Don't thank me for marketplace purchases.

- I tip posts with the zeal of an addict.
- I cannot send friend requests. I'm past the limit.
- I can, however, accept them.
- I'm about as serious as a can of silly string.
- Curious about an avi? Check my [OC Character Info Thread]
- I'll put more points here as I think of them.

- Music/Singing
- Drawing
- Writing
- Spoopy things
- Animals
- Pogeymans
- Things that are so bad they're hilarious
- All the neat items on here
- idk other stuff

- Being lazy
- Politics/Politicians
- Seafood
- Hot Temperatures
- Close-mindedness
- Cockroaches, the American ones specifically.
mad Death to them all.
- All the goddamn items on here!
- idk other stuff


Thank yous tooooo~
Tovva! emotion_bigheart
Lemur! eek heart

Artsu for meeee~

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Once Was Vee

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More in journal - Art for Me; I'd link it directly here,
but technology hates me so!
It's a bit further down on my profile~

Many heart heart heart s to you all!


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OMFG!!! LOOOKKK its stuff... :O

O_o Is this where I put the title? Where is that lazy dog? Where is that lazy cat? Where is that lazy mouse?



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Report | 03/06/2018 7:08 pm


Thank you! I'm kind of freaking out!
There is a HUGE novelty check in my living room! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
Shadow Belmonte

Report | 03/06/2018 6:55 pm

Shadow Belmonte

I do that for Chrome, but that's my secondary browser.
I use Maxthon as my main browser, but I prefer the log-ins as manual, to ensure privacy.

I gotta Gaia or I don't know, I might have a moment like Calvin and Hobbes.
The world could stop spinning, and then gravity itself would cease to exist and then I'd helplessly float off into space.
Can't let that happen, gotta save the world, one Gaia day at a time. ninja
Shadow Belmonte

Report | 03/06/2018 6:29 pm

Shadow Belmonte

Should have seen me trying to Gaia a few days ago.
I was so tired, I couldn't even spell Shadow.
Took me four tries (and four fails) before I managed to sign in to my account.
And then I was like, "I made it! ...Good night." XD
Probably the signs of a true Gaia addict right there. rofl
Shadow Belmonte

Report | 03/06/2018 3:21 pm

Shadow Belmonte

*accepts your sympathy pats* XD

As I'm quite accident prone, I'm not surprised I still manage to mess up what I know to avoid. lol
Brain: "You got this!" emotion_kirakira
Computer: "You're too late, you're too late~!" emotion_awesome
Brain: "Don't freak out, you got this-"
*finger clicks*
Brain: "...okay so you don't got this, bye." emotion_awesome

(I feel like my rationality is decreasing and my emoji spam is increasing.)
Shadow Belmonte

Report | 03/06/2018 1:35 pm

Shadow Belmonte

Yes, I usually do that, but that time I screwed up.
In the tab, I accidentally pushed 'back' and was like "no wait oh my god no - now a separate tab won't save me" but by then it was pointless.
 OMG its the truthx

Report | 02/24/2018 1:04 pm

OMG its the truthx

everyone was in gb lol yeah i bet it got soi bad i left
 OMG its the truthx

Report | 02/23/2018 7:36 pm

OMG its the truthx

well its good that there back you should had been on when everyone was dying in gold beach it was pretty funny.
 OMG its the truthx

Report | 02/23/2018 4:11 pm

OMG its the truthx

theres a gitch going on zomg crying my rings are all gone
 OMG its the truthx

Report | 02/23/2018 2:13 pm

OMG its the truthx

you don t get that much outta smobing you know and i can see that haha
 OMG its the truthx

Report | 02/22/2018 8:09 pm

OMG its the truthx

ive been back since zomg was back thank you for that tho um i don t have a favorite fun i like making friends and having fun doing that


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