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What is the most important lesson learned from this season on The Walking Dead

Don't move into a prison 0.085106382978723 8.5% [ 4 ]
Don't trust a guy who keeps heads in a fish tank 0.19148936170213 19.1% [ 9 ]
Always use contraception during an apocalypse 0.53191489361702 53.2% [ 25 ]
You can kill a person with walker bones 0.19148936170213 19.1% [ 9 ]
Total Votes:[ 47 ]
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Rei found it a bit strange that she didn't immediately recognize him, but he didn't find it important. Seeing her hand extended, he pauses and slowly shakes it while looking back at her with a calm expression...

Rei Hyuuk Hun...
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~ Nyiakole Kuroryutsuki ~

(( Sorry my dad came over and we talked some ))

Nyiakole smiled. "Nice to meet you Rei, what brings you here? Would you like something to eat or drink?" She asked while walking back over to the bar. Nyiakole had no employees just yet, so therefore she had to play every role that needed to be played until the positions would be filled.
Rei stayed where he stood as he shakes his coat a little bit, but not ridding his tension...

Refuge...Not sure if you've heard yet, but a politician's deposit box...*removes his coat to reveal a steel box buckled to his back* was stolen...and police are on "hot pursuit"

Rei puts his coat back on with the same calm expression unsure of how Nyiakole would answer to her hosting a theif.
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~ Nyiakole Kuroryutsuki ~

Nyiakole listened to what Rei had to say "Aww... so you stolen the box" she said "No I will honestly say I haven't heard of that, but then again, I really don't pay attention to the outside world, its pointless and boring, people get upset over the silliest of things, but I guess that is humans for you" Nyiakole said nothing else about him stealing that. Her father and her kind where known to steal things and horde them, especially treasures. Even she had went on a few raids and treasure hunts. Nyiakole poured herself a glass of juice, "You still didn't answer my question about if you wanted anything, but anyways, I shall asked another, why would you steal such a thing, just curious"
Rei understands now that the place he was in was a neutral area to the outside world and thus, he probably found a decent place to lounge in for a while. He takes a seat at the counter, but orders nothing as he answers Nyiakole's question...

Papers that exploit his involvement in a financial fraud scheme involving a national back that is accessed by millions of every race. Plans for his convenient retirement out of the country, exchanges of financial information with various banks in that same country, passports, real estate information, dinner receipts, just about everything that one needs to negotiate and hide a deal.
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~ Nyiakole Kuroryutsuki ~

Nyiakole takes a few sips of her juice drink, apple to be more specific. She then rests her elbows on the bar counter and clasps her hands together, intertwining her fingers as she rested her chin there. "Oh really?" She said, somewhat interested. Nyiakole understood some of what Rei was talking about, she had just started studying politics in the past month or so, and one thing she had come to find was that anyone in a high position dwelt in dirty business and where 'corrupt' by society's standards. She was well aware that her father did such things, but she didn't put her nose into his business unless she wanted to get it slapped. "Well that isn't good then is it?" She said. "What the rich and powerful will do to become even more rich and powerful, but whatever works for some people I guess"
Rei nods solemnly as he lays his arms on the table and crosses his legs...

We're in a day and age where corruption is found more often than the air we breathe. Everywhere you go, some illegal or questionable activity is committed and/or plotted...and the people who possess authority are filled with liars where the only ones who believe in truth are weighted down by threats and exploiting lies. I'm simply an individual who...balances out the scales when Lady Justice herself, can't...Mind if you turn on the television to channel 27?

Rei then heads to a TV to see what the media was presenting. *assuming she does* The media appears to give a legit report of the situation if briefly, but until they mention Rei's name, he asks Nyiakole to change to another specific channel that broadcasts the same story. Again though, they mention Rei's name and again he asks to change to another channel. This third station however doesn't mention Rei's name. Rei then quickly writes on a napkin the name of the station and puts it in his pocket as he then reaches for his cellphone and makes a call...

Still didn't get FAX News on your bribe list, did you?...I tire of your mafia threats, Senator, I'm a weapon of justice and profit and right now I'm offering you the profit side. Meet me in the alley behind the Gridiron Bank. The papers will be there, all neatly stacked for you and accounted for. All I ask is $20,000,000....Why so stingy? It's a fraction of what you are trying to pull off.....How can you trust me? You simply can't, don't, and won't, Senator, but you and I both know the financial status of the Gridiron Bank as well as the questionable methods it's about to consider adopting thanks to some of your soon-to-be former Senators. Gridiron Bank will collapse in a matter of time, your fraud scheme comes as a convenience to me. Sure people will hassle to get their accounts cleared, but that's all a matter of business and the risks they take.....Hm *smiles* I appreciate the cooperation Senator.

