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    • Troubled Artist by KalynBuscus
      Comments: 0 | 02/03/2014
    • This is a story I wrote for a class at school~ The theme was supposed to be a "scary story", but mine just seems to have turned out dark. Let me know ....
    • Storm Knight - Prologue by x_Syrazel_x
      Comments: 0 | 11/12/2013
    • The true story of my OC, Selenia, a snow leopard with a mostly human form. It's not a 'furry' story, or mush, this is her story, her beginning, and he ....
    • Blossom: Chapter 1 by nipp nipp d...
      Comments: 0 | 02/02/2014
    • A horror story my friend and I thought of up one night. WARNING: Scary/Disturbing! ;) Blossom is your almost average 16 year old until hellish creatur ....
    • Never Simple and Clean by rockbellkid
      Comments: 0 | 12/01/2013
    • Just a little something I work on at night to keep me busy It is a work in progress, I haven't written in quite a long time
    • Modern Angels Chapte... by Mother-of-one
      Comments: 0 | 12/22/2013
    • The church was well on its way to controlling the state and the whole government when Naomi Adkins made her presence known in town by refusing to atte ....
    • Royals A Tragedy in ... by XxMinnie_He...
      Comments: 0 | 11/24/2013
    • Miry and Malaky are of royal blood but their Uncle seems to have other plans for the Kingdom of Sheratan. Along the way Miry's relationship seems to h ....
    • Tales of Xalthia - C... by Dragoon Kni...
      Comments: 0 | 01/25/2014
    • Welcome to Chapter 9, everyone! I sincerely apologize for the one month hiatus! It took me longer than I expected to get all my issues back in working ....
    • Maglama Means Friend by Li`l Pixie
      Comments: 1 | 02/26/2014
    • I was stuck one day but wanted to write, so I used the reference image below as a writing prompt, and this is what I got.
    • Books of Sorrow by ideotic hulk
      Comments: 1 | 12/09/2013
    • This is a book i'm planning to publish please give me feedback on what you think about it
    • The Medium (Not Fina... by XbrokenXeng...
      Comments: 0 | 11/12/2013
    • Just so you know, I'm not sure if I'm going to continue this or not; let me know what you think in the comments though, might inspire me to work on th ....
    • Innocence Lost by KalynBuscus
      Comments: 0 | 02/10/2014
    • A sad story I wrote a while back, about love and betrayal. Please enjoy, and give me feedback on how I may improve it!
    • A Touch of Poison by Curious_Levy
      Comments: 0 | 12/31/2013
    • Levy is the most miserable princess in all the land, and for good reason. Merely brushing up against her or touching her exposed skin is enough to cau ....
    • Back From Black by crystanis
      Comments: 0 | 02/24/2014
    • This was something I wrote in November for NANOWRIMO and finally got the nerve to share....
    • Cold Shoulder . by Cuddle My T...
      Comments: 0 | 01/08/2014
    • Meet Vance Americus --- A seventeen year old boy, who, isn't the brightest in the coloring box. One day, just after his 18th birthday, his TRUE biolog ....
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