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Update: 7 / 17 / 2022

Still not 100% with the hands situation.
I overworked my hands at work, so I couldn't do anything besides watch TV.
But I can type a bit and play some games and get online a little.

About me:
Age: 34
Gender: Gal
Location: Indiana (US)
Zodiac: Aquarius
Personality: ISTP

watching TV shows
watching anime
listening to music
learning foreign languages
annoying people with emojis emotion_awesome

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- redhead life -

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No longer accepting PMs asking for lower prices on items or items-in-bulk-with-reduced-prices.
I am always getting these every time I sell something.
Sorry for the inconvenience, but no more PMs.
Also, I will not do Gold-to-Platinum currency conversions.
The extra zeroes make my brain fry.
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Spaztastic Pansy Report | 04/08/2024 1:11 pm
But how have you been?? :3
Spaztastic Pansy Report | 04/08/2024 1:11 pm
heart hahahaha I’ve been alright just trying to find time to just relax 😂
Spaztastic Pansy Report | 04/07/2024 8:19 am
The fact you still comment happy birthday to me year after year ;^; <3 I haven’t really been around here in so long
bit390 Report | 03/14/2024 11:54 pm

They were some chocolate chip cookies.... Strain the flour to stir the chocolate chips.

Visual reference

The detail is that, for me, the instructions are not clear and I had to figure them out whee
bit390 Report | 03/11/2024 8:18 am

Hi Del Monte xd

I will need to moderate the layers, in a way to enjoy
in other way i will end with an fill up/pig out whee

I made a cookies a few days ago, those were
made with butter, let me a chewy cookies, also
in the mix I add a bit of milk and I had a variation
in the flavor in a good way.
bit390 Report | 03/06/2024 1:55 am

Hi Del monte:

The tiramisu cake looks interesting to made, in some
Recipe some part are done in a fast way like the part
of the bread can be buy in the store....i think is
called lady fingers biscuits

When was the last time you make some cookies in your kitchen?
Payonai Report | 01/23/2024 3:48 am
Happy birthday Shadow ! emotion_brofist
non-objective Report | 09/25/2023 2:45 am
Thanks for the kind thoughts. Yeah, my dog lived a very long and happy life. I'll miss him dearly, but i'll be okay.
Puuya Report | 09/07/2023 10:08 am
Yeah discord seems to be weird, they changed a lot of stuff studdenly!

I am doing fine! hope you are also having a great time
Nash-eoke_The Patcher Report | 09/06/2023 5:43 pm
Yo Belmonte . Otami Ruins on Brainclam if you up for it . Meatbawlerz at East side of Lily Pond .