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    • A Play on God by Foxyre
      Comments: 0 | 04/02/2015
    • Playing God on yourself is not wrong, humanely, but is a way on seeing just how your actions can turn the tides on anything that humanity stands for e ....
    • Tales of Xalthia - C... by Dragoon Kni...
      Comments: 0 | 03/11/2015
    • Welcome to Chapter 25! Submissions through the Art Arena are finally caught up to the written version which is good and bad news but I'll try to keep ....
    • Prologue by i stole you...
      Comments: 0 | 03/29/2015
    • Starting of a story That I may continue. I just want feedback on this skeleton.
    • Servants of the Snow... by IsseiShikimoto
      Comments: 0 | 03/18/2015
    • A concept/idea. One of many I'll post. I'm looking to ask how it is. It can fit as a story or a comic. I want to know what direction to take it and if ....
    • White Carnation by Awai Ashirami
      Comments: 0 | 01/29/2015
    • this is something I started awhile ago in my creative writing class, but never finished. I don't really know why, I just stopped. I hope you like it t ....
    • Camilla Mukhi ~Life ... by A Silent Otaku
      Comments: 0 | 03/27/2015
    • This is meant to be a diary for my OC I guess... It's not that good. The title is short so I can't write much description in the title. This is going ....
    • Skin Deep by Phoenix Res...
      Comments: 0 | 04/06/2015
    • A young woman arrives at her local animal shelter with the intention of adopting a cute puppy. However, she instead finds a companion more perfect for ....
    • The Black pillow by Krow Oraeligh
      Comments: 0 | 01/24/2015
    • A trial on a book i want to countiue, i don't see it as explict but i do agree that it isn't PG. So please tell me if it is approved.
    • Hayato by IsseiShikimoto
      Comments: 0 | 03/21/2015
    • Concept/idea. Critique and comment. Ask any necessary questions. I've got 2 inspirations on this one. One is a little game called monster hunter freed ....
    • The World by Sea Lemon
      Comments: 1 | 03/24/2015
    • A story I had to write in my, well my writing class. I was given a picture of a random person and what they like to do and i didn't like what i got. S ....
    • Stories In Store! by IsseiShikimoto
      Comments: 0 | 03/23/2015
    • Now that the comic ideas are out of the way(though more may appear in the future), it's time to work on this arena's focus: actual writing. This is ju ....
    • Midnight Warrior: Sa... by NurikoChojo
      Comments: 0 | 03/12/2015
    • In this daring reimagining of Naoko Takeuchi's "Pretty Soldier: Sailor Moon" Usagi Tsukino. Japanese School girl of 14 who in 1996 finds out that she ....
    • Daemon's Kiss, Prologue by okamiojo
      Comments: 1 | 01/04/2015
    • With her mother dead, Angelique's father is bent on keeping her hidden. Under his torture, however, Angelique develops a second personality and a dead ....
    • Ardo, Cleric of Lare... by ArcKing
      Comments: 0 | 04/15/2015
    • This is the story of Ardo Visalian, the half-elf cleric of Corellon Larethian. This story recounts his rise from childhood to his death. Ardo is a ch ....
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