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What is the most important lesson learned from this season on The Walking Dead

Don't move into a prison 0.088888888888889 8.9% [ 4 ]
Don't trust a guy who keeps heads in a fish tank 0.2 20.0% [ 9 ]
Always use contraception during an apocalypse 0.55555555555556 55.6% [ 25 ]
You can kill a person with walker bones 0.15555555555556 15.6% [ 7 ]
Total Votes:[ 45 ]
(( I lurks >.> ))
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((I lurks as well. I want to do some drama but at the same time i'm like... everything is ending so quickly @.@ ))
(( Yeah it is >.< I am excited about the new one though, I almost have the beginning plot so deliciously drawn out. Murrs I am debating on a post >.< ))
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((So are we going to make a new thread for the next rp?))
(( I have been debating that, more then likely so just because it would be more of an rp then a commerce sort of thing, plus I think it would with the random noob posts we get occasionally. ))
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(( yeah the nooblets are...interesting to put it lightly. Got bored made a small post >< ))

Gaunt pulled himself out of his room once more. There was an incessant squeaking sound from the next door kept him up. He sighed dragging himself to his feet. He grabbed a pack of cigarettes lighting one up as he trudged down the stairs. "I need to get laid," He muttered rubbing his eyes not really paying attention to where he was going.things were peaceful quiet, before that would never have mattered to him now he was less than happy with the circumstances.he wanted to do something, anything to get his mind off things.
Ozma hums as Chaos had a good point, "He's a mad man, Chaos...There probably isn't a shred of decency in that black heart of his." As Chaos snuggled against him, Adon brought his arm around her, "How has she been?"


At being asked about going home, Beth gave a depressed sigh, "I don't know. I haven't heard anything from my mother so...I guess I'll stay here." she says as she missed her parents already.
"You are right Ozma." She said with a sigh. As he held her closer she hummed. "She is fine. I will bring her here, but first, I would like a little time with you. I haven't seen you in so long Ozma." She said.


Ziri leaned back in her chair. She could tell Beth missed Ozma and Chaos. "They will come for you soon enough, don't worry about it." She said. Ziri fiddled with the hem of her shirt for a moment. "I kinda like having you around though." She said. Ziri looked over at Beth. "Is it weird.... I mean.... you just met them and .... you consider them your parents and stuff." Ziri asked. She then heard footsteps coming down and looked over to see Gaunt. He looked bored and miserable.
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Gaunt looked at the two girls talking, he scratched the scruff of a bread coming in on his chin. "How are you girls doing?" He asked trying to be social he took a drag out of his cigarette. the nicotine at least calming down his nerves. It felt hard to believe he didn't touch the stuff before the incident with Jill. He took a bottle of jack off the shelf, another vice to self destruction. He didn't mind much it numbed thinking about things. He sat down at a table pulling an ashtray nearer. pretty much his normal routine before everyone showed up.
Ozma nods acknowledging her answer before softly chuckling and nuzzling his nose against hers, "I was about to say the same thing." he says before giving her a few more softer kisses.


Beth hums in her actual voice in reply before giving a gentle smile to Ziri, "You're good company too, Ziri. To be honest, I was nervous you wouldn't like me at all." As Ziri mentioned her parents, Beth gives another nod, "I carry their blood and DNA, why wouldn't I call them my parents?" she says giving a giggle, "I just...want to feel the same happiness as every other person who has a mom and dad. My creator cares about me, yes, but...just not as a daughter. With my...biological father, I feel something different with him. He talks to me different than my creator did...and he does more things with me. It's...so different with him."

As Gaunt came downstairs, Beth wouldn't say anything verbally, but nods to him timidly as he seemed rather miserable.
"Not everyone experiences that happiness Beth. I guess I find it odd because ... well they may be your parents but they themselves didn't give you life but I am glad they are accepting of you all the same." Ziri said. "You should use your real voice more often. Its sweet sounding." Ziri added. Ziri nodded to Gaunt. "Like you I have seen better days." She said. She watched him for a moment and started to seem like something was bothering her.
"I know. It is odd, but I don't want to use that as an excuse not to at least try." Beth says before blushing at Ziri's comment about her voice, "I'm...If only I could use my real voice."

