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Not sure if anyone reads my info below because everyone is too slothful to read nowadays, but, whatever...


My name is Vanessa but I go by Ness or Nessa. I took a break from Gaia almost a year ago, but I've decided to come back temporarily. I received a B.A. degree in Communications in 2017, however, I have decided to go back to school to obtain my Paralegal certificate in Winter 2022.

Anyway, I LOVE anime and manga, so feel free to hit me up. ^.^ I also play Animal Crossing, RPG/Simulation, and Japanese otome games on my Nintendo switch, thus I am a gamer nerd. Moreover, I love to read books, travel, listen to music, bike ride AND walk/play with my adorable "dog son," Bandit. :3 I adopted Bandit from an animal shelter in 2020; he is a Cardigan Corgi and Blue Heeler mix and I love him SO much. heart Oh, speaking of a corgi, I am a corgi fanatic as you can tell by my username. XD

My son aka Bandit

Hmm, so, yeah, that's all you need to know about me, for now. Feel free to message me.