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Did you post your least fave thing?

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Food - Wasabi Balls [One time at this Christmas party....]
Drink - Beer.
Restaurant - T.G.I.F.
I don't think I have a least favorite recipe...
Cookware- The skillet that burned the hell outta my hand.
TV Cooking Show - Barefoot Contessa [so agonizingly boring. For real.]
Chef - Kat Cora. [Did not need her to cook a rabbit on TV.]

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Food: Sweet potatoes and okra. And green beans.
Drink: Whiskey of any kind. Last time I tried some I fell over because it was so strong and bad tasting. And tomato juice.
Restaurant: Black Eyed Pea. It's so bland. gonk And almost all fast food restaurants.
Recipe: The worst one I ever tried was a chicken soba recipe. The browned chicken just didn't go well in soba noodle soup...
Cookware: This one rice cooker I once bought for $15 that broke after one month.
TV Cooking Show: Don't really have one specifically, but I'm not a fan of Martha Stewart as a person, so I guess her show comes closest.
Chef: No one in particular.
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Food - Parsnip, Hot Fruit Pie of Any Kind, Cilantro, Mint, Licorice, Endive, Okra, Collard Greens, Jello, The membrane on sunny side up eggs
Drink - Jagermeister, Orange Juice W/ Pulp
Restaurant - Apple bees, Chili's, T.G.I.F.,
Recipe - Chicken Tikka Masala a la side of the spice jar.
Cookware - Flour sifters, they always jam on me.
TV Cooking Show - Semi Homemade, Bad Reality TV shows like the food bus one. Total crap.
Food: Bell peppers, especially green. e
Drink: Carbonated water. Nothing is more disgusting than taking a big gulp of your drink, expecting normal, ice cold water, and getting that.
Restaurant: Applebee's and Chili's. Not only is their food gross, but they charge way too much for it.
Recipe: This pumpkin soup my mom made once. It probably didn't help that I wasn't feeling well that day.
Cookware: Garlic mincers never seem to work properly. And there's no real point in buying an expensive double boiler when you can just improvise one.
TV Cooking Show: Hell's Kitchen.
Chef: Gordon Ramsay, Rachel Ray, Paula Deen.
Tsukabu Nosoratori
My least favorite food?

Oysters and anything spicy (except pepparoni) since I'm allergic to spicy foods gonk and I hate the taste of Oysters.

Edit: Why do I hate Oysters? When I was on the Pacific Coast, I tried them at several different restaurants, and my immediate reaction was the gag reflex because it just tasted like moist rubber to me gonk

edit: First post! Booyah!

It depends how you cook oysters, if they're rubbery and too squishy I instantly gag/
Oh, god... I cannot stand to be anywhere near pork rinds. They're greasy, they're made from pig's skin, they're bad for you, and they taste like crunchy death. emotion_puke


Beverly, an obscure Coke Brand that I tried at the Coke Factory. I seriously gagged. Ugh, it's awful. emotion_puke


Bleh, fast food restaurants. So nasty, so greasy, so bad for you without tasting good. -barf-


Paula Deen's Fried Butter Balls. I've never eaten them...but, OH MY GOD. emotion_puke


Cheese-graters. I cannot stand to sit and grate effing cheese. Buying a bag of the shredded stuff suits me just fine.

TV cooking show?

Semi Homemade CANNOT stand Sandra Lee, anything with Guy Fieri, he is a total douche-bag.


I want to say Sandra Lee...but I'm going to go with Guy Fieri. UGH!
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Food: Fishballs, pineapples, raisins, tomatoes(only fresh/raw though, I like tomato sauce and such).
Drink: Dr. Pepper. EW. and anything involving cherries or weird fruit juice(especially those mixing like orange and apples or such).
Cookware: Water heaters/cookers and such when you make coffee. Use a ********' coffee machine.
I cannot stand the taste of ginger. Egh. xp
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Food? Water Chestnuts, Lima beans, Okra, Animal Inards.
Drink? clamato juice
Restaurant? Steak and shake,
Recipe? Anything with my least favorite items in it. Egg Castorle.
Cookware? Black and Decker
TV cooking show? Rachel Ray ( I dislike her lingo)
Chef? Bobby Flay ( I find him arrogant)
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Food: Cottage cheese, black licorice
Drink: Jagermeister
Restaurant: Ruby Tuesday (I'll never forgive them for the food poisoning)
Recipe: this meatloaf recipe I tried once. I already am not a fan of meatloaf, and this one was just awful...
Cookware: Food processors - I can never get the container to latch right!! scream
TV Cooking Show - The Barefoot Contessa
Chef: Ina Garten - the chef of the above show. I find her to be super pretentious and stuck up.
What is your LEAST favorite ...
  • Food? Brussel Sprouts.
  • Drink? Sparkling water.
  • Restaurant? Not a restaurant. Quiznos.
  • Recipe? Anything with Okra.
  • Cookware? I like them all..
  • TV cooking show? Semi Homemade
  • Chef? Ina Garten
Please be sure to post that all here!
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Food--Probably anchovies with various cheeses as runner-ups.
Drink--Various alcoholic drinks.
Restaurant--Pretty much any fast food place.
Recipe--anything with anchovies
Cookware--super fancy coffee makers. I don't really drink much coffee, so I know I'm biases, but how much do you need to spend on fancy coffee?
TV cooking show--I don't watch a ton of television, so cooking shows aren't really my thing. however, I did see some Hell's Kitchen recently and I wasn't fond of it.
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Food- Au gratin potatoes. They smell nasty and taste horrible.

Drink- Anything diet. It tastes bad and leaves a bad aftertaste.

Restaurant- Golden Corral. They always make me sick after eating there. I've since avoided that place.

Recipe- None really.

Cookware- Any of that cheap stuff that falls apart or rusts.

TV cooking show- Barefoot Contessa She's just really boring.

Chef- Ina Garten. She is just too laid back and needs more pep.
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Food: Viennese sausages (those canned weenies), chicken gizzards, any sweetbreads really, dandelion greens (you have to cook them along time in order to neutralize the bitterness)
Drink: soda, koolaid, cheap whiskey, cheap vodka (tastes like rubbing alcohol), malt liquor (bleh!)
Restaurant: Most chain restaurants in general though The Olive Garden is the worst of them all.
Recipe: Tuna noodle casserole scream Sometimes I get a craving for it though, but bleck!
Cookware: Chef's knives whose blade falls away from the handle sad I'm too poor to afford a nice one now.
TV Cooking Show: Paula Dean Watch that link, it's an apt description
Chef: Anyone who takes comfort & convenience foods seriously as a means to a recipe, with no regard to using fresh ingredients & being healthful.
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