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Report | 07/20/2019 9:42 pm


Lol Thaaaannkss mrgreen
It truly is :p

Eh can't complain besides the heat. Wbu?
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Report | 07/20/2019 5:50 pm


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Report | 07/20/2019 5:46 pm



( 0 _ 0) (0_ 0 )
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Report | 07/18/2019 5:37 pm


Oh Marshall. He was a pain in SMEB. xD
I must have missed your outfit change. =O

Awe, your mother did it right, haha. Mines just tell me not to watch them. I've only ever seen them by accident, or it was forced upon me by my hooligan cousins. OhOHOHOHOHOHo....have you seen..>>..any asian horror films???? OuO OuO OuO
OH RIGHT?! Jason means nothing to me. xD Wait wait wait...have you seen the music video those characters did to the BSB song? =D


Lol, yes. Painting pumpkin. Sounds a little less strenuous than carving/hacking. sweatdrop Those tools are not very good. xD What will you carve this year? =D And how do you get the picture on the pumpkin? I though you just draw it on. =O

LMBO those quizzes!! I remember that. Don't remember mines, but your results sounds highly plausible. Do not jump over things Shadow. =O Aaah those nets....hopefully they're wide enough because knowing my luck (or rather lack of luck) a huge gust of wind would throw everything off and I end up missing it. x.x

Oh that's good. =D Sorry about the slap...OuO...

Lol, only if you want to tell. It's okay. =D I don't think I have any story to tell. They're all kind of meh. It all resulted in me not ending up going out on a date. xD

There are crickets in my neighborhood...that's new. I should find some praying mantis. Haven't seen any for a very long time. OnO

OH my gosh, GRIM. Yes. xD Never got into Ben 10. Teen Titans, yes. OUO
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Report | 07/18/2019 2:23 pm


Lmao blaugh Maybe I am :33
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Report | 07/18/2019 2:10 pm


lol, it was in honor of [JK]. Aah...Gaia's glory days. *reminisces*

I grew up watching Jaw stuff and everything you have listed. =D Did you watch all of those on purpose? o.o Like...no one locked you in a room with a killer doll movie on with no way for it to be turned off? =D Oh gosh, I was so scared of Michael when I was younger. The fudger doesn't die. XD But that theme song of his though. There was this one time I knocked out with the TV on and woke back up around two in the morning unable to feel one of my arms and the piano part of Halloween came on and I was like OH gosh oh gosh ohgoshhegotme He got my arm!! Once I was fully awake, I realized I just had my arm in some weird position for so long it went numb. sweatdrop Have you seen the latest Halloween movie?

Shut up! That's some hardcore pumpkin carving you did. =O The Simpsons. LOVE IT. How long did that take you to do? Isn't pumpkin carving hard? How long does it usually take for you to complete one? =D Lol, I laughed so hard seeing your mom's pumpkin in comparison to yours. It is def something I would do. n.n Your mother and I can team up. xD

Ah, I'm not a fan of pumpkin spice anything. D= Chai tea, yes. n.n Thai Tea YESSS.

LMBO WOOOOW...xD To be honest, I would probably trip on air and fall to my death after I've decided not to do it. D= Such is my life. These random gravity checks will be the death of me, I swear it. But yea, if given the choice, I will not have someone decide whether or not it's my time to die. That's my decision. >=D

Oooh eeew bone spurs. sldkjfasdjalsjflsdfasd. Speedy recovery. Are you feeling any better? *Slaps a label of my name onto your brace* I was here. >=D

Ooh, so relatable. OnO The neg anxious feelings when someone asks. I threw up once. I love long and awkward strange stories. OuO Makes me feel normal. xD

I now feel the need to throw bananas all over my yard. =O Now praying mantis are cool, don'g get me wrong...just don't want it near me.

