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    • Watcher by Celcord
      Comments: 1 | 03/29/2014
    • So, I was bored. This happened. Not sure why. Enjoy.. I guess?
    • Shocking by Raio-kun
      Comments: 0 | 06/22/2014
    • {{ Just something that I came up with years ago}}
    • Yugito Akkipuden Epi... by GarzeIl
      Comments: 0 | 02/12/2014
    • I rated it "M" because of the language and some gory scenes. :/ This is a story of 27 years after Shippuden ends and Naruto and Hinata have a daughter ....
    • Allure me...(3) by Jadore2danse
      Comments: 0 | 06/20/2014
    • Continuation of my amateur writing. Here Jessica is having a flashback while in the waiting room at the Hospital...In the next part you will find out ....
    • Story of Ameino, Cha... by Ria Ameino
      Comments: 0 | 03/14/2014
    • So i decided after posting the prologue maybe i will just post it all here. if anyone is interested in reading ahead of time (all of the chapters up t ....
    • Masks of Sin excerpt by Kyra Tawney
      Comments: 0 | 07/13/2014
    • This is an excerpt from a story called Masks of Sin. In this world everyone wears a mask colored by the sins committed in ones life. This is a part of ....
    • Clockwork Doll by Kio426
      Comments: 0 | 04/25/2014
    • A short story. Of a strange girl who lives in a clocktower.
    • Mind at work. by IcyLucario
      Comments: 0 | 04/01/2014
    • Just a test to make a story off the top of my head. Lets see how I do...
    • The Painted Lady by Pollyur
      Comments: 0 | 03/06/2014
    • Lorene stared at the painting in a sort of trance. The face staring solemnly back at her was jarringly familiar; the contours of the lady's eyes and c ....
    • Just a Pest by Bloody Candles
      Comments: 0 | 06/11/2014
    • I wrote this about a year ago when a friend and I decided that the whole "Love at first sight" needed a twist <3
    • Fear Your Shadow by tricker_Xwild1
      Comments: 2 | 06/14/2014
    • This is where I stopped because I kind of backed myself into a corner and couldn't figure out how to continue the story. When I get the chance I might ....
    • Unresolved by A h o y O w...
      Comments: 0 | 03/17/2014
    • I am absolutely obsessed with one of my OC otp's so I write short stories for this pairing a lot in varying AU's. Alyxander Black and WIlliam Bennett ....
    • Innocence Lost by KalynBuscus
      Comments: 0 | 02/10/2014
    • A sad story I wrote a while back, about love and betrayal. Please enjoy, and give me feedback on how I may improve it!
    • This is Balmora. by NuuNuuChan
      Comments: 0 | 06/23/2014
    • this is not a story. This is an untold historic tale, taken out of the history books of the common man, of one world, made by Gods, never to be deemed ....
    • Cornered by Hinoko Sabi...
      Comments: 1 | 01/31/2014
    • I really like scary stories, they are interesting to write and to read so i had to write one!! ENJOYY!! :) ps: i know the story was rushed at some po ....
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