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If you'd like a safe place to post without having to worry about endless trolls, bots, and other bs, this is a place for you.

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Avi/OC Gift Art

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Pixels by Mori Cry

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Ralodosmovo's avatar

Last Login: 07/05/2022 11:45 am

Gender: Female

Location: Michigan

Birthday: 06/06/1986

Occupation: VTuber

Personal Website


💀 Name: Ralodosmovo
💀 Nick Name: Ralo
💀 Age: 35
💀 Gender: Female
💀 Relationship Status: Married
💀 Favorite Goth Styles: Trad & Deathrock
💀 Favorite Color: Black, Red, Pink
💀 Alt Accs: Dreary Delirie & BlackStrapsRalo
💀 Likes: DIY, Pixels, Cooking, Psychology, Gothic Art
💀 Dislikes: Religion, Politics, Drama, Violence, Disinfo


Ralo's Journal

A New Forum Idea For OG Gaians

Tired of having to endlessly block CB troll accounts and having to go through your blocklist to clear out room so you can keep blocking more?

Tired of seeing the BS scam bots all over GD, LD and elsewhere?
Wouldn't it be nice to have a new and active place to post without having to worry about so much nonsense? A place where noob/troll and bot accounts can't access?

Thinking like 'Heaven' perhaps? But if you're like me and don't like that forum for its religious theme and lack of activity perhaps we should get a new forum where we don't have to be plagued any longer.

I doubt Gaia would make a new place but it's at least a lovely idea. Maybe if enough people like this idea then it might be possible? Idk. One can dream tho. If you like my idea bump my thread and/or give your two cents.

So far an alternative is my new guild linked at the top.

Ralo's Shop

emotion_skull ~ Welcome! ~ emotion_skull
I dont care about ABP. Just take what you can get.
PMs are off so if you want to bribe me with Wishlist
items or items of equal value, comment me.
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emotion_nope emotion_nope emotion_nope
Comments asking me to lower prices
will be ignored and deleted.

Bumping threads and collecting zOMG!
dailies helps earn decent Plat!


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VTuber 3D Model

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Model by Sugoukari

Classic Tomb Raider Lover

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Check out my
Tomb Raider Stream Playlists!

🪦 Classic Tomb Raider 🪦
Challenge Runner

Currently Attempting:
Tomb Raider II - NLNSAS
(No Loads, No Saves, All Secrets/No Deaths)



Tomb Raider (TR1)
Tomb Raider: Unfinished Business (TR1 Gold)
Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation (TR4)
Tomb Raider: Chronicles (TR5)


Tomb Raider: The Golden Mask (TR2 Gold)
Tomb Raider: The Lost Artifact (TR3 Gold)
Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness (TR6)


Tomb Raider II
Tomb Raider: The Golden Mask (TR2G)
Tomb Raider III
Tomb Raider: The Lost Artifact (TR3G)
Tomb Raider (TR1)
Tomb Raider: Unfinished Business (TR1G)
Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation (TR4)
Tomb Raider: Chronicles (TR5)

Ralo/Hazard Removal

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Persephone Despoena Report | 05/26/2022 11:25 am
Persephone Despoena
I hope it works out, too. I'm hesitant to join Gaia Discord servers only because I was in a few last year and, maybe its because they were cb derived, but I didn't know any better. I didn't know that they were basically so people could lure you in, get you comfortable, then wait for you to say something they could twist and run to the forum trying to 'call you out' over it. It happened to a few of my friends, too. We've established since then that its some generational issue. 🌺
Persephone Despoena Report | 05/26/2022 10:47 am
Persephone Despoena
Its alright, I understand. Its just been.. a ride. I miss when everyone was nicer. 🌺
Persephone Despoena Report | 05/25/2022 6:46 pm
Persephone Despoena
Could I join the guild? Deranged person spamming GD today and humblebragging/seething over other people posting selfies. Really not here for that or it being enabled. 🌺
mrsadamdriver Report | 05/12/2022 8:34 pm
I loveeee your avi
Heshirom Report | 05/10/2022 4:17 pm
ok i can take a hint
Heshirom Report | 05/09/2022 8:10 pm
posting here for gold
Heshirom Report | 05/08/2022 3:37 pm
thanks for faving my avi dude
Provik Report | 05/07/2022 5:55 am
Provik Report | 05/07/2022 5:30 am
i honestly forgot what items did what
too much to relearn~
Provik Report | 05/07/2022 4:55 am
im surprised on how far u got~
shes no easy character to make~

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Leaving Gaia


I'm tired of the bs and nothing being done about it. I've said over and over what the issues are and nothing changes. I've tried to make my own hangouts on here but they are pretty slow so I see no point in being here anymore. I will keep my profile up and what not but not going to long in much anymore because it's dead and depressing.

