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Last Login: 05/20/2024 6:27 am

Gender: Male

Location: Middle of Nowhere, USA

Occupation: Aspiring Freeloader



Hey, stranger.
You can call me Danny, or Sel if you really want.

I wander around a lot on here, so you may have seen me.
Probably dropped by your profile or something.
If you're deciding to drop by mine in response, feel free to PM me.
We can chat about whatever ya want.

Got nothing against random friend requests, just include a note.
Gonna have me curious as to why you added me, after all.

Not much to say about myself, if I'm honest.
I'm more than old enough to drink, but I don't use that privilege.
I have a college degree that I do nothing with, and work a lame job.

Mainly on here to respond to roleplays from friends and strangers.
Well, at least to the ones that haven't added me on Discord.
Outside of that, I play video games, watch anime, and sometimes read.
Overall, incredibly average and horrible at talking about myself.
But, I'm an open book, so message me any questions you have.

Be seeing ya.


Just wandering around...
Add Me or Message Me.
If ya want.

♥️♀️ / ♎ / 🇻🇪🇺🇲

Porter Robinson & Madeon - Shelter

Unable to identify Vimeo video URL.

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