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    • The Daggers by cora_217
      Comments: 0 | 04/24/2015
    • Cora is a halfling who's struggled all her life, she wanted to be left alone and no one will let her be. Not even the one who hurt her most of all. ....
    • CP: Michael Cross by IsseiShikimoto
      Comments: 0 | 06/07/2015
    • Character profile for Michael Cross from my story The HANGMEN. My story essentially sprung from my playing of Valkyria Chronicles 3 so, in that sense, ....
    • Nephilim Ch.1 by EliteSainTz
      Comments: 0 | 06/26/2015
    • Hello ^^ Starting this today It's the first chapter to my story hope you enjoy it! No needed description as of now :)
    • Forest by KlutzyAngel27
      Comments: 0 | 06/03/2015
    • Can't really describe it but I would love comments bad and good.
    • Every Grain by Leifka
      Comments: 0 | 05/22/2015
    • A short that I thought of. I like post-apoc and tend to make ideas for it. I have so many short stories, I think I'll explode. This a rare gem for me. ....
    • Diablo's Night by Darkfire51234
      Comments: 0 | 05/13/2015
    • This is just a story I made in my free time. Constructive criticism, compliments, even insults in moderation are welcomed since I believe opinions are ....
    • Drift by Poetri Descent
      Comments: 0 | 06/17/2015
    • A nod at Kerouac's on the road. A lonely student from the Midwest finds solace in travels in the 1960's.
    • William (Part 1) by RosePrinces...
      Comments: 0 | 05/09/2015
    • Every day when the sun sets, below the short bridge near my home, William was always there. And after the sun finally sets and the sky finally dark... ....
    • The Tale Dante Forest by A Silent Otaku
      Comments: 0 | 06/22/2015
    • Children play in Dante forest but they go too deep and then become "missing". This is from the perspective of a little girl who played there, then too ....
    • Empire Of Hearts by IsseiShikimoto
      Comments: 0 | 05/22/2015
    • Yet another concept/idea. This one's based on Alice in Wonderland, but with a twist. Look up the book The Looking Glass Wars and then imagine that, bu ....
    • Phone Call by sweet_tooth...
      Comments: 0 | 05/26/2015
    • An estranged wife calls her husband. (I only wrote this because I was bored and ended up liking the result. Enjoy.)
    • CP: Mitsuhide Akechi by IsseiShikimoto
      Comments: 0 | 06/02/2015
    • Character profile for my version of Mitsuhide from Fool's Horizon. At first she was a difficult character for me to pin down since her very nature is ....
    • My other self- Part one by Hypat0s
      Comments: 0 | 05/16/2015
    • Holt is a beautiful teenager- rich, fancy, and stupid. He wants attention, he wants fangirls, he wants boys. Fame is his goal. Fame is his future care ....
    • Sown Buttons by Nugget Butt
      Comments: 0 | 05/23/2015
    • A little story I wrote for my writers blog. WARNING: Contains gruesome and gore/blood scenes. Please do not read if your queasy or freak out over this ....
    • Writing Them Sickness by TigressLily...
      Comments: 0 | 06/06/2015
    • Been doing writing theme's for a while to get out of a fan fiction writers rut (which has been going on for a few years) and my story has been getting ....
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