Who am i?

Hello my name is Holly or u can call me Yume whichever is easier to use.
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The meaning of Yume or 夢 means Dream in English~ So dreamdream_san weird right? XD
I'm 21 born on January 15th and i'm a Capricorn♑ She/her Demisexual Panromantic.

Hmm well to start off I'm pretty nice and open person I love to joke around with friends and my family. I say stupid s**t sometimes bear with me. XD
Im pretty much quite most the time uh I'm one of those people that have trouble starting a conversion idk y i always been that way since i was a kid.
I have a sharp tongue and i say whats on my mind. Some think i come off cold...but deep down im just being honest about how i feel -///-
(i just wanna be ur pal lol) I have a dark sense of humor some people dont like it but im not one of those people heh.
I play lots of splatoon2 and animal crossing and style savvy. I also watch too much anime and read too much shoujo manga haha-
I have depression bipolar disorder as well as anxiety. Am i crazy? A bit i guess. Mostly suffering meds help tame the sadness in me ; v ;
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got a hair cut!

Things i like.. Junk food,Halloween,Christmas,Anime,Yaoi,J-rock,
K-pop,Rock, Pop music,Cute stuff,Art,Video games,Astrology,Greek mythology,Tarot cards,White witch craft.

Fun fact! Bleach is my top favorite anime/manga along with Vampire knight.
My favorite colors are.. inconstant cuz i like way too many and everyday i find a new color i like. But if really wanna know my two faves..its Thistle and periwinkle

I like to draw a lot If you want some free art or if u wanna commission me plat/gold only! Pm me if you want.
I also do art trades.
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If you just wanna talk to me just pm me annnnddd See ya!
My Social media:
Yumeyume_san @instagram
SanVelvet @twitter
Ringo-kyun @toyhouse
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