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Age: 31
Gender: Gal
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Personality: ISTP

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watching anime
listening to music
learning foreign languages
annoying people

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Squeak3rz Report | 06/23/2019 8:51 am

Omg that long lol :0
They are amazing/my favorite :3

Those are fun too. I haven't sat down to draw for awhile myself :p
I love my 3ds . I am happy I'm not the only one biggrin


I don't understand it myself either. I guess it the "If you have naturally curly hair, you want it straight" phenomenon.
Lol XP

Squeak3rz Report | 06/22/2019 8:44 pm
XD Maybe Reese's ;P

Lol I forgot that no power= entertainment eek
Merp good think I still have my 3ds whee

Oh lol I'm sorry. That must suck a lot sweatdrop
Well freckles are in now. Some people draw them on now :p and red is a color rofl

Yas It was perf >:33
Squeak3rz Report | 06/22/2019 7:52 pm
Ah. Well that's good.
I want a blizzard now lmao blaugh

Yeah, I am not looking forward to the humidity gonk
Same but I don't mind the occasional storm >:3 Lol. Sun burn is awful.

lol I guess warm n sunny isn't too bad dramallama

Squeak3rz Report | 06/22/2019 2:34 pm
Ugh I forgot about those freebies lol merp
I see razz

Awe :<
I'm sorry
It's been sunny and hot today lol so I hope warm sunny days are on their way to you c:
Squeak3rz Report | 06/22/2019 7:02 am
lol same :p

The weather has been scary lately. We had a crap ton of flood warnings on Wednesday (i think it was wednesday or tuesday)
I love storms but I do like a little sunshine lol xp Hopefully the weather will be better since it's officially summer biggrin
Squeak3rz Report | 06/18/2019 3:16 pm
lol. I do that too :p
Fractured_Unity Report | 06/17/2019 3:33 am
not really, sadly. rarely am tbh. gonk

that was the plot of Diamond/Pearl. Cyrus wanted to use the power of Palkia and/or Dialga to recreate reality as he saw fit. they're literally the embodiments of space and time.

sometimes probability just works that way. makes a 20% chance feel like a 2% chance.
I wish they'd make a species-specific repel item. that'd be a decent innovation.

in a different game series, I'd agree. but in Pokemon it's just so forced and unnecessary. a frustration instead of a feature.
"what is this, a game or a visual novel?"

forced romance situations in games are dumb. but, there's a target audience for it, and they tend to get vocal about it.
WinTerZ_JeWeL Report | 06/16/2019 11:03 pm
Haha, I'm friends with a few Shadows. I also know a Shadwo. Haven't seen them in a while.
Work is still giving you trouble? emotion_donotwant
You should befriend that Japanese Beetle so then it can grab its Japanese Beetle friends and pay whomever it is that is giving you a problem a visit. emotion_dowant
My day was okay for the most part. No complaints. n.n Well....a few complaints, but are they really worth mentioning? Nope. OUO
I then logged onto gaia only to find an onslaught of fun jabs towards me. xD I was like wooow guys. Woow.
This...this topped it all off. xD

Cuthail Fox Report | 06/15/2019 4:05 pm
Hahahaha yeah it’s been ages!
It’s a complicated story, but long story short I needed a Chang of pace and had to get out of VA for a while. The move has been good for me mentally!
Thank you!! I’m currently loving my job! They treat me with respect and are overly supportive on who I am and I’m actually in the process of management training!

That’s okay! It’s best to educate! It’s been an amazing experience for me, I’m learning a lot about myself! I start Testosterone in a month and then my surgery will be next year hopefully! I’ve slay been going by Ollie or Oliver now outside of Lex. ^_^ It’s nice having found myself.

But enough on me, tell me more about you!
Cuthail Fox Report | 06/15/2019 3:48 pm
Wooo! I’m glad things are the same it seems there!

A lot has changed for me since 2014 lol.
I’ve got a job, I finished college, I no longer live in Virginia I’m now I’m Maine lol
I have started my FTM transitioning so I’m excited for that! Outside that, I’m still the same crazy kid you knew before razz

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