wishing you prosperity and peace

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Glad you're here!
I'll try to keep this short and sweet
I haven't been on here for awhile due to school and work hmu if you'd like to chat ❀🐘
My name is Jenn, born and raised in California 93' I am not tall but fun size
I enjoy knowing people's ambitions, I enjoy knowing people's success whatever it may be. As long as it benefits you and your own circle.
I have my BS in SLP the name is way too dang long, I am pursing another bachelors since internship was postpone due to Covid, BS Public Health and Nursing. I worked at two hospitals now down to one. I've worked in a medical and a psych hospital. I enjoy random conversations, reading books mainly novels & nonfiction, going on hikes, and sight seeing.
I have not watched anime or tv lately I just been sticking to the books, but I am totally into KDRAMA Lee Min Ho all the way. All genres of music except derogatory language is good enough for me. It is never too early for a Christmas sing along - Yes I am one of those.
I've been on gaia since 2011 if anyone is wondering❔ I like to hop on here for zOMG or chatting with people's on comments/PMs.
I don't mind if you add me just dont be a stranger. If you added me on Discord please let me know who you are, and of course do not be inappropriate.
Discord: sceneryda#7419

βž• - ⇆ - πŸ“¬ - πŸ›’ -
umm- fceβ™‘ -fceβ˜† -fce❀

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I love you

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can I hug you...

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dion the virus Report | 05/27/2022 10:01 am
and all that hair dang LOl how ever do u find styles for it without going full princess padame
Blauzehnboiii Report | 05/27/2022 6:45 am
at this time, some stuff in minecraft and try for plat promos again in LoL. work on my feels and grow from it all.
Blauzehnboiii Report | 05/26/2022 11:12 pm
I'm glad it's been productive. smile I'm working on myself atm.
dion the virus Report | 05/26/2022 2:38 pm
ty :3 i like ur jacket? or coat seems comfy!
Blauzehnboiii Report | 05/26/2022 2:27 pm
hope you've been well smile
Arinez Report | 05/24/2022 2:13 pm
crying its so sad!
Blauzehnboiii Report | 05/24/2022 1:51 pm
no worries. im used to let downs lol. sweatdrop you use discord or anything? it's nice getting plat here though.
Blauzehnboiii Report | 05/24/2022 1:22 pm
ah. i failed promos. it's a sad feeling. sweatdrop glad your car is well and is happy.
Arinez Report | 05/24/2022 1:20 pm
Arinez Report | 05/24/2022 1:08 pm
im questing this avi and im sad half of it isnt listed ;w;

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shes cool