Hello my name is Holly or u can call me Yume whichever is easier to use.
The meaning of Yume or 夢 means Dream in English~ So dreamdream_san weird right? XD
I'm 23 born on January 15th and i'm a Capricorn♑ She/her Demisexual Panromantic. single
Hmm well to start off I'm from NYC and I'm pretty nice and open person I love to joke around with friends and my family. I'm really weird af get to know me u will find out. I'm italian irish and puerto rican yes my house is very loud and so is my voice.
Im pretty much quite most the time and IRL I'm one of those people that have trouble starting a conversion idk y i always been that way since i was a kid.
Eh..I have a sharp tongue and i say whats on my mind im very honest and im an awful liar i can't even play among us cuz im so bad. No seriously im awful. One thing i will say about myself is that i refuse to change who i am as a person and my personality if people dont like me i dont give a ******** im not on this earth to please anyone but myself and my family. (half of that is true lol family wise)

I have a dark sense of humor some people dont like it but i kinda dont give a rats a**. Im really into drawing anime thats pretty much all i draw and my style.
I play lots of splatoon2 and animal crossing, style savvy and hatsune miku games. I also watch too much anime and read too much shoujo manga and fantasy mangas haha- real life is boring.

I have depression bipolar disorder type 2 as well as anxiety and social anxiety. im a nervous wreck. I really hate going out and talking on the phone i have to pump myself up for it.
oh s**t its me >
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Things i like in 1 word.
Junk food,Chickens,Dogs,Cats, Otters, Halloween,Christmas,Anime,Yaoi,J-rock,Vocaloid,Rock, Pop music,Dance music, Cute stuff,Art, Video games,Astrology,Greek mythology, Japanese mythology, Japanese culture,Tarot cards,White witch craft and some other stuff as well.

Fun fact! Bleach is my top favorite anime/manga along with Vampire knight.
I collect chicken themed items and i have a smol collection of snowglobes its still small but its growing slowly.

My favorite colors are.. inconstant cuz i like way too many and everyday i find a new color i like. But if really wanna know my two faves..its thistle and periwinkle, black

My favorite color schemes are sherbert,creamycandy,taro,butter,opalescent,dandelion,bubblegum,confectionery,blooming,sadodere,ivory and offblack,vintage,drachen and amaranth.

My Social media:
Yumeyume_san on instagram
Sanvelvet on Twitter
Ringo-kyun on toyhouse
Discord MagicalVelvet☆#9387
My Switch FC
SanVelvet (with a star at the end)