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Tippet v2
Tippet v2

the 30 day rule is there for a reason, which who knows what it is.. you might ask the admins. Have a cookie .. maybe it will cheer you up- hands you a cookie-

The 30 day rule is there for a reason, and I know the reason. Either way they stated it, and they're banning me when the incident is TWO years old. The girl is just getting back at our sister. *huffs and sighs handing the cookie back* Nothing at this point would cheer me up..I put five years into that account just to lose it to a spiteful, little, self-centered......
I'm about to get a warning from sending a VERY nasty and angry PM to someone...

Well the TOS does say they can ban you for whatever reason . I’d take a break, a warning is not worth the angry pm.

It's still unfair, and this is ridiculous. Oh trust me dear, just a warning would be worth it. She stands in front of me and my sister and smiles and acts like she did nothing at all. It's eating at me..it'd be worth just a warning to me.
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Will the Xmas Elves make an apperance in the next manga? Will they aid the Dark Elves?

...Highly doubtful
im having trouble with dress up every time i put on a gurdle its on the outside

If they're the girdles I think they are, they're intended to be on the outside.
wait my bad i meant my cincher, they always show on the ouside of my bustiers

It is a bit strange that they go over the bustiers instead of replacing them. Try poking the art team about it? ^^
Apple Amazing
Is there a browser that runs Gaia games better than others? I've tried both Firefox and Chrome and both freeze up horribly if I'm not waving the mouse over the screen. (If it helps anything I also have this same problem with Youtube.)

Is there a specific game or feature that's running when things start to freeze? It's hard to say what could be happening but many of us are running both Firefox and Chrome just fine, so when it comes to troubleshooting, there are a lot of other things to consider, from what monitoring programs are running to maybe just a memory issue. Sorry I don't have an answer for you right away.
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awesome I have to go try out all the new stuff now.

Angelic Rod and its PLUS form are not bought like the other rods.

You have to catch 75,000 fish/junk in total on your account to earn one. They're handed out weekly at 5am PDT (or PST) on Sundays. You get your Angelic made into a PLUS form when you have caught 150,000 fish/junk. It's upgraded the same way you get your Angelic.

sounds like i’ve got some fishing to do then

Maybe. emotion_dowant

It took me roughly 3 months of competition fishing to earn my Angelic. I'm unsure when I hit the 150k mark because the PLUS wasn't out yet. I earned my PLUS somewhere around 190k when it came out.

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OH! I did actually think of a question.

Why on earth did you guys decide to number evo items? It drives me mad that you pay the same price (of REAL money) as everyone else for a 1st gen. as you do a 12th gen. but no one wants to buy the 12th gen. with gaian gold or they don't want to give you what it's worth simply because of a number! It's WRONG.

I propose as the item evolves you get a message when you log in saying something like, "Congratulations! Your Compass of Seidh has evolved again!" Or something along those lines. So, for a short time they'd be labeled by their evolution as they are changing, but when they reach completion they no longer have a number.
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A Random Act of Terror
/was gonna post on santa mule
/gaia loading slow as s**t on chrome

Welp. There goes today's plans neutral

How is everyone spending their last 17.3 days on earth?

Drinking as much coffee as is humanly possible and trying to hit my weightlifting goal of making a 300lb deadlift. How about you?
....the world's not really gonna end will it?

Nah, I don't think so. But I still love coffee and weight lifting. so why not hey? XD

I suppose. on the other hand..I really dont wanna see the world end. i want to at least have christmas and new years first.
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why does that neon green body appear in the back of your avatar if you combine, say...
Rosamund's Revenge (beckoning)
and Light Spirit (blush)
it's kind of annoying, but at the same time im curious as to what it is. yum_puddi
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Tippet v2

She sounds like a horrible person, maybe you should try and keep away from her.
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Woot! 2nd ATA I got to take part in. All those other times, I couldn't catch it! Anyways, here are the questions I have atm:
1) Is there any way we can have an REI called "Barber Shop" where the REI has a lot of hair styles and things from the salon or something(mostly very popular hair styles in rl or maybe on gaia)?
2) Will there be more items from HoC? They look nice, but there aren't really any that makes me want to buy the HoC deck from the cash shop..like more varieties?

That is a great idea! I'll pass it along.

HoC is still in beta and the team actually is thinking through what else to add as store items. It's still being designed but I hope to see more pretty soon.

Thanks a bunch Lanzer! Whenever there is nice hair in RIG items or items of any kind, Gaians go crazy for them gonk
I will be looking forward to seeing the new HoC items 3nodding whee
heart Thanks again Lanzer!
Crown Royals

No. sad Time does not permit. But I'd like to make it less boring.

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Thanks for answering my questions. o: I'm also wondering if the anime player section will be updated or live much longer. It looks like not everyone really knows it exists. I'm afraid it'll go the way of the cinemas.
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Will the NPC Katy Perry & NPC Lady Gaga ever be active again?
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Valkyrie Gauge
Thanks for answering my questions. o: I'm also wondering if the anime player section will be updated or live much longer. It looks like not everyone really knows it exists. I'm afraid it'll go the way of the cinemas.

The anime that actually go into the Anime Player are decided and put in there by the hosting company.
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Admins i have a question, why can’t we trade wing stickers ? what’s the reasoning behind that.

Thanks for the question! Wing Stickers are meant to be personal rewards for things you do on Gaia, like achievements, and not for trade. biggrin

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