Rei then hangs up and puts it away, sitting back down with more of a smile.
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~ Nyiakole Kuroryutsuki ~

Nyiakole sat there and listened, she didn't have input on the situation, as she said, she didn't know much about the world and therefore didn't have any comments about it. She had grown up in a very different society that what the humans and other creatures dwelt in. Only the most powerful made the laws, if disobeyed, it could cost more that a a nice lump sum of money and a few years in what humans called 'prison'. "Well if you are powerful enough to break the rules and get away with it, why not try?" Nyiakole said with a shrug, she herself would probably never do fraud, but she has broken rules. She does as Rei asked and turns the tv to the channels he said. She didn't really pay attention to what they were saying, but she did listen somewhat to the phone conversation Rei had. She smirked a little bit. "And I see you have found what works for you... " Nyiakole said. "So... why I ask, would you steal from a corrupt man only to sell back the information, If you wanted money why not use the information to do so? Doesn't this make you corrupt yourself?"
Rei didn't bother to answer her question as he looks back at her with the same gentle smile knowing full well what he was doing...

You have a fax machine, by chance?
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~ Nyiakole Kuroryutsuki ~

Nyiakole looked at him for a moment, she disliked not having her questions answered, she sighed as she placed her hands on her hips. "Yeah I think Raven has one somewhere" she said mentioning the other bar owner. She didn't take her green eyes off Rei for a moment though, this person sparked her interest in the way he was handling things. She then turned and looked around for one. There was a space under the bar counter on the shelf there there was a phone and fax machine "Its right here" she said pointing at it.

(( be back soon, like in about thirty mins I have to take a friend home >.< ))
Rei didn't wait and walks over to the fax machine. He then proceeds to open the box, revealing a large mess of papers and forms, as well as a handgun. Rei then sends each paper through the machine many, many times. Sending them to a different number. After quite a bit of time was spent at the machine, Rei puts the papers back in the box. Without another word Rei leaves the bar with all his items he walked in with.

After nearly three hours, Rei returns with a silver briefcase with a smile on his face as he sets the briefcase down and sits back in his chair.
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~ Nyiakole Kuroryutsuki ~

(( Backs ))

Nyiakole sighed and began to wonder if it was thr right thing to do to let Rei use the machine. She had no idea what he was doing and what if something was traced back here, what if some government people came snooping around, oh well, she always had her daddy's protection to a degree. Once Rei returned from his business, Nyiakole was sitting upside down on the sofa in the lounge area, her feet were hanging over the back and her short black hair was barely touching the floor. She had a read cell phone in her hand that that loads of phone jewelry on it. It was pressed against her small elf like ear as she was listening to someone. "...I know..... yes I know..." she sighed "... Yes I will... I got it okay.... I am not being lazy.... I know.... What!? I will not get fat!" Nyiakole said. "I am a big girl, I got it okay!" She said as she hung up the phone. She then let out an "Uggggggg!" She had spent the last several minutes on the phone with her personal teacher and trainer, who was so nice to remind her of all the things she needed to do before tomorrow.
Rei didn't deem it any of his business to ask what Nyiakole was talking about on the phone and then interlaces his fingers together as he sits back against the counter. Rei then knocks on the bar calling for her, nonetheless...

Change it to the news if you want an answer to your question...

On the news, she'd find the senator to be arrested and being put in a police car as he kept screaming about Rei setting him up, but it was all useless. The evidence had already been transferred to police and politicians alike. One number, Rei soon discovered, deemed him to be the fortunate one...Soon however, Rei's phone rings as he happily answers...

Ah, Brix. How kind of you to check-in...Yes, he was quite the messy one, but not enough for me not to pay anyone...Where am I? Shouldn't you already know by just the fax number or have I overestimated your watch over your family?
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~ Nyiakole Kuroryutsuki ~

Nyiakole managed to lift herself up effortlessly and slid off the couch as she heard Rei knock on the bar counter. She walked over to him . She turned on the news channel as he said and watched it for a bit, Nyiakole personally didn't like the news so after she had her fill she started flipping through the channels, looking for something to watch. Nyiakole then perks as she heard Rei mention her father's name, did he just call him, hearing the family comment, she was sure it was her daddy on the phone. She suddenly was a bit anxious, as she always was in her father's presence, even though he was on the phone, but another reason was that this Rei person could be possibly working for father or trying to strike a deal with him.


"I am to busy to watch over the brat, but rest assured, I do have people watching over her, beside, I am sure she can handle herself, I guess the question was why are you there using my daughter's fax machine?" Brixinnoxx asked.

(( I love how you can so easily intertwine our chars, but at the same time, its like, uggg I don't know how to respond to that >.< ))
((I do what I can. xP ))

Rei then glances at Nyiakole and removes his smirk before answering being a bit more serious...

I confess, it was pure chance. Quite the neutral anarchist, your daughter. It wasn't until a couple hours ago I found out who she was until after I handled Senator's paperwork. Her establishment was under the radar and clearly unknown to local authorities so while I was out, I tried to find a record of the lot and found her name, recognizing yours as well. I wasn't 100% certain at the time, but this call only confirms it...and conveniences me quite well.

I'm now convinced that you keep the authorities off your daughter no matter what trouble that's gone through to prevent any connection to you and of course, you've been on my radar for some time, Brix...but I'm now willing to put you further down the list if you'll provide the same coverage you give your daughter, to me. I'm in need of a hideout, as I'm sure you understand.

I'll stay off your back so long as you watch mine...and as a bonus, I'll help your daughter around the establishment a bit. Wouldn't want her to come crying to papa for more money when the bar fails, right?

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