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Hi Gaians!
I am Puya from Iran and I've been on Gaia since 2009. (Although my profile says 2010)!

I am a male in real but sometimes my avatar here may seem female!

My home in Gaia is Word Games forum. I've met the loveliest and cuddliest people there. So proud to be a WGer.

I have studied Architecture which I really love, I also love music which I listen to almost all the time, From Iranian classical music to the Blues. I am really interested in having conversations about arts! I also like to see your works too!

I love meeting new people so don't be shy and just say hi!


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Nyumonster Report | 06/10/2018 10:50 am
Puu-chan! <3 Are you returning to Gaia, too? heart
Majikina Report | 06/07/2017 9:09 am
Ohhh good job good job! User Image
Shadow Belmonte Report | 04/29/2017 11:06 am
Shadow Belmonte
Welcome! emotion_yatta

I think you told me about the exam, and I know how much testing sucks.
When I tried going to college, I didn't go for any degrees, I just wanted to pick a few classes and see what it was like.
Good luck, hope you get your Master's courses! emotion_kirakira
*grabs other participants' score sheets and has Shadow doodle plant pictures on them*
Shadow Belmonte Report | 04/24/2017 1:55 am
Shadow Belmonte
You're welcome, and glad you like it~! emotion_kirakira
Everything okay?
(Sorry, not to be nosey.)
Shadow Belmonte Report | 04/22/2017 11:29 am
Shadow Belmonte
~ sends good vibes, I hope ~
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Saffrons_Curse Report | 01/23/2017 6:14 am
Hehehe well, I don't know how healthy I am, but I don't smoke and that's something. XD
Heehee~ those are cute nicknames. Also! That's an interesting IRL name! 8D You can call me Saffy or Saff if you want; my username elsewhere tends to be (The) Karret, so that's a possibility, or even KERRT, which is a joke thing that happened a few years ago in reference to Karret [also what I sign my art with]. My IRL name is Kari, but I don't really prefer online folks to use it, just cause.. idk seems odd?

They were, and I look forward to more fun times now. O VOa

Ah~ I see I see. Hopefully they don't continue going downhill! I like it. C':

Lol, not much just chilling and posting and stuff. Lololol Well, really he's just getting started isn't he?
But it's no different for me, tbh. Had no prospects before, don't suspect I'll have them under his tenure, nor after he leaves. lol -so bright-eyed and full of hope-
Rambling thoughts
I worry that people are giving into the hype of worst-case scenario s**t like it's guaranteed to happen, and just getting drunk with fear and anger over s**t that might not actually happen at all.... @_@a Like everyone who lost their damn minds over Y2K, like it was going to cause the END OF THE WOORRLLDDDD OMGGG!!!!
idk; the situation smacks of people whipping themselves up into mass hysteria and ugh. <Da A healthy dose of caution and worry? yes okay extremely reasonable. Calling your local, state, etc representatives to tell them the issues that are pressing to you and that you want to make sure that Trump doesn't ******** up on or back out of? Another good, proactive reaction. Having a mental breakdown and/or trying to figure out how you can flee the country? ..... Ov Ò ..... Uh.. okay. lol

I'm just staying up so late that I'm staying up early. bahaha. I should sleep soon. <Da

How about you, what's up on your end?
Saffrons_Curse Report | 01/23/2017 5:02 am
Hah yeah that's true. XD I mean, at least I'm not actively smoking as well as being around it a lot, too?? lol

Yeah! Man; all those damn skittles items. lolol XD <3
Those fishies and stuff 9 u9!!

Futurama 5evar heart
-pats shoulder in solace-
Oooh, yeah Modern Family is pretty good. I don't keep up with it on aaaa regular basis, but I started catching it on, and I was like Oh hey, yeah I like this show. C:
Sucks to hear it sounds like it's going downhill now. @_@a
Saffrons_Curse Report | 01/19/2017 12:33 am
Haha, I guess it doesn't seem as weird when you've grown up around it. owoa
surprised Really? Interesting.... I think uuuhh... the most I've heard from my sisters is like... it's got a certain burn to it or something??
They haven't told me about the others, besides the fact that they don't like them as much [though in a pinch, they'll do.]

Yeah, I think they will. Goldemort and ******** are gone and tried their best to kill this site and didn't, and now the OG founders got it back, so I think they'll be able to breathe new life into this place again. C': Remember, it was under the OGs leadership we hit a maximum amount of like 100,000+ users on at one time. I don't know if we'll hit those numbers again, but I think we might get more than what we have now.

It is~~
Aaaah man I love Futurama heart
I see I see~~ o 3o
I didn't really care for American Dad from the start, but Family Guy did used to be really good and has definitely dropped in quality. UnU RIP -throws flowers-
izuna_13_13 Report | 01/05/2017 1:25 pm
Yeah! You're welcome! I hope you had a great birthday!
And I'll respond to your PM today or tomorrow! Sorry for the wait, haha!
Saffrons_Curse Report | 01/04/2017 8:19 am
I see, that's cool~ I just stand around and hang out with friends and family even if they do smoke. I've never really had a problem with it since I grew up around people who smoke, I just never felt the urge to try myself. CX
ORLY? Interesting. surprised What are the differences, if it's something that can be described? XD What's bad about the Iranian cigarettes?

Mhm~ me too. I think it's hit its lowest point, and we should be seeing a slow turn around - Lanzer made a thread for some feedback on the announcement problem [here].
He and the team want the gold gens gone, but they aren't gonna touch them yet because their cash flow to support the site is kind of up in the air, so they don't want to make big changes to that as it could pull the site totally under. But the old-new people don't want those gold gens and as soon as it's possible, they're going to give them the axe, thank god. <w>

Yeah~ It follows the [mis]adventures of a musical comedy duo and their manager and their daily stuff. So there's lots of music sequences in it and stuff that are really goofy, but the tone otherwise is pretty casual and understated? It's nice. UuU There's a 2nd season, but I haven't seen that one yet.
I've heard of both of them, and good things about them, too - I've wanted to see Gravity Falls for a while, the plot and setting sound like something that would be right up my alley, I just haven't gotten around to it yet, and Rick and Morty my sis recommends. Since our tv tastes overlap a lot, I wouldn't doubt it's good, too. surprised
What drew you into those series...es?
Simply Tezi

Gaian Significant otter!