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Top Rated Poetry And Lyrics
    • Yolo by Extremely N...
      Comments: 0 | 05/31/2015
    • I know this don't make sense, but the lyrics have a little suspense.
    • Anxiety by Nemone
      Comments: 0 | 03/26/2015
    • I have some pretty severe anxiety issues and this is what I feel like most days when I'm not medicated.
    • The Sky's Tyranny by Nemone
      Comments: 0 | 03/22/2015
    • I wanted to write about the weather and it just kind of ended up this way. Hope you enjoy it.
    • Pixel Pervert by Nemone
      Comments: 0 | 03/10/2015
    • This is all in good fun. I don't mean to imply that people who have relations or fall for people over the internet are "Pixel Perverts" but it just h ....
    • Parasitic by Marshalleeguy
      Comments: 0 | 05/19/2015
    • There is so many people who do nothing but take and expect you to give until you break. Authors note: This is purely metaphorical, none of it can be ....
    • My Song by Nemone
      Comments: 0 | 03/17/2015
    • This is something I just wrote, hope you guys like it.
    • Chained by You by Nemone
      Comments: 0 | 03/22/2015
    • This may read like a poem about breaking up but it's actually about chocolate. I have a really severe food intolerance to caffeine and lately I've co ....
    • Party of Me by Nemone
      Comments: 1 | 03/17/2015
    • I wrote this because I just get sick of people assuming that people who disagree with them on just one issue are from the "other party" and slinging a ....
    • This ****** Dragon by Nemone
      Comments: 0 | 03/23/2015
    • Yeah this is a rage poem. I'm trying to keep my language somewhat clean so I bleeped out the title. It's supposed to be "This Sh*tty Dragon."
    • Goodnight 🔮 by TheHippiesA...
      Comments: 0 | 06/25/2015
    • I was a bit conflicted about some minor things in my life and it seemed that the only time all of it began to dwell inside of my head was literally ju ....
    • To love an arson by Nikki F Alter
      Comments: 0 | 06/04/2015
    • This song is kinda weird, disjointed, and is one of the first songs I've written with almost no repeating structure. It's mainly written in a train of ....
    • Slay the Beast by immalittler...
      Comments: 4 | 05/11/2015
    • I just randomly came up with this on the spot like 10 minutes ago But, I kinda like it now. *random writings* It was meant to be a short story, but it ....
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