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Twin Buns Report | 07/25/2020 2:45 pm
Twin Buns
I meant that since America is handling the situation with COVID-19 very poorly that it's affecting the children especially with their education. Since some states wants to keep schools open, others completely transitioned to online, and while others are a hybrid where they go to school 2 times a week and the rest is online.
Yeah... You see a lot of weird people in Walmart a lot of times.
I know that Denmark has a really good education system there. I heard uni there is very different to how it is in America.
Haha, no worries. I grew up with the mind set so it kinda stuck with me my whole life. sweatdrop I've been learning to like my skin color again. At the moment, the best I can do is tolerate it.
Twin Buns Report | 07/22/2020 1:51 pm
Twin Buns
Yeah, America needs to get their act together with dealing with COVID-19. It's affecting everyone especially the children.
I always wanted to live in a small town. It always seem so peaceful with the sense of community. Maybe I just been watching too many TV shows/movies about living in a small town. Lol. XD
I prefer Target over Walmart. Walmart is definitely something else in America and not in a good way. .-.
What weird things do Danish people do? ._. I know nothing about Denmark or Danish culture in general.
I was really looking forward to see what universities look like in Denmark. They look a lot nicer than American universities from what I seen in photos.
I'm working towards becoming a school counselor for middle/high school students. I was supposed to study in Copenhagen, Denmark at the University of Copenhagen but then those plans flopped. ( crying )
I know, right? It's very common to find whitening products in lotions and skincare in Asia. It's a beauty standard there. Asians like the look of pale, white skin. I had family members tell me that my skin was too dark and I need to do all these things so my skin would be white. I gotten better with accepting my skin tone now. I still don't like it but I learned to accepted it. (>_< wink
Twin Buns Report | 07/21/2020 5:06 pm
Twin Buns
Well, it's not a good time to be visiting America at the moment. sweatdrop It's been crazy here for the past couple of months.
Not gonna lie, it is pretty nice having everything you need in one store. Have you heard of an American store called Target?
That's awesome! How was it studying abroad for you? Yeah, I was really upset that my study abroad trip to Denmark got canceled. I'm a Child Development major.
I know, right? It's sad to see people feel like that with their skin color. I know I felt that way. Especially with Asian people, they love pale skin and that really has affected me mentally about my skin color. ;~;
Twin Buns Report | 07/17/2020 12:18 pm
Twin Buns
Have you been to America before? Yeah, I guess that's true. I live next to a big city so my friends and I always go there to get food or just to hang out. There's more to do there.
I never been to Europe before. I always wanted to go there. I was actually supposed to study abroad in Denmark for one year but it got canceled due to COVID-19. (´-ω-`)
Not sure if I'll get bored with the cold and rain. I have a friend that moved somewhere where it's always raining and cold and he loves it there. He's been living there for 6 years now.
Tanning beds or spray tan? I went to the beach with my friend. She got sunburned trying to tan and I got really dark after being there for a couple of hours. xd
Twin Buns Report | 07/15/2020 10:58 am
Twin Buns
90s baby for the win!! xd
As for someone who lived in America their whole life, I hate it here. >.<
I'll take cloudy, cold, and rainy any day. It's nice having tan skin in America since everyone wants tan skin and spend a lot of money on trying to get it. I just go outfit for like an hour and I'm tan. XD
I feel you on that. sweatdrop That sounds like fun!
Twin Buns Report | 07/14/2020 4:54 pm
Twin Buns
Lol, no worries about it. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. I'm kinda of a 90s baby. I was born in 1996. Lol.
I'm from America. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. The summers here are brutal. ._.
Ahh, that sucks. I tend to tan really easily.
I dragged my friend with me to run errands today. You?
Twin Buns Report | 07/12/2020 9:15 am
Twin Buns
Ohh, I see~ I don't watch Friends so I wouldn't know... sweatdrop
It's the complete opposite for me. It's too hot where I live so I tend to stay indoors during the summer and only come out at night. xd
Twin Buns Report | 07/10/2020 11:59 am
Twin Buns
I'm doing well, you? (* ^ ω ^) And who is Joey? ._.
Thank you! heart And no worries about it!
Twin Buns Report | 05/07/2020 3:05 pm
Twin Buns
Oooo, that sounds like fun. 3nodding
The best part about the Fruits Basket remake is that they are following the manga so it's more accurate. whee
Twin Buns Report | 05/06/2020 11:54 am
Twin Buns
No worries! Sounds like you were very busy with the new property.
Have you seen the new reboot of Fruits Basket? surprised
And thank you! emotion_kirakira