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Usagii Tsukino

Report | 11/24/2020 10:39 am

Usagii Tsukino

Haii Dragon Friend!
Sorry for the late reply I was on my Honey Moon for the past 2 weeks and wasn't really online at all.
I'm doing alright, just same old stuff.
Puppy hurt his leg on Halloween night, had to take him to the emergency, because we thought that maybe he broke his leg, but thankfully it was just a sprain, he's all better now.
We were worried he might need surgery, but he's all running and jumping again, lol


Report | 10/27/2020 3:09 am


Yeah I've been busy at work. I do home service so I travel a lot blaugh
I missed a lot of freebies! I should give more time now here at Gaia, playing zOMG would be nice emotion_bigheart
I'll see you around, bit!
Usagii Tsukino

Report | 09/15/2020 8:28 am

Usagii Tsukino

Haii Dragon Friend!
Yeah, it's going, he has learned a few things, but still trying to teach him other things.
Some things might take more time then others, but we shall see.
No problem, not many people know where his name is from, and that's fine.

Report | 09/13/2020 8:59 pm


Oh I'm doing good in my work. I have to earn some money for Sept 27 wink
I'm at work now and sneak in to get freebies XD
Thank you Bit ^_^ You so sweet emotion_bigheart
I hope we play soon and stay safe
Usagii Tsukino

Report | 08/30/2020 2:52 pm

Usagii Tsukino

Haii Dragon Friend!
Aww thank you!
Me and my Fiance have been training him, hes not quite 3 months old yet, so he's still a puppy
He's a white pure breed Maltese. The dog Iv been wanting for years! I'm so happy to have him!
No, his name is from Dragon Ball Z, the little boy Namic, his name is Dende
Oh good, glad you found a recipe :3
Usagii Tsukino

Report | 08/18/2020 5:54 pm

Usagii Tsukino

Haii Dragon Friend!
I see you went back to being a Dragon lol xD
I'm doing good, my fiance got me a white Maltese puppy on Monday!
it's the puppy Iv always wanted!!
I'm so happy t have him! I named him Dende lol
I don't think it does, but people have different recipes.
I suggest watching a YouTube video, or google it

Report | 08/14/2020 4:24 pm


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Usagii Tsukino

Report | 07/28/2020 8:08 pm

Usagii Tsukino

Dragon Friend
Aww, thank you :3 I get that a lot lol
No, I haven't, but I used to watch I Love Lucy which is in black and white
You're human form looks great, kinda reminds me of a vampire a little bit.
Usagii Tsukino

Report | 07/20/2020 3:18 pm

Usagii Tsukino

Haii Dragon Friend
Lol yeah I know sorry lol I like to be all sparkly
I try to find items that work with my avatars
Yeah, i don't really like the New Looney Tunes to be honest, I like the older ones
True, they are all in different style drawing, mostly because animation has evolved and gotten better, so they draw with the new generation.
I would love if they bring back Anamaniacs, but I know if they do it will be a whole new animation.
I see that you changed back to your human form
Usagii Tsukino

Report | 07/06/2020 8:32 am

Usagii Tsukino

Dragon Friend! LOL
Yeah, I need so get so many sailor moon related items and some for my other avi's I'm making.
Haha, yes it's a jiggly puff xD they don't have a chancy pokemon, so this is the closest I got to one.
She has a wiggly tuff at one point, so this works xD

I miss all those shows if I'm being honest. Wish they would bring them back, or at least some of them.
Maybe one day they will shlowly bring them back. I don't know.


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