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RevvRaptor, a friendly and helpful fellow. The perpetual oddball meme-god and reference machine. Feel free to say hello.

Song of the Moment: Trails of Cold Steel OST "Atrocious Raid"

Anime of the Moment: Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ

Game of the Moment: Gundam Battle Gunpla Warfare

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Xeratai Report | 08/23/2019 9:02 pm
Thanks for buying !
Julia Kawanova Report | 08/16/2019 7:55 am
Julia Kawanova
Lady luck you better bless this man or I will END YOU.
Julia Kawanova Report | 08/16/2019 1:49 am
Julia Kawanova
Oh yah. I still have 400~ left to open. xd
Julia Kawanova Report | 08/15/2019 4:37 am
Julia Kawanova
I'll help as much as I can! emotion_brofist
Julia Kawanova Report | 08/15/2019 3:50 am
Julia Kawanova
Really? Then that's great! I'm trying to organize my stupid inventory and I was like hmm what's this, and it looked perfect for cosplays and I knew you love cosplays so...! xd
VKiera Report | 08/07/2019 7:28 pm
They should really make a way to export your files all at once, mang, geez
VKiera Report | 08/07/2019 7:17 pm
Thanks, I will if I need it. But all the Tinypic stuff is like 2012 and older, haha and there's not way to export it, have to save one at a time.
Julia Kawanova Report | 08/07/2019 11:34 am
Julia Kawanova
I started a new job today. It's really rough. Today I worked 10 hours. I can't barely stay conscious. I have to go straight to bed because I gotta wake up 5:30 for another glob knows how long day, you never know, it can be anything from an hour to like 14. And it's all but standing, so my back is also mad at me. (I'm a traffic controller, NOT and AIR traffic controller, don't get em mixed up xd )
So, I won't be able to open so many traps because it's work - sleep - work - sleep.... I'm sorry, but I'll do my best!
Captain America Endgame Report | 08/06/2019 7:33 pm
Captain America Endgame
Nice answer on the tony entry 🤓
Shaoln Master Report | 08/03/2019 7:16 am
Shaoln Master
ty for buying

Free Killz

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