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henlo. i'm procyon, i'm a level 28 beastmaster, and my profile could do with a facelift.

i'm honestly kinda shy, but i like meeting new people. i might not actively seek you out at first, but i don't bite unless you ask me to!

i've been trying to break back into roleplaying, so if you're interested, hit me up and we can talk about it! i like fantasy more than other settings, but i'm flexible.


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Zeren the Morph Report | 02/17/2024 6:55 pm
Zeren the Morph
I dunno about that. You're going into Zangief-grade-superpowered-thigh territory, right there.
Zeren the Morph Report | 02/17/2024 4:43 pm
Zeren the Morph
You could probably crush a watermelon between them suckers like a friggin' sparrow's egg. :v
Zeren the Morph Report | 02/17/2024 3:55 pm
Zeren the Morph
Kinda funny you mentioned that, I was actually thinking about a change. XD

But you're right, I rather like it. Even started to put together some basic info about them, nothing concrete that I want to consider canon yet though.
Zeren the Morph Report | 02/02/2024 8:37 pm
Zeren the Morph
Exactly! Because of the ButtMaster exercises!
Zeren the Morph Report | 02/02/2024 8:02 pm
Zeren the Morph
I'm hella cold >:v
Zeren the Morph Report | 01/31/2024 8:01 pm
Zeren the Morph
Yeah, but there's only one brand and I've yet to find a pair that wasn't completely glowing in gamma radiation
Zeren the Morph Report | 01/31/2024 1:11 pm
Zeren the Morph

As you can see, I've destroyed three pairs today. My underwear budget is single-handedly bankrupting me. I can only afford dollar store ramen and I have no choice but to go commando. D:
Zeren the Morph Report | 01/31/2024 11:40 am
Zeren the Morph
For every pair of underwear I rip just trying to squeeze into them, I do one squat
Zeren the Morph Report | 01/27/2024 2:58 pm
Zeren the Morph
Fiiiiine, I'll leave your trash alone. For now.
Zeren the Morph Report | 01/27/2024 2:42 pm
Zeren the Morph
where is your trash



﹝  Λ  t the end of everything, hold on to anything﹞



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