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Did you post your least fave thing?

Yes!! 0.32634499768768 32.6% [ 2117 ]
No ='D 0.23154000308309 23.2% [ 1502 ]
GOLDLOL 0.2565130260521 25.7% [ 1664 ]
Thanks Rina, now I feel ill. T_T 0.18560197317712 18.6% [ 1204 ]
Total Votes:[ 6487 ]
Least favorite food is tomatoes. The texture, smell, and the color on the inside of them just make me nauseous.
Least favorite drink is Mountain Dew. It's heinously sweet, the color of nuclear pee, and is bad for you even by soda standards.
Restaurant? Atlanta Bread Company. So much food poisoning. How do you get bread and soup wrong?!
My least favorite recipes are those that are poorly written out. Goddamn, let me know I'm supposed to heat the butter before you tell me to add it to the mix.
I couldn't say what my least favorite cookware was... probably that new device for people who can crack eggs by hand against the edge of a bowl. Not that hard, people.
TV Cooking show: The one with the over-cheery chick with the head that's too big for her body.
Chef? Bobby Flay. So damn arrogant.
My least favorite foods are kumquats and dried octopus, and I don't like gingerale.
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Blessed Vampire

My least favourite food are green peppers.
Ugh! I hate them with a passion.

My parents would always make me stuffed peppers as a kid, and I always threw them back up.

Least favourite drink: Tea. It tastes like a wet gym sock.
Least favourite restaurant: KFC. They are greasy, filthy, and just not my thing. sad
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Food? Water Chestnuts, Okra, Lima Beans
Drink? Clamato , Gin (it gives me a migraine)
Restaurant? Apple Bee's ( bad service every time)
Recipe? My grandma's stewed tomato souffle... (I was 6 years old. I thought it was ham... it lied to me)
Cookware? Aluminum ( Or anything that makes my eggs stick)
TV cooking show? Rachel Ray or that blond chick with the weird hair... ( stupid catch phrases that make me cringe!)
Chef? See above

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I Feel Toast
I've never had a good (or inexpensive) meal at TGI Friday's.

However, my friends love that place and always invite me there gonk

Hubby and I go there a couple times a month. We are on the rewards program, constant coupons and free chips and salsa while you wait for your food.
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Okra and any other veggie that has a slimy feel when you slice them.
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Least Fav:

•Food - Hamburger, steak, & ham.
•Drink - soda
•Restaurant - Friendly's & McDonalds
•Recipe - Don't know any...
•Cookware - Don't have any...
•TV cooking show - Don't watch any...
•Chef - Don't know any... (besides my Mom, but I like her so, um)
What is your LEAST favorite ...
  • Food? Turnips
  • Drink? Alcohol
  • Restaurant? The Crab Shack
  • Recipe? Microwave Chicken
  • Cookware? Immersion Blender
  • TV cooking show? All of them.
  • Chef? All of them.
  • Food?
    Stir fry.
    Ugh ugh ugh.
    It's so gross!!!!!!
    Egg nog and whiskey.
    I've never actually been but that place looks disgusting.
    Erm... anything complicated.
    Anything that isn't non-stick.
    TV cooking show?
    Hells kitchen.
    It's so gross!!!!!
    Paula Deen.
    That mofuggaaaaa is crazy.
    She made a burger with donuts as bread once...

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    I hate spicy food! It always makes my tummy feel funny x
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    Hygienic Businessman

    I hate gritz with a passion
    Least favorite drink : I think it was club soda...
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    What is your LEAST favorite ...

    • Food? Carrot, Eggplant, Onions (with strong taste), Potato (not fries or chips), and Pancakes
    • Drink? Green Tea and Bird's Nest Soup
    • Restaurant? Anywhere with poor service.
    • Recipe? My mom's cooking (edible though, just often tasteless)
    • Cookware? Our toaster (it so gross now)
    • TV cooking show? No comments.
    • Chef?
    No coments.
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    Food? Meat Loaf
    Drink? Alcohol
    Restaurant? Nu Way
    Recipe? No idea
    Cookware? Knives
    TV cooking show? No idea
    Chef? No idea
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    BANANA no fruit should out smart a human
    What is your LEAST favorite ...

    Food? Meat (kind of obvious)
    Drink? soft drink. (soda)

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