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Will we be lucky enough to get a Waffles item for Christmas?
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Lanzer, practically every time you post a Waffles photo these days it fails to display (the forum calls it a malformed URL.) We're being deprived of adorable crying

Uncle Kenny has stated that, when Word Bump is updated, it will give out Tickets instead of Credits. Does that mean the three sets of graduation caps and gowns that Credits were originally redeemable for will no longer be obtainable? Or will you make those items available in H&R Wesley's regular inventory or something?

Masquerade! Paper faces on parade. Masquerade!

I would love to also know what will happen to the requirements for those in the formulas for the Philosopher's Cache and Alchemist's Case.

Hide your face so the world will never find you.

Credit requirements will be switched to something other than credits, likely just gold or tickets. We'll take credits out of the equation completely across the site.
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Question about the Ultimate Game Cards...

Originally from: Tue Nov 27, 2012 1:12 am
Alright... not sure if anyone else had this problem with the Ultimate Game Cards. Since there is no $20.00 USD option, I was using the $10.00 option twice. As a result, I have 10 Red panda scarves instead of 5. In addition, I have 5 Ultimatum Blades. Not sure about any of those... I do have my receipts and cards if needed to confirm I did purchase 5 $20.00 Ultimate Game Cards.

For the time being, I'll use the GC but leave the items in my inventory until notified.

Edit: There really should be a $20.00 option for the Ultimate Game Cards. The amounts shown on their page reflect the amount that's selected on the Gaia Cash page. Maybe that should be something you guys should look into.

Also, if it's best I file a Billing Inquiry, I will.

Heya Kain-Senpai!

Thanks for the great question, and for doing the right thing and holding onto the items. In this case, you earned the items! For each $10 purchase you make, you should get one item which varies with payment method. If you did 10 transactions of $10 each, you should have gotten 10 items. Make sense? biggrin

And we'll see if a $20 option is possible, but we cannot guarantee if or when it could be implemented. I'll ask about on that biggrin

- Sisky
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Do you guys do any gift giving in the office like secret Santa/ gift giving type things during this time of the season and holidays?
Krissim Klaw
I have a question on the item Nightmare Game. Currently, it has a beautiful secondary hair mod you can add to other hairstyles and wigs. You can also get a pose that just involves the lovely bangs without the bow and bottom half of the hair mod. Unfortunately to get just the bangs, you have to use the scissor pose of the Sainte: Ciel. This wouldn't normally be a problem except since it is a hair mod, that means you can't wear just the bang pose with any long hairstyles because the scissors will also cut them also!

I would really love to wear the pretty bangs with many of my long hairstyles without the rest of my hair getting chopped to bits. Is there any chance that the bangs could be added as a separate pose? Or, could you create a special scissor item that only will cut secondary hair/bang mods without touching the underlying hairstyles or wigs?

Sainte: Ciel works great for adding hidden poses and cut looks to main styles, but when it comes to the newer secondary hair mods that are coming out, it has a major disadvantage because it also clips your main hairstyle.

Hi Krissim, I'll check out the item and ask to see if there's anything we can do on that end. I know that the team is pretty busy with preparing for the Christmas items so no promises, sorry.
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simple aster
Will there be a zOMG Christmas event this year?

Most likely not.
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Narumi Misuhara
Woot, Gaia, I'm so happy it's almost the holidays. What do you guys have in store for us?

quite a bit actually...

That sounds suspicious. ninja
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Hi admins
How are you doing? 4laugh
Soooo...... Is the parser going to get any love? It is sort of an integral part of gaia.
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*waves arm rapidly back and forth*

A) Will there be a fix for the treasure chest bug? It is the one you open with a luck key. (Excuse my lingo I was hiatus for about a year). It's the same items...all the time..like a fortune egg, captain's hat and such. Will there be different items displayed for me to possibly gain if I purchase a luck key?

B) Also..one teeny tiny question. Maybe some eyeliner added to one of the shops please? There are many types of eye liner styles out there and besides putting eye accessories in CI's Monthly's etc... perhaps we could purchase these from the shop? Sorry. I love my wing eyeliner I have on practically everyday and was wondering maybe it could come to my gaia

<3 DoC
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Woot! 2nd ATA I got to take part in. All those other times, I couldn't catch it! Anyways, here are the questions I have atm:
1) Is there any way we can have an REI called "Barber Shop" where the REI has a lot of hair styles and things from the salon or something(mostly very popular hair styles in rl or maybe on gaia)?
2) Will there be more items from HoC? They look nice, but there aren't really any that makes me want to buy the HoC deck from the cash shop..like more varieties?
good eveing everyone. smile
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Krissim Klaw
Zero Omega
If a thread was deleted by an admin, will your total posts number be affected?jw

It won't.
If a thread was deleted but no one was there to see it be deleted, did it ever exist to begin with?

Yes! ninja
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So will we see more MCs and rare CI items in Flynn's marketplace store?
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Have any of you ever walked around the office in a horse head mask?

L0cke has, multiple times. In fact, he's rode in a scooter race with it on his head.
thats a little messy ._.

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