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Hello, I usually go by Retro! I've been on and off Gaia for many years. Started way back in 2008. Place has definitely changed a lot over the years. I'm 27 years old and live in Florida. I live by NASA and see all the exciting rocket launches. I'm a pretty huge nerd. I have interests in many different fandoms. Lately, my thing has been reading and getting more into anime. My interests change from time to time. I game mostly on Nintendo Switch when I get time to.

I'm always up for conversations about nerdy stuff. Tell me about what interests you the most! I have Discord and find it easier to talk on there. I'm on the go a lot and don't always sit on Gaia all day. Always looking for more people to chat with.

Discord: Retro#9138

The Midnight


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Courage of Hyrule Report | 05/01/2022 1:56 pm
Courage of Hyrule
xD thank you very much!
*gives you a cookie* yum_chocchip
Ouja Akuma Report | 04/02/2022 1:18 pm
Ouja Akuma
Supposedly there's a separate Zelda game coming out too...
Ouja Akuma Report | 03/30/2022 11:56 pm
Ouja Akuma
Yeah that's true.
But they could have given us more of a trailer vs the same footage featuring a broken master sword. NOT ENOUGH TO QUENCH MY THIST.
Ouja Akuma Report | 03/30/2022 11:33 am
Ouja Akuma
Botw2 got delayed for 2023. Cant say I'm surprised lol
Aou-light Report | 03/22/2022 6:25 pm
Hello dear how are you this evening.
winkletwinkle Report | 03/06/2022 11:54 am
I’m glad you’re doing well
I’m sorry about the anxiety is it because of work?
I’m doing okay mainly focus on school right now
winkletwinkle Report | 03/04/2022 7:13 am
Hey how are you doing?
Aou-light Report | 02/05/2022 1:43 pm
I'm doing very well. Thanks for asking!
Aou-light Report | 02/05/2022 6:47 am
I'm doing good kinda
Aou-light Report | 02/05/2022 6:46 am
Good morning 🌞

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