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Absurdity is a great joy of life.

It's truly strange times we live in. I know it doesn't seem like the future looks bright, but I've had a pair of premonition dreams. The first told that what comes when it's over is incredibly wonderful, rich with life and potential. The 2nd warned there was a ways to go before we got there. These two dreams were back to back in the summer of 2018 during a really rough time in my life. My premonitions always come true, so I can trust in them. I share them as hope in these times.

I don't like begging so if you befriended me just to ask for stuff, you're going to be disappointed. Please just take me off your friend's list.

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BloodAngel95 Report | 05/26/2024 12:33 am
you know I started taking take one or two class to learn more since last year well I took 4 this time. One was the whole semester so I didn't think it was going to be much work each week (I was wrong) Another started in March but I thought it was going to end around the beginning or before I started the other two, but I was wrong yet again. I should have paid closer attention to the end dates not only start dates xD Anyway they all just overlapped this month with a lot of work, but they are ending soon in the upcoming weeks! BUT I'm practically ready to take the official certificate exam as well thanks to the classes another thing to add to my resume. Ah and on top of that I promised to make a pinata for my friends kid birthday party this month (it was today). I got it done in time! but that was about the only fun thing I have been doing.

ugh that must have been a pain! I hope you didn't strain yourself. They may be good at their jobs but maintenances workers never do a good clean up after. Must have taken you hours to get everything back in shape once again! I know when we got our living room and kitchen floors it took a while to clean and arrange, and we had more than 2 people helping out, I can imagine how hard multiple rooms in mess would be!
At least now you don't have to worry about those windows for a good while now.
glengrin Report | 05/25/2024 10:04 am
gaia_uniduck gaia_duck
glengrin Report | 05/24/2024 12:56 pm
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DorkieSin Report | 05/23/2024 6:54 pm
Yeah that's pretty much what my hair looks like right now haha. And actually this is my first ever tattoo. I've always told people I would get one and just pushed it away. But now I finally can think about it and do it. I am pretty excited. I am trying to do it every day after work that is my goal. So far this week I did 2 days but I will be doing it tomorrow.

Well, I hope you continue to walk. And maybe wake up early so you can walk during the Summer? Like 6 am or something.

Oh that sounds super fun. Though I've never play Rumicube. My brothers dad taught us at a young age how to play poker but I haven't played since though I want to just to see if I'm still good at it x]
Do you ever win the games?
DorkieSin Report | 05/23/2024 6:17 pm

I just dyed my hair redish/purple and I love how it came out x] I have a tattoo appointment on Saturday at noon. Other than that. I don't have anything planned. I am seeing my friends. And going on walks too. I walk on my street. I live on one end so I go to the other and back and it's 2.5 miles. Trying to do that every day.. Didn't do it today though since my fiance was home earlier than I was for once so I got excited and spent time with him x]

Dr Who Festival? Is it all decked out in Dr Who stuff? What kind? Monopoly? Chutes and Ladders? xD
DorkieSin Report | 05/22/2024 6:32 pm
I'm doing really well actually smile

Thank you
DorkieSin Report | 05/22/2024 5:59 pm
I hope you're doing well smile
glengrin Report | 05/22/2024 11:44 am
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babyboo17forever Report | 05/21/2024 9:25 am
glengrin Report | 05/20/2024 12:19 pm
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