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will you guys redo past events like in zomg perhaps?
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*waves* Hi guys :3
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Hello Admins! Two things I am having issues with, and these are bugs:

1. My aquarium hasn’t been showing up, all I get is a black screen when I go to it (this has been going on for months). I can see comments, but not my aquarium. Help?
Aquarium crying

2. I’m getting glitches with my items showing up in my inventory as text instead of a picture/icon. Any reason for this? Here’s two examples:
Example 1
Example 2

I did post my concerns in the Bugs and Tech support forum, but nothing has been resolved or addressed.

You should be able to clear your cookies to resolves the first one. Unsure about the second issue you're having.
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Have any of you ever walked around the office in a horse head mask?
Are we ever going to have body items for that Halo Wars Helmet item?
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Lanzer, practically every time you post a Waffles photo these days it fails to display (the forum calls it a malformed URL.) We're being deprived of adorable crying

Uncle Kenny has stated that, when Word Bump is updated, it will give out Tickets instead of Credits. Does that mean the three sets of graduation caps and gowns that Credits were originally redeemable for will no longer be obtainable? Or will you make those items available in H&R Wesley's regular inventory or something?

The thing about pictures was a problem with the parser eating https images. I fixed that a couple days ago so any new Waffles pictures should show up correctly.

The graduation caps/gowns will likely be added to the Prize & Joy shop once we switch the credits to tickets 3nodding
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If a thread was deleted by an admin, will your total posts number be affected?jw

It won't.
If a thread was deleted but no one was there to see it be deleted, did it ever exist to begin with?
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Facial hair... ninja
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I have two more question for you, when will the new items go into the daily chance? aaand.. what’s your favorite x-mas movie if you have one.
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The Mini Devil Wings and the skittles crazy cores tickets Are Still In circulation , Will that be doing anything anytime soon , or be taken out of the system?
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Woot, Gaia, I'm so happy it's almost the holidays. What do you guys have in store for us?

quite a bit actually...
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Any chance of us celebrating Festivus on Gaia?
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Hello everyone!

It's December already! All the Christmas ads are on TV, Christmas trees and ornaments are being sold everywhere, and shopping malls are packed over the weekends. How many of you are decorating your home with a Christmas tree?

Welcome to ATA!

Yes, I will be decorating for Christmas this year!

I do have a question for you though, I hope I am asking the right person! But I was wondering when there will be an update to the Gaia App? I have the iPhone and I would like to see the outfits shop added to the app. I kinda gets annoying when i have to go back and forth between the app and the browser.

Thank you for reading!
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Pan dosent seem to have been around as much in the past couple weeks in the HoC forum as much as he has been, a few of us are concerned, are things okay with him?

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