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What is the most important lesson learned from this season on The Walking Dead

Don't move into a prison 0.08695652173913 8.7% [ 4 ]
Don't trust a guy who keeps heads in a fish tank 0.19565217391304 19.6% [ 9 ]
Always use contraception during an apocalypse 0.54347826086957 54.3% [ 25 ]
You can kill a person with walker bones 0.17391304347826 17.4% [ 8 ]
Total Votes:[ 46 ]
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((I have eeked out an existence fortunate thing, i can post on gaia unfortunately that's all I'm capable of atm.))

Pear retired to her room to get the girls settled in for a bit. It wasn't one of the bigger rooms it was quite modest set up. But she remembered what it was like to live her, little did she know that the company she hated so much she would one day own.she smiled looking at a desk wondering if it was the same on through the remodels. she opened a hidden compartment she made under one of the drawers. "It is still here.." She said quietly with a smirk.

"What is mommy?" Catherine asked quietly after Cleo's silent communication. They both paused mid pillow fight looking at their mother. Catherine stood on the bed bouncing slightly while Cleo crawled to the edge on her knees.

"Well now it's something I left here long ago, a memory box I suppose." she said pulling out a small rectangle tin. "I'm just amazed it's still here after all the reconstructions." She pried open the lid pulling out an old journal with blue paper. "This was my sketch book, before I met your father. I was always doodling or something in here." She said looking through the book before pulling out a small laptop.

Cleo took the book looking at the entries. It was mostly pictures really good sketches. Her eyes were wide as she looked at some of them. Her hand traced the details, some of them were familiar but much younger version of the patrons of the bar. Catherine bounced on the bed some more losing a bit of interest but still talked for her sister. "Cleo says that you draw really well. Why don't you draw anymore?"

"It's more of a hobby to keep me preoccupied, when I was younger. I didn't really want to pursue an interest in it. I still draw but it's rarely." Pear said plugging in the laptop. she couldn't remember why she left this bit of technology behind. When the back ground opened she gave a bit of a smirk. It was picture she had taken from the security feed, back when her husband was still half vampire and only a crush. she plugged in the USB drive she had been given interested to see what information was held on it.

Catherine started to jump higher doing kick in the air. Cleo had moved to a chair looking at the old pictures Pear had drawn. Her eyes raised at Catherine trying to get her to communicate again. Catherine sighed and said with a bit of effort after each bounce. "Cleo wanted to know.. What you wanted to be when you grew up?"

"That is a difficult question..." Pear said navigating through the files out of the corner of her eye to look at her daughter. "Catherine be careful don't jump too high." She commented before getting back to answering. "When I was younger I didn't want to be typical things. I wanted to travel explore the world. See what it had to offer. I wanted to experience as much as I could, and I suppose I did just that. Just not in the way I expected."

"So you wanted to be a traveler?" Catherine asked slowing down her jumping to a small bounce.

"Indeed I did." Pear replied before seeing something pop up on the screen. It was a map somewhere in Minnesota. Was this.. it was she now knew where argent and mace had been hiding. Her interest peaked she looked through the files before her eyes widen with the realization of what she held. "Sorry girls I have to take a call to your father. Want to say hi?" they both nodded their heads before Pear pulled out her phone dialing her Husband not knowing about the meeting he had with Marcus.
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After taking a few moments to calm down, Nayh walked up to the room Mochi was in. Knocking on the door, she walked in to see Mochi laying face down on the bed. Sitting down on the edge, Nayh placed her hand on her daughter's back. "...Mochi" she said.

Mochi looked up from her pillow, her eyes and face were red and stuffy from the crying she had been doing. "What?" She said.

Nayh sighed. "Look Mochi, I was upset when I didn't know where you where. It scared me, so when I found out that you were not in jeopardy I was angry that you put yourself in harm's way. While you grew up, times were more peaceful, they aren't like that right now. I have a lot on my plate. I still have no idea where your father is or if he is alright, I am pregnant and feeling like crap. Its all very stressful and emotional for me right now, and you stirring that pot isn't helping. I really need you help me by looking out for yourself." She said.

As Mochi listened, anger welled up in her eyes. "Really? That is it ? Do you not even remember what all you said? I don't even get an apology for that?" Mochi said.

Nayh's eyes filled with a sadness. "No I am sorry Mochi, I don't recall having any kind of conversation with you that would cause you to run away like this. Sometimes things happen, and its like I am a different person, please Mochi, tell me what I said to you that upset you."

Mochi huffed and snuggled her head against the pillow. She was silent for a moment before she told her mother everything that happened. After a few more moments of silence Mochi asked. "Is that true? Did you leave me and Daddy?"