It's like a maze. Best place to play hide and seek. =D

=O Not a fan? CARTOON CARTOON! xD I grew up watching it. Love it, haha. There was that, Dexter's Laboratory, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Ed, Ed & Eddy, Johnny Bravo, etc. =P
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Report | 07/18/2019 2:08 pm


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Report | 07/17/2019 6:11 am


Monochrome is cool and classic though lol

Hi :3
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Report | 07/15/2019 4:23 pm


I'm okay...somtimes...O,uO
And I'm not violent! xD A little physical...but that's it. OuO *crosses heart*

Oh that is okay! It's not for everyone. n.n And every week is shark week. =D

OOh Fall. That's second. Are you a huge Halloween fan? Like dresses up and goes out and everything? =O Oh my...are you into the whole...>>....pumpkin spiced late? *Intensley stares*

Team Skull logo earring? =O That sounds cool. Everything you listed does, haha. Rocks=<3

Oh my gosh, you're right! Uuugh can you imagine someone who looks like you trying to kill you. I would have been like look, the only look a like that will be kiling me today is me. *jumps off cliff*

Whoawhoawhoawhoa....what in the world is your ankle doing in a brace?! *Pokes it*

Lol, oh Shadow. It is quite intimidating so I can't fault you for that. Sometimes you just have to turn off your feelings and say the words. Let whatever happens afterwards happen, and then lock yourself up in the bathroom at the end of the day, turn on the shower, step in, and deal with all of the emotions then. =D Question! Do you ever feel sick to your stomach whenever someone is trying to ask you out?

Oh eewww. That sounds like the last job I had. From the workers to the building. Everyone was practically sleeping with someone. I was like, why???!! And the one time where a friend/coworker of mines foot went throught he floor in the bathroom. I was like good gahd. Maybe it's time to move on? =O

Huehuehue. Glitter is amazing. =D Lol, spiders...they're very...unpredictable at times. What kind of spider was it? =O Lol, oh hohohoho, where do I begin? OuO
This one time, I was working in a building and one of the maintenance guy was there too. He was going around doing something when he saw this huge moth on the wall. He was about to kill it, but I was like, "Nooo....no doooon't!" He was like, "Why? Why would you want to save it?' And I was all like, "It's a pretty moth! It's innocent!! It hasn't hurt a soul." So he was like fine fine, I will let it out." Poor guy used a sheet of paper to try and carefully remove it from the wall without hurting it. Fast forward things were looking good until out of nowhere the evil moth spread its wings pushed itself from the wall, did a 360 and dived towards my face. I was like ohgahdmotherstinker!! The betrayal!!! I didn't want to smack it, but I didn't want it to smack mah face, so it was just a whole bunch of dodging and squeeling on my part, and the maintenance guy. xD Don't remember what happened to the bug, but I do remember being asked if saving it was worth it. xD I came across a speeding demon spider in my room last night. I just turned around and went about my day.

See?! They so are! Now wait wait wait...how do you know butterflies like bananas? =O And how do you feel about those praying mantis?

Ikea is wonderful. =D Try getting lost in one.

Lol, the sunscreen monster. Have you seen the Powerpuff girls? If you have, remember the one episode with the kid who ate paste? xD That's what I imagined you looking like as you were squishing and sloshing around. xD
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Report | 07/14/2019 11:01 pm


Sorry again for the late response to your comment! I swear I am so bad at this. BUT BUT I also had a reason. xD I tripped on air a few nights ago and used my injured hand to try and break my fall. I stopped myself from falling onto the ground, but landed on my bed which not only put a lot of pressure on my wrist, but because the bed was soft, I ended up twisting my wrist too. I rolled off the bed and was in agonizing pain for a while. I was more mad than anything!! I TRIPPED ON AIR!! D= *proceeds to punch air frantically*

Lol, thank you! (In regards to my shark avi). Shark week is amazing!! SHarks...AMAZING!! OuO I have absolutely no issue with being the leading image of shark week, haha.

Violent? ME?? Nonsense. OuO
Winter time is the only winter I will ever accept and love.

Really? Not into jewelry? =O I love jewels. They're shiny pretty rocks...I love rocks.

You should make it a mission to find this doppleganger of yours and show her who's alpha. Wait, how big is the city/town you live in? =O Have you ever pretended to be her? =D You can find out more about her that way. OuO Lol, I like how you worded the dating part. The whole "I ain't even dated a person forwardly before..."