((lamers >< ))
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"What better days would those be Princess? I can't seem to remember them." Gaunt asked taking a swig from his drink then three more. He could tell he stopped conversation when he came in and sighed scratching the back of his head. "Ah forget that. So what bothering you? I know I'm sure the hell not the only one with problems and yours look worse than mine." He told her finishing one cigarette. He was about to light up another when he realized she was pregnant. Something that should have occurred to him before. He put up the box in his jacket pocket scratching his beard again.
Ziri glanced over at Beth, "What do you mean by that?" She asked curiously. As Gaunt called her princess, a small wave of irritation came over Ziri for a moment. "The misery you are drowning in is almost overwhelming." Ziri finally said as she looked back at Gaunt. She watched his put away the cigarettes. "You are doing anything you can to numb the pain. You think you aren't worth much and everything is your fault. Its not true." Ziri said
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((Not as long as version one :/ basically skipped the fight lol. to lazy to write it again. been busy and unmotivated. However now i am ready > biggrin . Also silver i am also excited for the new rp! Any spoilers for it yet?))

At the end of the large room two massive doors slowly swung open as the cultists parted. Stepping out was a large demon a black robe covering most of his body. all that could be seen of him was two shimmering red eyes, and the small glint of the red earring. "You have a great deal of nerve to come here. You either seek death, or to join us, and with your entrance i will save your hopes and tell you it will be death." The demon said his voice thick and cold.

Without warning Mace was surrounded by a large group of cultist each about to attack. Mace let out a sigh, he was in no mood to play with his food today. Tapping his foot on the ground rings of shadowy spikes erupted from the ground impaling each cultist. Breathing deep Mace teleported in front of the cultists before he spewed a thick acidic gas at them. The effects were instant, flesh melted away as horrid screams echoed out through the stone room.

The room quickly filled with panic, which was then halted by the demons voice. "Enough fall back you worthless maggots, i will deal with this and remind you all why i am your god." His robe then vanishes in a puff of smoke, and before it had even cleared he charged at Mace swinging his fist at hi face.

As he charged a dark aura flowed around Mace, seething with power, and unrestrained hate. As the fist collided with Mace's face he did not budge. "Give me the earring and die in peace."

It was now that the demon notice Mace's earring, a grin swept across his face. Pulling his fist off of Mace's face the demon lets out a small laugh. "Well i have been searching for that earring for a long time. who knew it would just come to me after all these...." The demon was cut off as his body went sailing across the room courtesy of a punch from Mace.

Mace's power grew more violent by the second. Charging towards the demon as he staggered to his feet Mace left wisps of shadows in his wake each seeking out and killing a random cultist. As he reached the demon Mace leaped up. his fist glowing and pulsing as he readied a killing blow. "Feel true power, feel the unrelenting weight of the shadows." Mace said as he smashed his fist into the demons fear plastered face. The sound of crushing bone, and splattering blood lasted just a second before the demons body was consumed in black fire.

Mace let out a bellowing laugh as the screams of the remaining cultists wailed out as each life was ended. Bending down he picked up the second earring. "After all this searching it is now mine. With the earring of focus i have, and now the earring of power, i will rival the gods themselves. This world will soon die at my masters hands and be reborn in darkness, and shadows." Mace said as he then held the earring up to his free ear. The earring then leaps out and latches itself to him. Almost at once Mace takes a small gasp as the power rushes into him.

"It is amazing, it is more powerful that i had expected. This fool demon could barley bring out its power. No matter, the end of this world draws closer each second." Closing his eyes he calls out to Ellipse. "My love it is done, i have the second earring. Have you rested? It is almost time, to summon our master, and begin this world anew."

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