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Can you add an option for Daylight Saving Time so for people where there isn't such a thing it doesn't mess up with the time in your settings (especially for aquarium glow and posts)?
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Is there a browser that runs Gaia games better than others? I've tried both Firefox and Chrome and both freeze up horribly if I'm not waving the mouse over the screen. (If it helps anything I also have this same problem with Youtube.)
Krissim Klaw
I have a question on the item Nightmare Game. Currently, it has a beautiful secondary hair mod you can add to other hairstyles and wigs. You can also get a pose that just involves the lovely bangs without the bow and bottom half of the hair mod. Unfortunately to get just the bangs, you have to use the scissor pose of the Sainte: Ciel. This wouldn't normally be a problem except since it is a hair mod, that means you can't wear just the bang pose with any long hairstyles because the scissors will also cut them also!

I would really love to wear the pretty bangs with many of my long hairstyles without the rest of my hair getting chopped to bits. Is there any chance that the bangs could be added as a separate pose? Or, could you create a special scissor item that only will cut secondary hair/bang mods without touching the underlying hairstyles or wigs?

Sainte: Ciel works great for adding hidden poses and cut looks to main styles, but when it comes to the newer secondary hair mods that are coming out, it has a major disadvantage because it also clips your main hairstyle.

Hi Krissim, I'll check out the item and ask to see if there's anything we can do on that end. I know that the team is pretty busy with preparing for the Christmas items so no promises, sorry.
Thank you for at least looking into it for me! emotion_kirakira
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Will there be a Christmas event /manga showing Ian and the other NPCs for the holidays? (I want to see what Ian will look like this year for Christmas) biggrin

also who won the vampire/dark elf event?
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Hey guys. Do you know what I'm going to ask? Yup. Same old story!

Any new animated items planned for Christmas? The animated kittens last year went down a storm (Or at least, they SEEMED to!) and having a repeat of something like that would be awesome.
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Towns 2 is very glitchy; which is why a lot of unsavory folk were around there I assume. I once walked into a random part of it and it made me walk up and onto the side of the castle. As in standing on a wall. The barriers need some fixing.

Also. Is waffles ever going to return in items? As in an SDPlus Waffles or somethin?

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Uncle Kenny
Opera Phantomess
Lanzer, practically every time you post a Waffles photo these days it fails to display (the forum calls it a malformed URL.) We're being deprived of adorable crying

Uncle Kenny has stated that, when Word Bump is updated, it will give out Tickets instead of Credits. Does that mean the three sets of graduation caps and gowns that Credits were originally redeemable for will no longer be obtainable? Or will you make those items available in H&R Wesley's regular inventory or something?

Masquerade! Paper faces on parade. Masquerade!

I would love to also know what will happen to the requirements for those in the formulas for the Philosopher's Cache and Alchemist's Case.

Hide your face so the world will never find you.

Credit requirements will be switched to something other than credits, likely just gold or tickets. We'll take credits out of the equation completely across the site.

Masquerade! Paper faces on parade. Masquerade!

Official word is better than speculation, no matter how great of a chance it has to be right. Thank you!

Hide your face so the world will never find you.
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Hi there all and Happy December! Too bad it feels like summer here, where's my cold weather?

I'd actually like to make a request, I've always wanted red Santa dresses on Gaia. We have that one miss. Clause set but I've always wanted to have something like this from the classic movie White Christmas.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

That'd so make my Gaia Christmas if we could have dresses like these. heart

On a small side note I wanted to say thank you to the artist for Wisteria for fixing the layering on some of the poses. <3
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Hi, I recently got hacked on dec 1st at around 8-10am ish while i was at work, somehow the hacker got thru the security stuff that you guys have provided for us (IP Verification:
Force me to validate new locations
This feature requires you to confirm when you are logging in from a new location.) because when i got home from work i couldnt log on this acc, so i reset my password and got on only to see all my items thrown in dumpster dive mad , now my computer is at home no1 touched it for those 8-9 hours tht i wasnt home, unless a burgalar snuck in my home and turned on the computer and played gaia? There were no trades, no gifting, no sellin items on mp but idk 700+ items just thrown in dumpster dive because i got a lot of thank you pm mad lol so what im wondering how did this hacker get passed the security, i mean whenever my internet reset and i tried logging in, i would get a email to see that if im the real owner trying to log on, but this hacker somehow bypassed it?
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Another question about closet slots; can we sell back some closet spaces? gonk I bought one more space one time, and ever since then, whenever I click OUTFITS, it just leads me to the second page where theres just 1 outfit slot filled, and it drives me mad XD

If we could sell it back or somethin' that'd be fabulous * W*

Thanks for all the hard work as usual <3 Noticed nice changes in marketplace and achievements 4laugh
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Krissim Klaw
Facial hair... ninja
*Pretends to trip and spills hot wax all over you.* Oops. emotion_awesome
Ouch. emotion_donotwant
My friend just meeboed me this youtube video. Enjoy ~

PS: Me and my friend don't like the new meebo thingy ~ :3
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will you guys be deleting all permanent banned accounts?
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Will there be another lotto sometime in the future? wahmbulance
Gangnam style items? emotion_awesome

Also, can we put requests for Usernames that are taken by inactive accounts that have been banned or just made in vain?

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