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Been around for quite awhile


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My name is Bill.
I love boxing, soccer, cooking, computer programming, and reading.
I am no longer 19 years of age sweatdrop and I'm currently studying working in the computer science field.

I'd love for you to add me or send me a pm to chat!


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Cypril Report | 04/30/2024 10:48 am
I remember rotting in town1 with you, computer wiz
Angel of Annoyance Report | 04/15/2024 12:28 am
Angel of Annoyance
btw...I think you need to update your wishlist heart
Angel of Annoyance Report | 04/15/2024 12:19 am
Angel of Annoyance
oh my gosh! I didn't get notification so now here I am replying back late looking a fool xd
HelloKittyGithub Report | 04/11/2024 2:01 pm
I started out doing stuffs like that too, all the way to like making lil text-games on my TI-84 calculator during Highschool days hehe. It took yeaaaars before I started to properly study though unfortunately >,<. But, hey mobile games are quite popular so worth getting into I think!! I haven't made one, butttt I wanna eventually too. I think that it's going to always feeling daunting at first until you get experience and practice in Unity3D. I mean when I first touched it ages ago I didn't know what I was doing o.0 the thingies I made were not good haha. Just download it, start learning it and eventually you'll kick butt making a game imo!
Angel of Annoyance Report | 04/06/2024 1:20 am
Angel of Annoyance
How's life on the boat?
HelloKittyGithub Report | 04/02/2024 11:15 pm
Oh thanks! I have some weird stuff on there, many thingies hidden in Orgs too. I uhhh, many years ago I just sat down in Unity3D after learning a tiny bit of programming and tried to make... an Online FPS. It was a disaster haha. But it was what started the learning of gamedev!
Syvi Report | 04/01/2024 1:51 pm
oh no! Yuck, that sucks!
Syvi Report | 03/31/2024 10:35 pm
oh, you have those loud bugs? That sucks!
Meanwhile, over here we are just complaining about mosquitos gonk
oh and I hate it when spiders appear
Syvi Report | 03/31/2024 12:59 pm
same! but not looking forward to the heat though tbh but it's better than rain atm
Syvi Report | 03/30/2024 2:27 pm
Nice! Was it warm today to or kind of cold?
it was raining out here hard this morning,
I'm doing alright today just busy work on artsy stuff and cleaning up stuff
practicing on rigging today I hope I don't mess up as much as I did while clipping stuff in Live2D burning_eyes



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