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playlist atm

Not Shy by ITZY
Shinichiro Yokota Presents Do It Again and Again
Variations by Gesaffelstein
Summer in Silent Places by 2 Mello
SODA POP FANCLUB 1 by Cidergirl(サイダーガール)


Eien no Zetsubou - Eternal Despair
Miracles don't appear in my never-ending tragedy.

lmao remember when it was cool to be this edgy ^ (c. 2010)
not changing my name to respect and honor babby me lol

the first return: sep. 2019 didn't actually post in august lol

anyways, welcome to my profile!
here's some info abt me... u///u
age - 23
hobbies - fashion, music production, playing & making video games
fave colors - sunset colors(orange, pink, gold), coffee, black'n'white
fave snacks - regular ol' butter popcorn, maple glazed donuts, bell peppers
fave drink flavors - cola, matcha, yogurt, ume(pickled plum), earl grey
what i like most abt gaia - all the variety in clothing!
other games i play - animal crossing, street fighter, minecraft

if you wanna b friends or start a lil convo or somethin..... shoot me a message or friend request!

theme css by me (thats y its messy)


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Narkisses Report | 11/18/2020 9:58 pm
Merci monsiuer!
Narkisses Report | 11/14/2020 6:00 pm
Hi! Cute avi!
Number1Cat Report | 04/05/2020 7:31 am
Girl or guy it doesn’t excuse you. Stop farting in public please, it’s not stopping the virus. It just smells like egg.
Diavolica Report | 03/11/2020 6:58 am
Not everyone hates learning! Definitely too many people do lol. But yeah. Feeling dragged down by people being set in their ways is a familiar feeling to me so I could symphathize with your post. But as much as things like anti-intellectualism and complacency will never go away, they also can't drag progress down forever. User Image
Lord Elwrind Report | 03/11/2020 2:29 am
Lord Elwrind
Thanks! I will definitely enjoy it! I love the game!
YunJaeforeverlove4 Report | 03/08/2020 8:50 pm
thxs for buying my outfit,enjoy heart
deviIcandi Report | 02/22/2020 12:37 pm

thank u for the gift back!!! it's cute!
RoseRainn Report | 02/16/2020 1:03 am
Thanks for buying 3nodding
mizoryluvsme Report | 11/06/2019 2:08 pm
Thanks for the purchase heart
Umpenscrump Report | 10/03/2019 7:44 am
Aw, I know that feeling. I have several half-finished projects lying around. emotion_sweatdrop
Well, when you do finish it it'd be cool to hear. 3nodding

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