I'm holly know as yume im 24 jan 15♑ my pronouns are she/her im a gray ace pansexual.
Yes i do draw &No I wont give you free art and wont draw for free so dont ask i only give on my terms and if ur a friend who i talk to often enough to consider being my friend.
I been on gaia since i was 13 years old so i know quite a bit about how gaia works and is like half the time. Im either in CB or the art forums.
Im online sometimes.
I have insomnia, depression, anxiety and bi-polar type 2.
I have agoraphobia im always playing games or watching something. I like clowns bc they're good as masking themselves.
Get to know me more = talk to me more often.
My pms/dms are always open. my facee below
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Things i like i guess?
Small animals|ANIME|Manga|Vocaloid|Music|Art|Video games|Astrology|Mythology|Japanese culture|Drawing|Memes|Dark humor|clowns|food

My favorite color schemes are

My discord tag MagicalVelvet☆#9387
SW-6415-6531-0427 SanVelvet★