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23 years old.

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pos kam Report | 07/22/2018 9:19 pm
pos kam
i dont really watch mech animes lol but i still love it
pos kam Report | 07/20/2018 1:59 am
pos kam
i need to catch up on my hero i am on ep 46 & i completed darling in the franxx
i loved darling in the franxx
pos kam Report | 07/14/2018 12:19 am
pos kam
too many at once
i am watching GAMERS! , my hero academia, Food Wars, Neon Genises, & a few more

do you watch anime?
pos kam Report | 07/10/2018 12:39 pm
pos kam
indeed it was!!

& yesterday i finished two animes.
pos kam Report | 07/03/2018 8:01 pm
pos kam
i had only one job and worked that much
pos kam Report | 06/29/2018 3:22 am
pos kam
I hope you do as well.

and i understand i used to work like 80 hours a week. lol
i realized after some time i need to not always stress about work and enjoy life more.
pos kam Report | 06/25/2018 6:52 pm
pos kam
just got to explore see band members watch them closer when they perform
pos kam Report | 06/25/2018 3:28 pm
pos kam

& i dont believe so my friend bought us the tickets so im just going with the floowww

so yesterday went to warped tour. had a backstage pass it was beautiful heart crying
pos kam Report | 06/19/2018 10:09 am
pos kam
i watched the fortnite pro am live on twitch that was awesome. i am super excited for the new fall out game the most. last of us 2 is another there is just so many good games coming out rn i cant even handle it!!!

and good to know i want to watch. they are having a showing of sailor moon on the 28th i am going to that i am excited.
pos kam Report | 06/17/2018 4:33 pm
pos kam
no not really lol just boring life. just gaming and watching anime as usual. what about you
and let me know if that movie is good and worth seeing c:


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