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Age: 30
Gender: Gal
Location: Indiana (US)
Zodiac: Aquarius
Personality: ISTP

watching TV
listening to music
learning foreign languages
annoying people

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pitbully01 Report | 01/20/2019 8:37 pm
Well, no one said you couldn't go trying new foods solo. I always do when I decide to do so. That way, you can spend less, get exactly what you want, and no one will waste food if they suddenly decide they don't like what you got. You might not even have to go far to try new things these days, either.
pitbully01 Report | 01/20/2019 7:09 pm
Sounds like a good place to start. And who knows? Maybe you'll find some of those things enjoyable. Eggrolls and dumplings go great with rice, although the latter is usually a side dish or topping.

However, I do agree on the lobster and those things remind me vaguely of the facehuggers from Aliens. Hahaha. But discovering new foods is an adventure and one I strongly encourage you to go on. ^_^
Paper Friend Report | 01/20/2019 1:18 pm
You're welcome~ emotion_hug
Paper Friend Report | 01/20/2019 1:15 pm
pitbully01 Report | 01/20/2019 7:18 am
It's never too late to try new things. Haha!

But I think you'd enjoy crab rangoon if you tried it. As for whether or not it would go well with lemon iced tea, I think it would, actually. And there's nothing wrong with being picky. It just means you've sorted out your likes and dislikes more thoroughly. ^^
pitbully01 Report | 01/20/2019 6:14 am
You're most welcome! ^__^

As for crab rangoons, they're more like dumplings than eggrolls and their filling consists of crab meat (or imitation crab meat), along with cream cheese, spring onions, and other ingredients depending on your desired flavor. They make for a great snack or side dish and go really well with a light/ice-cold beer. However, if alcohol isn't your thing, they also tend to go well with iced tea or ginger ale.
non-objective Report | 01/20/2019 1:29 am
Thanks buddy!
Fantasma Orgasma Report | 01/18/2019 12:36 pm
awwww and ty for the gifts!
Fantasma Orgasma Report | 01/18/2019 12:34 pm
wow ty for the birthday wishes heart i came on on a whim
BeamingSunlight Report | 01/16/2019 7:40 pm
Yes it is. Get them, Steve! scream

Steve the Mailbox: *gives chase* emotion_omnomnom

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