What about me?

~RP Character Background Information is in my Journal~

Pro Tips:
- I talk a lot
- Emoji spammer
- Noob at RP stuff
- I tip people to let them know I responded / supported / enjoyed a forum post.
- Word Game Forum lurker
- Mathew Mii's Kouhai you notice me always senpai crying
- Pun lover
- Shadow's Warning Label: Actively encourages Monopoly players to ask "wouldn't it be great if this were real money?" (from Lamia)
- WG's Official procurer of suspectable money.... (from Ms Daffodil)
- Obsessed with all things Case of Pietro
- Tend to wander away from forums for lengthy amounts of time before posting everywhere

~ Real information about me: ~
- I'm a girl, and I use a guy avatar.
- Age: 30, and my birthday is January 22nd.
- Location: Indiana, in the U. S. A.

- Listening to a wide variety of music, but mostly 80's rock and 90's dance.
- Drawing pictures and writing nonsensical junk in my spare time. (My DA: http://tinyurl.com/lpdrjk3
- Reading books and watching television.
- Learning different foreign languages: French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish.

- Food... *drools*
- Pokemon.
- Anime / manga stuff. Ones I like to read:
-Hitogatana-, #000000 - Ultra Black, +Anima, and more.
- Web Comics. Ones I like to read:
Kingdom Hearts sprite comics: http://tinyurl.com/2wyrxr
Usually video game comics: http://tinyurl.com/jwnv2ba
More video game comics: http://tinyurl.com/l62qqkr
My most favorite web comic ever: http://tinyurl.com/55jhaw
Funny webcomics by The Oatmeal: http://tinyurl.com/p5qobwl

- Vegetables! *grabs them and tosses them back at you* emotion_donotwant
- Things the color of pink, mainly.
- Glitter, frills, ruffles, girly things.

Any further questions, just ask me.

Artwork made for me~ emotion_kirakira

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