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Hey guys I'd just like to request items that reference anime that aired in the 90's-2000's. That would lite my heart like a Spirit Gun. Some'd say that'd be worth 60 Billion Double-Dollars but I'd say it'd be priceless. Aye Kurama,Thank you almighty Dragonz for granting my Wish. You're the Outlaws to my Stars that no reverse blade could conquer! heart
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Are homes and towns 2 being worked on still.?

Id like to walk to halloween town or north pole in zomg/ towns 2..
well homes its nice to have the classic wood style.. but id like to have the outer walls modern if optional. and id like homes to go full screen like zomg.. and the exist button and what not made smaller.. there soooo darn big.
plz and ty
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I wonder when will zOMG will be updated? sweatdrop
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so i was wondering we have the "TIPS" button in the forums but are we ever going to get them in guilds. I know there's been tons of times that I would of loved to use them in a guild area but cant sad
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I wanted to ask if you can have a item that when can see to similar clothing wear that we use. Such as NEW sneakers. Nikes, vans, Jordans, etc. Maybe even hats, with teams on them. ( NFL, NBA, Etc. )
Facial hair... ninja
*Pretends to trip and spills hot wax all over you.* Oops. emotion_awesome
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Uncle Kenny
2. When will the December event begin?

Sometime during the second half of the month.

so after the 15th? Will we get a lot of free items?
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is there any way you can make a tablet friendly gaia app?
I have the app for my ipad and it looks blah. it is like a tiny phone in my ipad, lol, the best way to describe how it look. Is there already one for the tablet?
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I have three problems to report with the new Daily Chance page. First of all, I'm pretty sure the text isn't supposed to pass across the edge of the ribbon like that.

Second, the message doesn't list the Forums page. Is it meant to leave out the one you just clicked on? Because I took this screenshot after collecting DC from the Games page, not the Forums listing.

Finally, the Dev Notice that announced the change to DC implied that you'll only see the standalone page if you click too soon or your screen is too small. I use 1366x768 resolution and I get the standalone page every single time, regardless of how long I wait. Either the DC can't actually recognize when the page is finished loading, or you just have some ridiculous demands regarding screen size.
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lets just hope that we live after teh 21st
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Have any of you ever walked around the office in a horse head mask?

L0cke has, multiple times. In fact, he's rode in a scooter race with it on his head.
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So, those bone chairs from the previous event... Where did all the vampires meaty parts go... All I could think of was the dark elves handing out complimentary BBQ sandwiches with my chair.
I bet they'd go as far as to pass that nasty meat to Rina for her meat pies...

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Zero Omega
Hello Admins! Two things I am having issues with, and these are bugs:

1. My aquarium hasn’t been showing up, all I get is a black screen when I go to it (this has been going on for months). I can see comments, but not my aquarium. Help?
Aquarium crying

2. I’m getting glitches with my items showing up in my inventory as text instead of a picture/icon. Any reason for this? Here’s two examples:
Example 1
Example 2

I did post my concerns in the Bugs and Tech support forum, but nothing has been resolved or addressed.

You should be able to clear your cookies to resolves the first one. Unsure about the second
issue you're having.

Thanks for the reply, I'll try clearing cookies and see if it helps.
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Hello all,
Is there going to be a Waffles or an Ultra Satan themed game in the near future?User Image

Also, any new forum events coming soon? I really liked the last few that we had this year and am definitely hoping for more.

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