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    • The Black pillow by Angry kira_...
      Comments: 0 | 01/24/2015
    • A trial on a book i want to countiue, i don't see it as explict but i do agree that it isn't PG. So please tell me if it is approved.
    • His Fate by The Dark Sk...
      Comments: 0 | 12/08/2014
    • With Eustace gone, Muriel on the brink of dying, what is to become of our favorite cowardly dog, Courage? And why is Katz at the front door?
    • The Pyre of Hallowee... by RavenChii
      Comments: 0 | 10/26/2014
    • This is a little back story behind several of my original avatar creations. The Dark Princess of Leshim, Sylphie, was the first one I submitted back ....
    • (No name yet, NOT fi... by MarvelFan123
      Comments: 0 | 11/02/2014
    • (how is this for my first entry???) This is a story about a spy during world war 2. Please rate, and comment!!! If you wanna see more, message me! ....
    • Intro to something? by Crazy Muerte
      Comments: 0 | 10/13/2014
    • Something I just revised from a couple years back and decided to pretty much rewrite. Should I continue? Lol
    • The Harkonen Gun: Sewer by Hybrid Defect
      Comments: 0 | 09/09/2014
    • These are also experiments with writing style. Vladimir Harkonen is assigned to assassinate an officer in the occupied city of Davina, using the popul ....
    • White Carnation by Awai Ashirami
      Comments: 0 | 01/29/2015
    • this is something I started awhile ago in my creative writing class, but never finished. I don't really know why, I just stopped. I hope you like it t ....
    • Tales of Xalthia - C... by Dragoon Kni...
      Comments: 0 | 10/16/2014
    • Welcome to Chapter 13! It's been ages since I've submitted another chapter but it gave me a lot of time to write out a lot more chapters for you guys ....
    • Dark Lips: Chpt 1 by Pro Slap
      Comments: 2 | 12/06/2014
    • This is a story I created on Polyvore please be free to check it out because it comes along with pictures. Heres the link VV [url=http://www.polyvore ....
    • Walking Dead Fanfic by spooky mingos
      Comments: 0 | 09/28/2014
    • It's a project for my creative writing class and the topic is family/friends. I thought it would be fitting. CONTAINS SPOILERS
    • Orion's Speech by akira yokos...
      Comments: 0 | 12/10/2014
    • The speech from Orion in the story I am writing. "The end of a chapter, is not the end of the story"
    • Wilson & Wallace *Ex... by IamnogoodHi...
      Comments: 0 | 09/03/2014
    • Heres an extended version of the story of 'Wilson & Wallace" that I did on my avatar. (which probably no ones ever seen) Soooo enjoy!
    • Daemon's Kiss, Prologue by okamiojo
      Comments: 1 | 01/04/2015
    • With her mother dead, Angelique's father is bent on keeping her hidden. Under his torture, however, Angelique develops a second personality and a dead ....
    • Tales of Xalthia - C... by Dragoon Kni...
      Comments: 0 | 02/04/2015
    • Welcome to Chapter 22! In this chapter, Tsuki and his companions learn that a sinister plot is being developed that could threaten the nation. Prepari ....
    • Der Mord ist notwendig. by aLaPasta
      Comments: 0 | 09/20/2014
    • It's dark. It's so very dark...but, it is also soft. The feel of the environment around me warms my cold exterior and comforts me, if only for a smal ....
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