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Did you post your least fave thing?

Yes!! 0.326341764343 32.6% [ 2116 ]
No ='D 0.23164713140037 23.2% [ 1502 ]
GOLDLOL 0.25632325724861 25.6% [ 1662 ]
Thanks Rina, now I feel ill. T_T 0.18568784700802 18.6% [ 1204 ]
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Pretty much anything that has to be reheated after it's been in the fridge. Something about it always makes me want to gag gonk
Least favorite:
Food: Blood sausages

Drink: Beer

Restaurant: Papa John's

Recipe:...I don't know...


TV cooking show: the one with Martha Stewart.

I'm pretty sure the universe will agree with me when I say this:

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I hate liver. Just the smell of it makes me wanna vomit.

@Aphrodine: I'm with you with the black licorice. That has to be the second most disgusting thing on the planet to me.
Food? -Chinese, Vietnamese, Lamb, Celery, anything that still looks alive gonk

Drink? -Anything diet

Restaurant? -Mostly Chinese and Vietnamese places- they all kind of taste the same once you've had one...

Recipe? -The ones that aren't specificly detailed.

Cookware? - the ugly silicon coated stuff.

TV cooking show? -Anything with Bobby Flay in it.

Chef? -Bobby Flay
Not a huge fan of chili.
Or tofu.

Diet stuff.

Unclean buffets.

@person who said black licorice:
Natalie Dee! biggrin
And I don't like it either. ._.

....said the wise one.
Okay Rina, I'm game.

What is your LEAST favorite ...
Food? That's easy. Liver!
Drink? Milk made from powdered milk.
Restaurant? Chuck E Cheese by a landslide
Recipe? Of the ones I've tried, a Chicken Satay one that turned out horrible. It was definately missing ingredients
Cookware? Silicone bakeware. I always had food sticking to them.
TV cooking show? Emeril. I don't think his recipes are all that great.
Chef?Emeril. Too much a showman, not enough of a chef
My least fave food is probably meatloaf. some people like it, but i can't stand it! plus, i don't like sodas, os anything fizzy.
Food? Veggies

Drink? Soda

Restaurant? Macadonaldo

Recipe? "country" things

Cookware? salad forks

TV cooking show? Iron Cheif America

Chef? Billy Fley
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I don't like a lot of seafoods. For drink, I don't like anything alcoholic (seriously) and as for restaurant, it's Mcdonalds or any restaurant that looks to good to be true and has shitty food.
* Food?- jelly
* Drink?-Dr pepper
* Restaurant? -Mcdonalds
* Recipe?- errr? anything cooked with garlic that smells
* Cookware? - knives...
* TV cooking show? - Delia smiths show..
* Chef? - Gordon Ramsey
My Least Favorite -
Food? Mushrooms gonk
Drink? I'd say either Carrot Juice or Pumpkin Juice, take your pick; I hate both <3
Restaurant? But I like all restaurants! x]
Recipe? Probably a salad, I just don't like salad =D
Cookware? Anything with silicon D:
TV cooking show? Emeril, he has no expression
Chef? Emeril: "Oh doesn't this look good. Look how nicely this mixed." Bleh Dx
Really spicy foods
However I do like Tacos
I dont like chili
I dislike my moms foods like Dinogoan(Chocolate Meat) And when she cooks Shopow an hour ago yuck
I also dislike coconut milk.
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I hate seafood.

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