spreads across her face. "Come out, come out wherever you are" Nyiakole almost sang out as she crossed her arms under her chest. "I know you are here, I can smell you"
    ((Had to unload groceries >< ))

    The young man perks to the woman's claim, but stays hiding in the lounge area. She said she could smell him, but she wasn't facing him. Reaching into one of his pockets, he pulls out his stick of deodorant, removes the cap quietly and applies some to himself before streaking some on the floor to cover up his own scent and perhaps confuse her smelling sense. He then throws the deodorant to the opposite corner of the room upon her looking away briefly, hoping the noise and smell would move her away from the front entrance so he could try to escape, although he still wasn't sure if she was with the authorities or worse.
    User Image
    ~ Nyiakole Kuroryutsuki ~

    Nyiakole soon smells a fresher scent and glanced over at the lounge area where it was coming from. Nyiakole's attention was brought to where the sound was, but she didn't move. "Now you are just being silly" She said as she slid off the bar counter. As the girl stood, she was not an impressive height, perhaps five feet at the maximum. Tracing where the original smell was covered up by the fresh smell and moving away from where whoever threw the object, she didn't see what it was, she walked over to the lounge area. Even though the room was pretty dimly lit, Nyiakole could see just fine. "Now I don't know what you tried to accomplish with that little desperate trick of yours, but I will not hurt you" She said as she leaned against a chair "Now come out before I get mad" she said with a smile.
    The young man notices she didn't call him by his name, which he ruled her out as an authority. Plus, her scent was pretty keen to notice the scent travel in the air so quickly. Just to be sure though, he kept his firearm and retractable staff ready behind his back. Until then, he stands showing his empty, knuckle-gloved hands and shows his face. He would look just like the Wanted pictures showed him as; the most notorious vigilante with one of the top bounties on his head: Rei Hyuuk Hun.
    User Image
    ~ Nyiakole Kuroryutsuki ~

    Nyiakole smiled as the man made his appearance, "There, now that wasn't so hard now was it?" She asked. She studied him for a few moments. Nyiakole had been very sheltered with the world, all she had ever known was what had revolved around her. Though walking the streets perhaps she had caught a glimpse of his picture before. She waved her finger at him "You looked very familiar... hmmmmmmm..... I can't quite place where I have seen you before... oh well... maybe you just have one of those faces I guess, I am Nyiakole Kuroryutsuki by the way, and yours?" she offered with her hand out for a greeting. "Welcome to the Chaotic Nights" she said with a smile.

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