Nayh looked away for a moment. "Mochi, there are somethings I feel you are to young to understand or to know. As you do know, I was young when I became pregnant with you. Just about your age actually. Just like you I had aspirations and wanted to just have fun in life. I never thought about living with someone, marriage or even children, but that doesn't stop life from happening. I became pregnant. Things that I were able to do before, I wasn't able to anymore. I became depressed. On top of that, various other things tormented me, I didn't feel like a whole person anymore. I was a child, and I acted like a child. I did leave Mochi, but it wasn't because I didn't love you or your father. I love you both so much I even branded your name and his into my skin to remain there forever." Nayh said as she looked down at her tattooed arms. "I finally began to feel right again, but still not whole. My life is not complete without you or your father Mochi. I love you both so dearly, more then I ever thought I could love. As for the things that were said to you, they have no truth behind them Mochi." Nayh said as she placed her hand on her daughter's head. "I am sorry you had to hear them, please Mochi, do not take them to heart."

Mochi listened to her mother as she closed her eyes. For a moment she tried to picture what it would be like and feel like if she found out she was going to be a mother right now at her young age. She imagined how hard it would be and all the things she had to stop doing in order to take care of it. She couldn't just up and go out, so more staying up late, and no dance school. She never thought about how hard it was on her own mother. She sat up and hugged her mother. "I am sorry, I didn't mean to scare you." Mochi said.

Nayh hugged her daughter closely. "I know Mochi. We never mean to hurt the ones we love. I know its hard right now, we just have to stick together okay?"

Mochi nodded "Okay"
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((muah hah hah my Ravens won ^_^ they scared me for a moment in the second half ))
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(( I didn't watch >.< ))
As Chaos vanished, Marcus couldn't help, but grin widely as he knew he struck a chord, "You most certainly did not, me beauty."


It had been a long while since he had heard anything from Chaos or Beth and while he did not worry for their safety, he missed them so terribly. Suddenly hearing Chaos, Ozma was caught off guard as he sprung out of his chair, "What? What?...Chaosissees? What's going on?"


After his encounter with Marcus, Nukha had to turn to his bed and rest as best he could...as impossible as it became. Hearing his phone ring, Nukha reaches to see it was Pear. He almost didn't want to answer, but knew he had to, "...Yes, dear?"
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((I did because I wanted to see the commercials they were dismal but the game was great. Halftime show was meh... other then Beyonce looking hot that's all it had going for them.))

Pear paused hearing Nukha voice, he sounded exhausted. "Hi love, sorry for waking you. I was just given information that pertains to a few things. It concerns Mace and Argent. But the girls wanted to say something first." She said waving her hand for the girls to say their greetings.

Catherine shouted into the phone for them both, "Hi Daddy, we miss you!" Before going back to jumping on the bed.

Pear chuckled before looking back at the map typing on the computer to send the files to him. "I think it's where they've been residing. I'm not quite certain as to if they're still there. But I know it's information we can't pass up." She paused for a moment before asking. "Are you okay?"
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Finding Ozma, Chaosisees quickly grabbed his hand. "Just hold on Ozma." She said. She then transported them to her personal realm. A place only she, or someone she allowed to go. Once there she walked over to the bed and fell back on to. Placing her hand over her face she let out a groan. "Everything is bad, so very bad" She sighed out. the conversation he had with Marcus didn't go anyway like she had expected it to. "Marcus wants me dead, I am afraid he might come after you to accomplish that."


Leaving her father's room, Ziri headed down the stairs to the bar. Most of the comfort share was for her father. She assured him that she was fine, and she refused to go into much detail about why she left and what she was doing in the cold wilds of Russia. Telling her that there was food downstairs, Anari let Ziri go as he got into the shower. Once down in the bar, Ziri found Beth and approached her. "Hey..." she said.
With Chaos suddenly taking him to her realm, Ozma was feeling a bit overwhelmed as she just up and took him away. As she then explained Marcus' intention, he stayed where he stood as he thought for a moment, "So he is indeed trying to kill you..." he repeats. For Chaos to take such action, Ozma knew it had to be very bad for her hand to be forced like this. He then approaches her on the bed and lays beside her, stroking her forehead to comfort her, "Is it getting that bad, dear?"


Beth sat at the counter drinking a glass of hot tea, something she hadn't had in a long while. Seeing Ziri approach her, she turns to face her, "Are you alright?"