From the way you describe things, your store should be running quite smoothly. It's a bummer it's not. Get rid of everyone. =D Start from scratch. Maybe even tear the whole place down....>>

*claps* You saved a bee!! Yeeeesssss. *Throws biodegradable glitter in your face* We need more peope like you. OuO THe world needs more of this. Have you ever tried to save something only to have it backfire on you? O.O

Ooh...lucky ducky. THe butterfly landing on you is cool...dragonflies...kind of creepy. They're beautiful, don't get me wrong. I just find their ginormous eyes and body structure a little off putting.

Maybe I'll just stick to Ikea. They're pretty cool. OuO If you ordered the item and didn't like it or it was wrong in any way, they would have arranged someone to come pick up the stuff at your house. =O

Lol, oh no, Shadow. xD *Lathers you with a large bottle of sunscreen* Protect your skin!!
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Report | 07/14/2019 9:29 am


I was 19 when I joined in on the Tinychats, and am now 26 (will be 27 in November).

Lux Fortuna was known for trolling the z!Forums (sometimes outside the Z!Forums) and was married to Shinju_hashimfo. He sometimes cosplayed as Ash Ketchum in the Tinychats (I was a detective).
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Report | 07/13/2019 11:52 pm


It's okay. It's been a very long time since we did the Tinychat meetups (7 years, to be exact). Seeing the people from Tinychat returning to remember JK brought back a lot of memories for me (like how a lot of people except for Lux Fortuna and his now ex-wife knew that I had a crush on Lux and I later developed a crush on Mavdoc).
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Report | 07/13/2019 1:00 pm

Kyra Holmes

please enjoy your item. have a great day
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Report | 07/13/2019 12:59 pm

Kyra Holmes

I see.
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Report | 07/13/2019 12:54 pm

Kyra Holmes


no problem. had that item been on your wish list for a while?
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Report | 07/13/2019 12:51 pm

Kyra Holmes


thanks for the purchase
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Report | 07/07/2019 9:10 pm


I don't think your brain is resorting to sabotage. Thinking that there can only be one Shadow isn't a bad thing at all! I think the same way. Like...there can only be one me! Any other winters or jewels must die. OuO OH have you seen the movie Us? What in the world would you do if you have a clone just floating around. o.o

You know what...you should take all of the jobs. ALL of it. Show them how it's done. OuO Uugh...three assistant managers on top of a main manager? What in the heck is going on over there at your store? That should be a super red flag for corporate.

Right? I am fine with bugs if I initiate the touching/holding, but if it comes after me or it somehow gets on me, I'm done. Unless it's a butterfly or ladybug. OuO I'm okay with that. My sister showed a video of this one guy who had a butterfly land on his shoe while he was walking. He was so surprised and in awe and he took a few steps to show how it wouldn't fly off. Well...the butterfly flew off and landed on the ground right in front of his other foot and he stepped on it. I was like =O The guy in the video was like =O And my sister was like =D

Then I found this video: Man and his butterfly friend
It was so adorable. n.n

Did you ever send the picture to your mother? =D

Haha, thanks for signing the brace. xD You can sign the one on my ankle too. =D

A metal and glass entertainment? That sounds super nice. =O That's horrible though. Wait, was it already all put together? And what company is this so I never order from them. xD

Lol, and i wouldn't shoot you for saying having a good mood. xD Probably pelt you with water balloons.
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Report | 07/07/2019 10:03 am


Lol ok :33
Sister avi looks nice
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Report | 07/07/2019 9:51 am


I haven't been to towns in awhile emotion_awesome
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Report | 07/07/2019 9:34 am


Lol I get it :3 It does make him look young too.
Thank you biggrin I was definitely going for that. I think that would be cool and interesting blaugh

Awe lol (owo) Thank you
XD caffeine headaches are amazing aren't they. lol

We can hang anywhere but just so you know, I am currently bouncing between chores and gaia razz
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