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O_o Is this where I put the title? Where is that lazy dog? Where is that lazy cat? Where is that lazy mouse?



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Report | 06/29/2022 4:52 pm


i told ya ill listen to anything!! biggrin the stromae song you have on there is one im really really fond of, stromae always kills it with his music videos and his lyrics. tous les memes is another by him i really love, if you havent seen that one yet, and his new one fils de joie is also really cool. c:

thank you, shes doing good for now, just has to wear the cone of shame for a while which she doesnt like haha.
theres a ton of shitty stuff they can try and pull now that theyve overturned roe for sure, and i dont have faith in pretty much anyone in office to do anything substantial, but maybe theyll surprise me. i do have hope that things will get better at some point, we can only get pushed so far before something happens. maybe some other country will do something, who knows, the world is a wild place.

but anyway, breaks are def important! its so easy to get lost in despair, but like old samwise said, theres still some good in the world, and its worth fighting for. youve gotta believe that. theres no other option.

Report | 06/29/2022 1:07 pm


im a big marina and stromae fan, and ive listend to studio killers, babymetal, mastodon, and kendrick lamar before! ^-^

shits been wild, not gonna lie hahahaha. my dog had surgery, and now with the stuff happening with roe and the trigger laws in my state we're working to get my husband a vasectomy asap, my phone broke, and work has been crazy too. when it rains it really pours sweatdrop but ultimately itll be fine, just gotta keep your head above the water!

Report | 06/29/2022 8:09 am


wanted to pop in to let you know ive been slowly workin my way through that playlist you shared witrh me, and im diggin it! theres lots of stuff in here that i dont think i would know to look for otherwise, but also some stuff i already liked. anyway, hope youve been doin alright!

Report | 06/24/2022 12:30 pm


I too am fond of dark, heavy, and edgy music.

What are some of your favourite bands?

I'm partial to deathrock, post-punk, dream pop, and metal.
gothic amai

Report | 06/24/2022 1:22 am

gothic amai

Thanks for buying

Report | 06/23/2022 9:28 pm


What are your favourite genres?

Report | 06/23/2022 8:24 pm


Aw, thank you kindly! ^.^

Report | 06/18/2022 3:58 pm


Lmao, thank you! Imma need it, scheduling is the boss battle of dnd without question. blaugh

I get not wanting to get your hopes up, but I'll cross my fingers for you that things do get a bit better! With the way the world is atm we all need a boost like that when we can get it~
Oooooh, hell yeah! What kind of books have you been collecting? The collecting part is the easy bit, the reading not so much emotion_facepalm (Writing is tough!! Getting the ideas you have into something coherent on paper can be a real b***h, but its good that you're trying and looking at things to try and improve. Shows dedication!)

Report | 06/18/2022 2:48 pm


Thank you ! Been away since my account got locked but I'm glad it got resolved eventually. sweatdrop

Report | 06/18/2022 3:34 am


Hello hello!!

It really has been a while, good to hear from you! I'm doing pretty good thank you, trying to organise a dnd group though which is like herding cats blaugh How're you? Life going well I hope?


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