Hearing Catherine call out to him, Nukha couldn't help, but smile, "Missing my girls too." he replies before Pear then further explained the files he had just received from her concerning Mace's location. Studying the info briefly, Nukha then speaks, "What all is this? I got a map of Minnesota. Is there more?" As she asked if he was okay, Nukha knew he couldn't afford to keep this to himself, but with Pear in Chaotic Nights, he couldn't run the risk "...I'm just exhausted. It's been really stressful these last couple days."

((I watched! W00T Ravens! I thought the halftime show was pretty good. Better than last year's and the year before that...and before that. >.> ))
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"Yes, not only me, but all the gods. I thought I could talk to him, but he was so hell bent on ending my life." Chaos sighed out. She closed her eyes as Ozma rubbed her forehead. "He said he hoped I was the first one he killed. With my power plus his, he could thwart Dimitri and a number of other gods." She said. "He knows about you and Beth, Ozma, I am not sure what to do."


Seeing Beth sip tea, Ziri sat down at the bar beside her. "Yes, I am fine." She said. "I just wanted to say, thank you for staying out there with me." Ziri said softly. Looking at Beth, she added. "And I would really appreciate it if you didn't tell anyone why I was there."
As Chaos continued, Ozma couldn't help, but sigh as well. He didn't like the idea of her speaking to him in the first place, but he wasn't about to start lecturing. However, he lowers his head to rest against Chaos's, shutting his eyes as well, "...Has the Council made a decision on handling Marcus?" he simply asked.


"You're welcome..." Beth replied, "...Our connection is special, Ziri. I can't just do this with anyone." she mentions to her telepathy, "...but I am confused. Why wouldn't you tell everyone? If rogues like those dragons before would kill you to get your child, they could try to come here."
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((I agree it was better than the past few years. I was just expecting something more. I mean the show she did was amazing, and she's a fantastic performer but it felt like it was missing something.))

Pear watched Catherine jump on the bed wondering where she got all the energy from. she could tell there was something more, but if he wasn't saying anything it was for good reason. she at least learned that over the years. "I'm sorry to hear that... I wish I could do something to help with the stress." She typed on the computer making sure he had received everything correctly. "I haven't looked at everything, but yes the picture file is the file I sent. It's one of the clever hidden programs. It has direct coordinates to the location. If you click it you'll see there's a video feed outside the place. Along with a list of the coming and goings of everyone in that house. There's a more detailed list of events, but according to this file this is Mace's base of operation. It may be a little too late.. but we have something finally on that slippery dragon... according to this Twila just entered the residence and hasn't left."

((also the internet is frustrating i will probably complain for a bit I apologize in advance))
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"They are discussing Dimitri facing him privately. More then likely he will fight Marcus ans it will either put a stop to this or escalate it." Chaos said. She nuzzled against Ozma touching the tip of her nose against his. "I have missed you my love."


"Special? " Ziri said as if the word had hardly been used in her life. "What makes it so special?" She curiously said. "The rogues will not attack here. They may be stupid but they aren't insane. My grandmother, grandfather and father are enough to hold them at bay."
"...Do you think Dimitri can do it?" Ozma asks, "What did you try to get from Marcus?" As they nuzzled, Ozma hums back, "'missed' doesn't describe the slightest bit of misery I've felt without you, love." he says before giving a gentle kiss to her lips, "How has Beth been?"


Beth nods supposing and hoping the rogues wouldn't be as dumb as that, "Yes. You see, I can't just enter the minds of others at will and just speak with them. They have to be open to accept me and trust me. It is quite strange, I know, but I can only speak like this to you...and my family."


Nukha looks through the new information, scanning each detail as he then thinks out loud, "Twila is good...but we won't make a move unless we have Mace. What do you think?"
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"I don't know Dimitri is powerful but so is Marcus. He has been sitting around for a thousand years just saving up his strength... I don't know."Chaos said. "I just wanted to talk to him but like I said he was just so intent on killing me." Chaos kissed Ozma back as she turned to her side and snuggled against him. "Beth is fine, she is at Chaotic Nights right now."


"Really?" Ziri said. With Beth saying that, that would mean Ziri had to trust her. Was that true? Ziri had never thought of that before. The more she thought about the more she realized it was true. "Yeah I guess that is pretty special."she said quietly. "So do you have to go home now or are you going to stay?"
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"That seems reasonable. The thing is until today both Mace and Twila seemed to have stuck to each other like glue. The only exception is when she made the announcement. I don't know if he'll be returning... he could be on the move." Pear said with a sigh. "I'll keep an eye on the situation but... be safe." She said quietly. She couldn't shake the feeling something was wrong something bad was happening. She wished she could be there to help him.

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