• Let tell you something about me
    I know what I have to be
    And if you can't see
    Who is truly me
    I'm not your normal human being
    I'm not one to sing
    When I write this words
    My mind is a complex space
    I leave without a trace
    Just a memory in your mind
    Flowing through time
    Tides that bind
    So don't become blind
    To each their own
    When your left alone
    With no home
    These are not for the faint of heart
    Most of my words are shots in the dark
    For those who think I'm falling apart
    I don't need go to the start
    When I'm a head in the race
    For my words are the pace
    When I'm climbing the ranks
    For those who build tanks
    I'm never gonna stop
    When I see you hit the pot
    I'll be at the top
    I'm not one to fit in the crowd
    For when I'm being to loud
    I rise in the darkest of clouds
    I pray for the storms to come
    When I never run
    So this where it all begun
    I was taught to be tactic
    When I learn to attack it
    I'm just a half breed
    In a world struggling to read
    For those who have the need
    To crave the feed
    Show me the desire
    When we step into the fire
    What gets you high
    When these words of mine get tighter
    I've waited far to long
    To put my words into a song
    I'm not one to hit the bong
    When you finish this I'll be gone
    Watch me fly
    As you lie
    I can never die
    To many times have I fallen
    Left on ground bawlin'
    I'm not as weak when He is strong
    Holding His book high in my hand
    To a place when the devil has no place to stand
    I'm not of this land
    You won't see me cry
    At least I can say I have the balls to try
    Just to move around
    No longer burried in the ground
    I'm no longer bound
    Creeping without a sound
    I lie in dark
    Waiting to strike like a shark
    Coming from out of the blue
    I told it all be true
    This what I do.
    This what I'm all about
    f*ck it I'm out