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HinataBoo Report | 10/01/2021 2:53 pm
Hi I love your avi, you wouldn’t mind telling me the item name your using for the hair?
Mourning Pyre Report | 09/16/2021 6:41 pm
Mourning Pyre
AAAAAAAH thank you bunches!
It's such a cute item! ; v;
Mourning Pyre Report | 09/15/2021 9:02 pm
Mourning Pyre
I hope you don't mind me asking, I've actually never noticed an item with such a cute little combo!
And gaia is either having a time or I caught you right as you avi changed but, you had this super adorable bubbly/bubblegum themed one that had the cutest jacket/dress/overcoat item and I was wondering what it was?
C2Blue Report | 09/15/2021 4:46 am
Hugs all the FLOOFS UWU and give u kittens cat_razz
C2Blue Report | 09/15/2021 1:21 am
So fluffy and adorable bubblegum UwU
BlackStrapsFrawley Report | 09/08/2021 3:44 pm
Your avi is adorable af. I need to start favoriting again. It's such an addiction. x.x heart
Jiynn Report | 09/06/2021 9:47 pm
Thanks for buying ~ Enjoy your item gaia_sakura
energypill Report | 09/01/2020 10:14 pm
heeeey mind if i ask what your cardigan is? sweatdrop i think its in my wl but i dont remember what item
feney Report | 08/31/2020 10:22 pm
I like the way make up looks, I just don't know anything about it sweatdrop
feney Report | 08/31/2020 7:38 pm
oOo they blended so well together I thought it was one solid color emotion_yatta

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