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Gender: Female

Location: Michigan, USA

Occupation: Artist, Livestreamer, Content Creator

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Favorites / Fancies
- Favorite Goth Styles: Trad, Deathrock, Rivethead
- Favorite Colors: Black, red, pink
- Favorite Games: Tomb Raider II & Tomb Raider III
- Collects 1000s of Gaia avatars
- Making Minecraft Player skins
- Pixel art

- Religion
- Politics
- Controversial Topics
- Disinfo
- Wasting time on those who wont listen
- Any form of toxicity be it mental or physical

Mental Struggles
- Anxiety (Can't deal with too much stress anymore as it's not just bad for my mental health but now my physical health as well.)
- cPTSD (Some s**t can just be triggering to me so I tune it out.)
- ADHD (Bare with me as I can heavily derp.)
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[Stream Avatars] For Any Fellow Gaian Streamers

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CooperationIsKey Report | 12/05/2023 11:10 am

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Yeah have to appreciate that they're being worked on, for sure. smile And oh, good; I was afraid the silly bars would spill or stretch the page but it seems they were auto-resized instead, phew!

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CooperationIsKey Report | 12/05/2023 11:05 am
Augh crap, sorry, I forgot to turn off my post style! sweatdrop
CooperationIsKey Report | 12/05/2023 11:05 am

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Thank you! I don't think it could be more contrasted with your profile if we tried! rofl I like yours too, the little pops of color on banners and such against the black look really neat, like neon signs at night. Also I spy a Gaz!! Such an underappreciated character. Everyone adores GIR and forgets the other characters exist. (For instance I adore Zim himself, but is there much merch that actually features him? No. It's all GIR.)

And yeah! I missed having my house and aquarium on my page, and I miss when they still worked on profiles too. Maybe they'll get them working with Ruffle eventually. Now that I think of it I need to check in on my aquarium, I'll bet my fish are dead. xd sweatdrop

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Spronkus Kronkus Report | 12/04/2023 10:35 am
Spronkus Kronkus
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cokeshawty Report | 12/01/2023 6:08 am
may you please have a lovely day!
XxZombie_JackxX Report | 11/25/2023 12:10 pm
Aaa emotion_kirakira emotion_bigheart
XxZombie_JackxX Report | 11/25/2023 12:08 pm
Also, thank you for the fav! heart
XxZombie_JackxX Report | 11/25/2023 12:08 pm
cool avi
Lord of the Video Editors Report | 11/21/2023 5:48 pm
Lord of the Video Editors
Dream Ghoul Report | 11/19/2023 3:22 pm
Dream Ghoul
thank you heart

Sister & Besties

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2007 Gaian

Too old for petty bs so kindly ******** off with it.

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(Nametag by disgusthing)

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For those of you who don't know me, I'm Ralo, I'm in my late 30s, I'm an artist and I'm a content creator / livestreamer. I'm a pretty friendly person and like to give advice when I can. I'm also goth and I love seeing my many fellow goths around here. ^.^ β˜₯

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As a very old Gaian, I know all the bs as soon as I see it and I wont hesitate to instantly block. If you are genuine, I am pretty easy to get along with but I am also very blunt and call out any bs as soon as I see it if I feel the need to even engage.

Even if we are forum acquaintances, I rarely want to add anyone here. No offense, I just don't see much point especially as most people don't even care to stay connected or talk much if at all. If I particularly like you for whatever reason, I may however send you a friend request. The best way to keep in touch with me is through Discord.

For anyone genuinely interested in me, feel free to leave a comment. I heavily appreciate all the wholesome, friendly and mature people on this site who know better than to jump on the petty drama bandwagons. πŸ–€

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I've had my fair share of bs drama and worse so I am very cautious which is why I stay in my bubble and am very wary around those I don't know too well. If you are ever randomly removed from my friendlist but not blocked, don't take it personally. Just be respectful towards my decision and don't try to question me as that is just uncomfortable.

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- I don't accept random friend requests.
- I do not respond to mule accounts.
- I block all trolls on sight.
- I do not tolerate ANY kind of bs or drama.
- Even if we become acquaintances I will not hesitate to cut you out if I realize you are toxic or are prone to causing drama.
- If you are a trouble maker you will be blocked and blacklisted.
- I will not join any Gaia Discords that aren't run by ppl I can greatly trust.
- I usually have PMs disabled. If I PM you and they are off still it's because I forgot to put them back on so leave me a comment instead.

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Tips for the wise:
- Don't like creepy PMs? Set PMs to Friends Only.
- Don't like creepy anon gifts/msgs? Disable anon gifting.
- Don't like random friend requests? Disable friend requests.
- Tired of endless announcements? Get Gaia Upgrade.
- Want to block unpleasant signatures? Gaia Upgrade.
- Miss zOMG! and want to get back into it? Here is how.

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(Pixels by carne frita)

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πŸ’€ Gaian Discord Servers πŸ’€

zOMG! πŸ”₯
(For crews, events & meetups)

Gaia Upgrade / Gaia Tools
(Information, updates & chat)

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Currently back into Lake Kindred.
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Irl Husband <3

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