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Did you post your least fave thing?

Yes!! 0.326341764343 32.6% [ 2116 ]
No ='D 0.23164713140037 23.2% [ 1502 ]
GOLDLOL 0.25632325724861 25.6% [ 1662 ]
Thanks Rina, now I feel ill. T_T 0.18568784700802 18.6% [ 1204 ]
Total Votes:[ 6484 ]
Food: Tofu, Sardines, Anchovies, Mushrooms, Octopus, Gizzards, Cauliflower.
Drink? Sparkling Water, Egg nog
Restaurant? Steak & Shake
Recipe? Crab Souffle
Cookware? Spaetzle maker
TV cooking show? Paula Deen
Chef? Bobby Flay
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Beets! Yuck!!!
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Chitterlings. Which, fore those of you who don't know, are the boiled, seasoned intestines of a pig. Smells horrible, tastes weird.

Any spicy food, espeicially if no flavor is added with the heat (such as: flaming hot Cheetos, most hot sauces, spicy ramen...)

Alcohol of any variety. I just don't like the taste of alcohol.

Vanilla Coke.

All energy drinks. They taste like children's cough syrup.

Mountain Dew.

Goat's milk. Never try it if you haven't. Goat cheese on the other hand...

That's all I can think of for now.
Hmmmm my least favorite food would have to be..........school food. And hamburger meat. Disgusting. Least favorite drink would probably be fat free milk because I don't like milk much and fat free mlk just makes me puke. Also I don't like drinks that are extremely sweet and disgustingly full of sugar. emotion_zombie
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[NPC] Rina
I just LOVE trying new things to eat, but sometimes I regret it! gonk Some of my LEAST favorite things are seafood and sparkling water! YUCK!

Post here and tell us what you don't like!

What is your LEAST favorite ...
  • Food?
  • Drink ? My Least Fav. drink is Gatorade
  • Restaurant? I don't have one .
  • Recipe? My least fav. recipe is Dressing
  • Cookware? My least fav. cookware is a spatucal
  • TV cooking show? I don't have one .
  • Chef?
Please be sure to post that all here!
I was never a big fan of olives believe it or not. sweatdrop
My least favorite food would probably have to be either ham or fish.
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least favorite food: oily and dry (no soup) foods emotion_bigvein emotion_puke
I hate eggplant.
I'd say my least favorite would have to be Green Beans emotion_donotwant
Mexican food and people just can't seem to accept the fact I hate that stuff.

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