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Did you post your least fave thing?

Yes!! 0.326341764343 32.6% [ 2116 ]
No ='D 0.23164713140037 23.2% [ 1502 ]
GOLDLOL 0.25632325724861 25.6% [ 1662 ]
Thanks Rina, now I feel ill. T_T 0.18568784700802 18.6% [ 1204 ]
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Lima beans, liver, any generic birthday cake from a grocery store. Pumpernickel bread is just disgusting and so it tomato juice.

I hate McDonald's, jack in the box, Wendy's. That stuff can kill you.
I also dislike Asian Buffet because of this one time my sister found some type of smashed bug in her food. I get sick just thinking about it.
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Lily-livered Cutesmasher

Food would be anything with liver yucky, it taste so dry and I tried swallowing it, I can't cat_crying
Sorry for people who loves liver... maybe its a required taste cat_xp

Drink would be any energy drinks, they taste so weird! especially monsters XD

Resturants... hmmm well there was one called Ton Ton Ramen,
though it was new when I went there but they didn't exactly had fresh food at that time and the hygiene wasn't really great...

Recipes--- I don't really have any, I guess anything with liver in it?
--Oh wait! anything that has a huge ton o fatty/weird texture baked recipes like per se...
mayonnaise XD

I have none for TV cooking show and Chef :3
What is your LEAST favorite ...
•TV cooking show?
too unfamiliar with/don't own tele./never watched these

like everything, really. no dislikes.


What is your favorite ...
fresh bread
[elements of]environment
TV cooking show?
unfamiliar with these things..
evolution, i think.
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Distinct Vampire

I absolutely cannot stomach tomatoes. I can eat spaghetti sauce but not plain tomatoes.

I had a drink of Calpis once, it didn't go down well. Much like tomatoes, I couldn't stomach it.

Is Red Rooster considered a restaurant? We don't have chain restaurants where I live, only fast food places are chains. I used to LOVE it as a child but everything has gone down hill. All of there stores are super dirty and their food is second rate.

ZUCCHINI SLICE. No more on this matter, thank you.

My mums 30 year old baking tins *shudder*

I don't like to watch cooking shows, they're all boring to me. I guess though my least favourite is Ready, Steady, Cook.

ALL OF THEM! Seriously though, I have no idea. I don't really care for them.
My least fav food was veg & Fish. </3 those bone choke me to death and veg taste like sh*t.
i dun really like to drink water.. >.> Second is Tea i guess...
I hate liver and kidneys! Nastiest thing ever, especially chicken liver, forget that stuff. I have a near phobia of finding chicken livers in dishes with thick sauce.

I don't like American-style beer, it tastes like weird water and it's way worse when warm.

Restaurant? I haven't found one I absolutely hate, there may be other things like customer service etc I don't like but the food meh.

Recipe? My grandma's mole, she just covers the whole chicken with that gibblets, liver and all. I think that's how my chicken liver hate started, I used to love her mole until I found a little piece of chicken liver.

Cookware? Pans older than me.

TV show? Don't remember the name but there was this lady who couldn't cook very well, she was young and used a lot of fat and mistakes in her cooking. Like putting a whole raw egg in bread or omitting a lot of things in a sauce.
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Peas .-. I hate the texture of them .
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Least favorite

Food?- asparagus.... Especially steamed. I'll eat it but I generally don't like it.

Drink?- appletinis, cosmos, any flavored day glow martini or artificially flavored vodka..... Pretty much any of those pre-made mixes at the store.

Restaurant?- taco hell.

Recipe?- not sure actually

Cookware?- nothing specific... Though some "as seen on tv" products aren't always what they're cracked up to be

TV cooking show?- anything with Rachel Ray on it

Chef?- Rachel Ray

Favorite of the above

- hamburgers. Not the most complicated fare I know but a well made medium rare hamburger can be a wonderful thing.

- not sure. I have been liking the suffering b*****d lately and I do love me a good Hendricks martini, but probably between Bruichladdich 12 year whiskey, El Dorado 15 year rum, or Clase Azul rapasado tequila.
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Sugary Carnivore

I hate cabbages and sprouts with a passion. emotion_puke
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Newbie Noob

  • Drink?: Ginger ale
  • Restaurant?: Popeye's, Church's, and KFC because I hate fried chicken.
  • Recipe?: Sauerkraut
  • Cookware?: Spatulas?
  • TV cooking show?: N/A because I don't watch them.
  • Chef?: Again, N/A.
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    Mountain Oysters.

    God I can't even think of eating those without puking a little.

    But it's super funny asking people if they like them, most times people reply they hate seafood lol
    Liver, pickles and Peas
    Calmato, Beer, Kool-Aid, and Sweet tea
    TGI Friday's
    Anything where you have to handle raw meat.
    TV cooking show?
    Barefoot Contessa (she never cooks things people actually eat and most of the time uses ingredients that are hard to come by)
    Ina Garten (Seriously you couldn't have dinner with a little boy who has cancer? After he asked twice?)
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    What is your LEAST favorite ...

    Olives. I absolutely dread them.

    Chai Latte. Maybe it's the bad experiences I had with them.

    The ones from Beverly Hills in Sydney/Australia.

    The microwave cake/muffin recipe.

    Stuff from infomercials.

    TV cooking show?
    I don't remember the names. gonk

    Um. I don't know. sad
    I would say that I hate Bitter foods.... but in contrast.. I don't like milkfish....
    [NPC] Rina
    I just LOVE trying new things to eat, but sometimes I regret it! gonk Some of my LEAST favorite things are seafood and sparkling water! YUCK!

    Post here and tell us what you don't like!

    What is your LEAST favorite ...
    • Food?
    • Drink?
    • Restaurant?
    • Recipe?
    • Cookware?
    • TV cooking show?
    • Chef?
    Please be sure to post that all here!

    I never really think of my least favorite things until they come up. hmm...
    Drink: grapefruit juice (DO NOT like grapefruit emotion_donotwant )
    Restaurant: Mc Donalds (because of a bathroom i went into gonk )
    Cookware: Brushes to spread seasoning (its hard as hell to clean out emotion_facepalm )
    TV cooking show: Haven't seen enough of them to say i dislike any
    Chef: My mother...(She literally throws things together. Last time she made dinner with her own recipie it was mayonase, carrots, potatoes, chicken, pasta, relish and smth else i don't know. My boyfriend and his brother though, when they throw s**t together its like God's s**t. My mom? Its like the appatizer in Spongebob.) emotion_0A0

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