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Hello, and welcome to my store! I sell various things, at a good value!
If you want to buy something from me, you can PM me for the 5% removal.
And if you do not enough gold for a particular item I am trying to sell, I can negotiate a deal.

If I purchase a mispriced item from you, you have a 30 minute grace period to contact me.
If said item was sold or it has past the grace period, I cannot/will not respond to your requests.

Hey folks! If you are interested in a copy of my Tifa Doll, please PM me and have 10k GC ready as I have NO MORE COPIES OF MY DOLL. razz

Anyways, please browse around a wee bit, and have a good day~!

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♔ Me, Moi, and I

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Hi hi, I'm Misfortuned Checkmate, or Kim. mrgreen
Profile was designed by Visual Light, coded by AlthIndor .
Please do not copy/steal. heart

1 thing to say to all fellow Gaians on Quests...

If you can Dream... then you can believe.
If you can Believe... then you can achieve.
If you can Achieve.. then you're unstoppable.

Regards of me as a Gaia Cosplayer..

Yes, I cosplay on gaia, and most of them I work very hard on to be accurate.
Anyways.. If you want to know the name of an item that I'm using, etc, etc, etc..
Just ask me via PM/Comment. I'll be more than happy to oblige. heart
I'm probably known as a Tifa cosplayer, which I don't mind much. 3nodding
But, I do also cosplay as other characters. :3
Questions about anything else? Just ask me. =P

Alchemy? 8D

⇒ I crafted my own Erebus' Moon in Jan 2013
⇒ I obtained my Celestial Quest on April 24, 2013 & crafted them into Cherubim's Wings (Alchemized)
⇒ I crafted my Cherubim's Wings (Alchemized) into Seraphim's wings (Alchemized) on July 2013.
Animal crafted my Seraphim's Wings (Alchemized) to Archangel's Wings (Alchemized) on December 11.
⇒ I crafted my very own Crown of Thrice Great on December 22, 2013
⇒⇒ I do not like the CS Wings, nor do I own any pair of them.
⇒ Was dubbed Alkimmy by Orichalcum

Misfortuned Checkmate..?

I choose this name because I'm sometimes a misfortunate soul,
and sometimes I'm victorious (lol, not really. emotion_sweatdrop ).
Anyways, Checkmate is a sign of victory in chess, which I actually like.
So, that's sorta how my name works. It's an Oxymoron. emotion_awesome
Yay for contradictions~!! emotion_awesome

What I like..

⇒ Loves Gaia Alchemy. ninja
⇒ Loves putting emotes for some reason emotion_awesome
⇒ Loves fluffy animals of almost all kinds, espically Pokemon... 4laugh
⇒ Loves Video Games, Anime, Manga, etc.
Pokemon, Ace Attorney, Megaman, HnKnA, Sonic, Vocaloid and KH fan.
I also love other series, but there's way too many to count. sweatdrop
⇒ Loves Cake, Chocolate, Ice cream, sushi, and other various sweets and yummy food

What I dislike/hate..

⇒ Being made fun of.. No one truly likes being made fun of.
It's torture to the soul. emotion_8c
⇒ SPAM! I absolutely despise it. . emotion_omnomnom

What I'm like as a person..
⇒ For Starters, My name is Kimberly. (Kim or Kimmie is fine too)
You can also call me by my username, or whatever you feel fits me. whee
Just no bad nicknames, ok? ninja
⇒ Age? : I'm a young 27 year old dork, who.. usually doesn't act her age. razz
⇒ I'm a Vietnamese whose 1/8th Chinese that was born in America.
⇒ I'm a Buddhist, but I'm open-minded about listening to other people's opinions on religion. (though I can be offended on very certain things. )
⇒ You want to know more about me?
Please PM me, and I'll answer your questions. razz

Other Contacts..
⇒ Discord: 🌸Skybeat8🌸#6353
⇒ 3DS FC: 1289 - 8214 - 8218
⇒ FE Heroes: 3602303425

What's going on with me?
☆ Addicted to Pokemon GO, Genshin Impact, Twisted Wonderland, Megaman X Dive, and Fire Emblem: Heroes. redface
☆ Alchemy: I'm a level 10 ~ ! I can craft any item of any level. 3nodding
☆ Graduated CSUS with BS in Gerontology, Plan to pursue Nursing

ありがとう ございます
cảm ơn bạn rất nhiều
[Thank you very much]


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Art by Pomshu
Currently: Playing FEH/Pokemon GO/Genshin Impact/MMXD/TW
Zhongli/Ningguang/Kokomi/Itto Main


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Kinsrow Report | 12/04/2022 10:37 pm
thank you for buying!
Kairi Report | 11/22/2022 7:11 pm
omg, no way you're working on Thanksgiving Day ;-; you poor thing.
Kairi Report | 11/18/2022 3:47 pm
- Sailor Neptune - Report | 11/14/2022 10:03 pm
- Sailor Neptune -

Oh no worries. Work has been kicking my butt so I totally get it! heart
Your cosplays have been amazing! heart heart heart

Kingsglaive Report | 11/11/2022 2:32 pm
Oooo I want to do Shin.
Kingsglaive Report | 11/11/2022 1:44 pm
Akito the exiled?
- Sailor Neptune - Report | 11/08/2022 2:26 pm
- Sailor Neptune -

Hey there lovely! heart
Love your cosplay and awesome job on the placement for the Megaman Runway! heart
Hope you and Fantastical are doing well! Miss you both! heart

Scarlet Witch Report | 10/21/2022 10:14 pm
Scarlet Witch
I can't remember if I replied to this or not-- I'm finally catching up on messages, haha. Thank you for the information and link to the Lake Kindred guide! I've been wanting to get back into it as well, I recently repurchased a Sakura Pegacorn Puff to use. ; v;
I hope you've been doing well, btw! ^^ emotion_bigheart
Odd Cinderella Report | 10/19/2022 9:36 pm
Odd Cinderella
Thanks! biggrin
Odd Cinderella Report | 10/19/2022 8:16 pm
Odd Cinderella
Cute avatar! biggrin
Misfortuned Checkmate
Finally Fantastical
Wolf McNugget
Sora Overdrive
Sora LastKey
Odd Cinderella
corrin flakes