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OMFG!!! LOOOKKK its stuff... :O

O_o Is this where I put the title? Where is that lazy dog? Where is that lazy cat? Where is that lazy mouse?



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Report | 07/15/2018 8:01 pm


it was about 50/50 for me growing up, but I'm also about half a decade older too, so the shows were either older, or I was watching them at an older age.
would argue it this way: there's a far larger proportion of late 80's through 2000 cartoons that are still entertaining than newer ones (we'll say since 2012 I guess)
back then, a lot more were made, but a large number of those are still really great today. almost all of the mainstream Cartoon Cartoon shows and Nicktoons are amazing compared to modern stuff. it seems older stuff was writing/originality > animation quality, while modern stuff tends to be animation quality > writing quality.
feels like it's nearly all the modern cartoons though. very few that are standouts as a proportion of those currently made/running, I suppose. Adventure Time is probably the best cartoon of the past decade, for sure. Regular Show is great too, but it's really hit or miss and seems to have a niche audience. another similar one would be Amazing World of Gumball. tons of referential humor and crafty writing, but I don't think a lot of people get past the surface of the show. might put Steven Universe in with the more mature cartoons actually, as it has a lot of themes and content well beyond the comprehension of the typical cartoon viewing audience. at the very least, it definitely pushes an agenda.
pretty sure stuff like Dexter's Lab, PPG (NOT THE ******** REBOOT), Courage, etc is timeless. part of the problem is really one of cultural context though. for example, The Angry Beavers is essentially the 90's personified. the overall tone and attitude it presents is perfect for that era, but might not be understood as well by more modern audiences. then you've got stuff like Rocko's Modern Life and Ren & Stimpy. stuff that was wildly controversial while it first aired, and pretty much couldn't even be made today unless branded as adult humor. Invader Zim and even Johnny Bravo would have those same limitations.
and the animation quality of older stuff is definitely not up to comparison with more modern cartoons. to someone unused to that era, the animation of something like Doug would be nearly unwatchable today. doesn't matter how good the writing is, people wouldn't get past the outdated animation.
it just feels like the heyday of decent cartoons is long over. most of it has become ADHD-fueled nonsense *coughUncleGrandpacough*and there's only a handful worth watching.

Report | 07/15/2018 7:18 pm


it was probably the greatest sitcom Nickelodeon ever made. the raw chemistry between them was amazing.
well yeah, that was the major callback/catchphrase! lol
just makes me sad that younger generations watch all this bullshit tv and know nothing of older shows. emo
especially cartoons. once you get away from the mature cartoons, there really aren't many worth watching. it's all mindless stupidity now.

Report | 06/08/2018 9:07 pm


Captain Blade Uzumaki

Report | 06/08/2018 8:39 am

Captain Blade Uzumaki

Thank you Saffy-kins emotion_hug

Report | 06/08/2018 4:57 am


Yeah, It was funny how some reacted to how Chester talked to fans, time flies. Nu Metal can be great depending on the group

Report | 06/08/2018 3:46 am


Captain Blade Uzumaki

Report | 06/08/2018 1:49 am

Captain Blade Uzumaki

Thanks Saffy! ^.^

Report | 06/05/2018 4:50 pm


They even got dissed by Chester from Linkin Park for the way they covered Heavy aha

Report | 06/04/2018 5:48 pm


They have some pretty good covers as well.


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