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My MMO's Guild name is KINDRED. Founded before Gaia's Kindred.
2017 New Year's Guild Photo


Feel free to PM me.


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Gwesha Report | 11/06/2023 4:59 pm
Gwesha Report | 11/05/2023 10:14 pm
N3k0NyaLOv3r Report | 11/03/2023 12:54 pm
lol ya heart
Kreideprinz Report | 10/10/2023 6:00 am
No the one that goes with the line you showed me Aniplex
I already have the flare ones, except A2 b/c she keeps tanking lol
so I'm waiting for them to tank more.
Kreideprinz Report | 10/09/2023 2:44 pm
Oh yeah me too, I want the DX version of her and 9S, I feel like it may tank tho so I'm waiting for aftermarket so far 2B and Aniplex figures have been soo..
if not I'll find it somewhere after for retail.
Kreideprinz Report | 10/09/2023 3:30 am
Ye! I'm super happy my Square Enix display is now complete ; w;
debated if I really wanted 2B since I didn't 100% love the dollfie look on her buut...
it bothered me I only had 9S and I love them as a couple+the game.
In the end it was worth and I love waking up to them crying
Kamui Report | 10/06/2023 11:46 pm
Jfc.....bro.....that's nuts! Even friendships, too, cuz like talking to my buddy N I got back in contact with said that even our old group was like....bad.....heccing bad.

Oh also do you have a Discord? That might be better for contact, too! I tend to be AFK a lot. After my brain surgery last year I've been more tired like just AFK mostly and sleeping.
Kamui Report | 10/06/2023 11:32 pm
Oh I know they get their panties wet over s**t like this. Remember, they bragged about "Aww we miss the old threads people made on us."

I know. All. Too. Well. 3nodding Again, they act very similar to my abusive ex, you probably remember her as Fragmented like dealing with that for 10+ years, I know it all bro xD
Kamui Report | 10/06/2023 2:03 pm
Then not sure how it explains how I went from at least over a 4.something average to 3.30 in like an hour. Probably the kingdom hearts and ff crowd once again.
I mean you know who. There's two people - if not more - in that circle that have 50+ accounts. Don't get why they'd waste all their time and account resources to do that.
Here I thought there was an IP block for voting. For me it cuts off at 3 accounts. At this point, as I said this to Noble Link, I am patiently waiting for Gaia to just make the arenas null and void.
Destroy it if you will. This way no one that currently uses the arena can get harassed or get bonked by scummy tactics.

....these people are still pissed off at me for defending myself last year and they're pissed off currently because my husband keeps telling them to ******** off and leave me be.
Kamui Report | 08/09/2023 2:53 pm
Thank you! ^ u ^

Also hope you've been doing well!


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Hello, I am Provik. Not long ago I was a noob with no idea on
how to carry myself within this game. In fact I played
Guild Wars and Runescape prior to joining GaiaOnline.
Before 100k seemed like a fortune in which a good
friend gave me like it was nothing. In those days
I would be in the sawmill of ZOmg grinding for
that gold. Maxing the limit almost every day.

Time passes and I learn new tricks. Trading and
selling to amass as much profit as I can. With
funds I am able create avatars based on various
characters to my delight. Friends were made but
the opposite can be said as well. I hone my
craft as much as possible and people start to
think I'm pretty good. Humble at heart I
still look at the greats before me with respect.

My time on Gaia was
not wasted. I've made
interesting connections that
may last a lifetime.

However, it would have
never happened if it
wasn't for my

Touka Gettan ~ ♡

Chill People

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