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    • Allure me...(3) by Jadore2danse
      Comments: 0 | 06/20/2014
    • Continuation of my amateur writing. Here Jessica is having a flashback while in the waiting room at the Hospital...In the next part you will find out ....
    • Fear Your Shadow by tricker_Xwild1
      Comments: 3 | 06/14/2014
    • This is where I stopped because I kind of backed myself into a corner and couldn't figure out how to continue the story. When I get the chance I might ....
    • Masks of Sin excerpt by Kyra Tawney
      Comments: 0 | 07/13/2014
    • This is an excerpt from a story called Masks of Sin. In this world everyone wears a mask colored by the sins committed in ones life. This is a part of ....
    • Death of Kahlil by LaucianTG
      Comments: 0 | 07/27/2014
    • Something I wrote in grade school for an intro to one of my stories. ^_^* I know the grammar needs work but I was in 5th grade when I did this so forg ....
    • Just a Pest by Bloody Candles
      Comments: 0 | 06/11/2014
    • I wrote this about a year ago when a friend and I decided that the whole "Love at first sight" needed a twist <3
    • Butters X Reader - H... by Addy Is Hel...
      Comments: 0 | 08/10/2014
    • (Taken from my DeviantART account, World-Detective-L) Your best friend Leopold 'Butters' Stotch has invited you over to his house! What'll happen whi ....
    • The Twisting of Blades by xXxXxRaWrAs...
      Comments: 0 | 07/17/2014
    • gather around the covers and welcome to scary story night *ominous thunder and lightning* MUWAHHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHA! MUWHAHAHAHAHAAH!! MUWAHAHHAHAHAAHHA ....
    • The Harkonen Gun: Sewer by Hybrid Defect
      Comments: 0 | 09/09/2014
    • These are also experiments with writing style. Vladimir Harkonen is assigned to assassinate an officer in the occupied city of Davina, using the popul ....
    • The Real Life Rapunzels by luvveyu
      Comments: 0 | 08/12/2014
    • Taking place at the future Academy of the United States is a story of mystery, adventure, and romance as a group of teens discovers the secrets of the ....
    • ゴジラ: The First... by Kidan Dragneel
      Comments: 0 | 07/08/2014
    • When we thought we could Stop it, We thought we could prevent the Destruction It Caused...............................We Thought Wrong.
    • This is Balmora. by NuuNuuChan
      Comments: 0 | 06/23/2014
    • this is not a story. This is an untold historic tale, taken out of the history books of the common man, of one world, made by Gods, never to be deemed ....
    • The Wastes by Garden of W...
      Comments: 0 | 06/16/2014
    • This is a sci-fi/fantasy piece which serves as an intro to a character. Things to know: Creed, the main character is a Gunslinger (which is actually a ....
    • The Talking Cat by tricker_Xwild1
      Comments: 0 | 06/15/2014
    • This is some thing I wrote in the 5th grade.We had to write a short story and send it in to be published and a select few would be put in the library ....
    • I See My Future Like... by Mini Mimi Xx
      Comments: 0 | 07/30/2014
    • If I could see the future, then I already know what it would be like. Drip, drop... The rain pours down heavily as I place my forehead against the gla ....
    • Shocking by Raio-kun
      Comments: 0 | 06/22/2014
    • {{ Just something that I came up with years ago}}
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