If you actually care to talk to me and like my content, join my community Discord server. Discord is the best way to keep in touch with me. If you don't have it or don't want it, fine. Goodbye and have a good life. All my links to all my other things are here all over my profile if you want them. YouTube, Twitch, Discord server etc. Take care.

Gaia you will be missed but I'm just so so done with this s**t show. One day if Gaia becomes a better place with no more trolls, bots and other bs or at the very least ADDS SIGNIFICANT MORE ROOM TO THE BLOCK LIST, I will happily come back.

Till then, I will only occasionally get on to post in my journal but that's about it.


If you see someone with a similar username to my main name 'Ralodosmovo' with a matching avatar that looks like one of mine, it's not me and it is someone posing as me. I have a few alts and several old accounts that I have access to and the only one with a username even close to my main here is called BlackStrapsRalo. Any other accounts with any other variant of my main username 'Ralodosmovo' is not me.

If they contact you claiming to be me, block them and PM me about it immediately. If you are unable to PM me leave me a profile comment. The best way to contact me is Discord. My server is linked here on my profile.

More information on this is available here in my journal entry if you are on my friendlists.

2007 gaian

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☥ Formally known as BlackStrapsFrawley ☥

Former forum regular.
Got tired of the bs so created a guild which is where I now hangout.

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If you want to talk to me hmu in forums when I post, leave me a profile comment or join my Discord Community Server which is linked below and is where I mostly hangout.

I am a very nice and understanding person as you can clearly see how I interact with others in the forums. I may seem harsh at times but that's just because I am very blunt and do not tolerate toxicity or any other bs.

I've had my fair share of bs drama and worse so I am very cautious which is why I stay in my bubble and am very wary around those I don't know too well. If you are ever randomly removed from my friends list but not blocked, don't take it personally. Just be respectful towards my decision and do not bother me about it or I will block you. I tend to remove those I simply don't care to talk to which is most people these days, do not take it as a personal attack.

- I don't accept random friend requests.
- I do not respond to mule accounts.
- I block all trolls on sight.
- I do not tolerate ANY kind of bs or drama.
- Even if we become acquaintances I will not hesitate to cut you out if I realize you are toxic or are prone to causing drama.
- If you are a trouble maker you will be blocked and blacklisted.
- I will not join any Gaia Discords that aren't run by ppl I can greatly trust.
- I usually have PMs disabled. If I PM you and they are off still it's because I forgot to put them back on so leave me a comment instead.

Tips for the wise:
- Don't like creepy PMs? Set PMs to Friends Only.
- Don't like creepy anon gifts/msgs? Disable anon gifting.
- Don't like random friend requests? Disable friend requests.
- Tired of endless announcements? Get Gaia Upgrade.
- Want to block unpleasant signatures? Gaia Upgrade.

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If you would like to join a nice chill and safe Gaia Discord community you are welcome to join my server. We are active, have a Gaia section, zOMG! support and other activities.

More info about my server can be found here.
Invite links below.

If you happen to notice me on your recent visitors list more than once it's not because I'm a weirdo, it's because I forget who you were and I like to check out profiles. 3nodding

🦇 🦇 🦇

I tend to change my avi a lot usually depending on my mood.

Ralo's Originals | Ralo's Cosplays

Ralo's Avatar Expressions

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☥ Questing ☥

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Convenient Threads


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I am Ralo, a goth VTuber, I livestream to Twitch and upload to YouTube. I mostly stream playing Classic Tomb Raider, Minecraft and occasionally some N64/GBA. I'm also the owner of the Ralodosmovo Square Community Discord Server and am a digital artist. I make all my own profile art. If you are interested in me or my community you are more than welcome to join my server which is linked to the left.

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I much prefer talking on Discord, more specifically in my own server but Discord DMs are okay too. I don't really care for talking in Gaia PMs. If you want to get to know me more Discord is your best bet. If you want to add me on Discord send me a PM. If you want to join my server, the above picture is a link. Just let me know who you are here on Gaia and be sure to read our server's guidelines.

Streaming Schedule
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I've been on this site since November 2007. Back in the day I was a very different person and was a troll but I learned to better myself over the years. I've made several life long friends here including my husband. I've also made some of my biggest regrets here but nonetheless I have a lot of fond memories to look back on.

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What I've always loved about Gaia are the very customizable avatars and profiles. I also loved the housing and aquarium features. Towns 2 was my favorite place to hangout especially in the Durem Apartments Neighborhood. I also loved meeting in Virtual Hollywood with good friends. My favorite games were zOMG! and Jigsaw. I also loved the Avatar Arenas and making many cosplay avatars.


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My zOMG! Stream Thread
(Feel free to bump!)

If you are interested in getting back into zOMG! my community server has a Gaia section and a meetups channel for crews! It's linked above if you missed it.

>> Get the zOMG! App! <<
>> Play zOMG! without a web browser or flash support! <<

My zOMG! Twitch/YouTube Playthrough

--Full Playlist--


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