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emotion_yatta Call me Fran or Moon!! I don't mind any pronouns!!21!! neighbourhood ace kid || ENTP ||
hi im just your average shizophrenic person

Q: Why is your username 'larrystew' / Is your name larry?
- oh my god okay so this username is an inside joke cause back then I was into this person called Pacthesis that made games and she had this character called Gary Stu who also had a brother called Marty Stu. (All of which is a play on the Mary Sue trope) I thought it was pretty funny so I changed my username to something that sounded similar. Hence, larrystew.

tl;dr : My name is NOT larry lol not even close
I wouldn't mind if y'all referred to my characters as larry in general unless otherwise stated!! ok that's it i just kind of wanted to clear that up

Feel free to add me or leave me a comment ^^ emotion_bigheart

check out my heart johari heart twitter



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Maze Report | 10/14/2020 7:31 am
LARRY! I recognised the avatar/style, but I couldn't remember your name! It's good to see you! biggrin

How've you been?
yxndere Report | 10/06/2020 7:54 am
Happy b day too!!! Libra Gang!!! OwO
Holmgeir Report | 10/06/2020 6:11 am
Happy Birthday!

Hope you have a nice birthday!!
Holmgeir Report | 09/30/2020 3:37 am
You said so on the CB!!!!!
Diavolica Report | 09/28/2020 2:12 am
I think Guerlain might be better known for their cosmetics than fragrances at this point, though they started as a perfumery! Météorites might be one of the things they're most known for now though I hate how they reformatted the compact lol. Luckily I was able to get one before then and it's so pretty. And lol I'm curious to how a perfume makes one smell like a banshee. And haha you're not entirely wrong! It probably wouldn't be wrong to call me a soda snob rofl. Only sugar sodas for me. Sodas with high fructuse corn syrup are the standard now because of the influence the corn industry has in the US. But to me it just makes sodas taste gross. But yeah, I saw Green River in a store a while back and have super loved it since. It's just really unique since rather than lemon/lime like a lot of sodas, it's just lime.
yoloswag666 Report | 09/27/2020 12:53 am
HNSHFWMSDHF literally i had the biggest beef about ppl calling dabi all those ******** stupid nicknames.............. crispy boi burnt bacon chicken nugget bullshit like..................... just say scar funnie and Go please. i never call him that its dumb af.
SHIGARAKI IS 20?????????????????????????????????? pleae...............
Saffrons_Curse Report | 09/26/2020 8:31 pm
Fair enough. I can agree to disagree, for sure.
Hopefully, I turn out to be wrong and overly paranoid.
All the best to ya~
Saffrons_Curse Report | 09/24/2020 4:20 am
I agree it's definitely important to listen to their POVs and listen and absorb what their lives are frequently riddled with; to learn the horrors of their histories and s**t, no question.
It SHOULD be common sense and human behavior to treat everyone better... but it's unfortunately also human nature to be tribalistic and violent, which is something that needs to be addressed effectively. It's like saying "it should be common sense for people to not murder" - yes. agreed.... and yet murder happens - shouldn't we do something to try to PREVENT as much murder as possible? You won't reach someone at risk of murdering others by giving up on them - for the ones who've put their misguided feelings into action and done something unforgivable, they need to face the full force of a judicial system that doesn't give them special treatment... but the ones who only have bad ideas so far might be reached and helped.
It's not that I think bigots should be coddled, it's that they shouldn't be given up on... not coddling someone and not giving up on them aren't the same thing. Vaush didn't coddle Hunter Avallone when he debated him, but he also didn't write him off and cast him aside... now, a youtuber who was formerly right wing with .. I think it was something like 600k subs has now publicly distanced himself from the right.
I never said it took one youtube video to break that bigoted conditioning; most of the examples I've heard of happened over a few months or so. Change takes time.
Agreed, they should walk the walk and not just do a quick "whoops, my bad" - but if you don't even give them the chance to prove themselves, it seems to me like they'd actually instead face a confirmation of all the horrible things they've been told about people on the left, and they'd run right back to the right.
Well, here's the thing - if fascists and nazis actually get enough power in the US to enact the horrible s**t they currently only fantasize about - literal genocide of all racial minorities, all LGBT+ folks, the physically disabled, the mentally disabled, the mentally ill, any leftists or left-leaning political opponents, probably the poor, too - I actually do fit in a number of those categories, so I'll be taken to a mass grave and shot dead just as much as a black person would. You think ~230 black people shot by police per year is bad? How does millions of them - in addition to probably millions of the other categories - being slaughtered in a couple of years sound? The ramifications for not trying to build strong coalitions on the left, while the right will literally take ******** anyone they can use for as long as they can use them and with fascism and nazism on the rise... this weakens the left considerably and could have disastrous results, not just for black people, but for a wide array of at-risk people.
Coalition building is the only way to combat this type of threat. Otherwise, leftists are just this small fraction of the population that has no real power, only ideas about what should be, and even though might doesn't make right, might will almost always choose its own desires over the desires of what would benefit the most people. Flipping s**t at people who aren't woke enough - and I'm not even talking full on, actual bigots, I'm talking even just the edgy types who don't even believe genuinely bigoted s**t - strengthens only the right, so that kind of "activism" actually hurts leftist causes and helps fascists. It seems a bit to me like saying I shouldn't advise a person against self-harming because "it's not my place to tell people how to cope with their pain" or something, even though self-harming could literally cause their own death.
Diavolica Report | 09/22/2020 7:20 am
I can be pretty particular and like learning so taking up new hobbies always has me figuring out what I like and don't like within it haha. And then fragrances are really interesting in the way that aside from personal preferences, body chemistry factors into it so much. It's neat how different notes will stand out on different people. Mitsouko is so old that they don't bother carrying it at Sephora probably lol. Which is dumb because they carry Shalimar which is also Guerlain and around the same age. Sephora France carries Mitsouko so it must be some regional thing.
Saffrons_Curse Report | 09/20/2020 5:33 pm
Of course! heart
Yeah they're Youtubers.
Yeah, Contra has over 1mil subs, and Vaush only recently started like.. idk maybe a year ago? And already has over 200k subs. And Vaush has no problem with like.. debating the bad ideas of reactionaries or like fascists and s**t and pointing out the glaring flaws in their arguments and showing that they're stupid, and he's had debates with pretty big figures like Hunter Avallone [actually ended up getting that guy to stop identifying as on the Right], and Sargon of Akkad [1st time, he did poorly, but the 2nd time, he did really good and Sargon, from what I hear, is still butthurt over it. rofl ]
Yeah, I guess that's a likely possibility. :Va
Well, I can understand frustration from having been on the receiving end of bad behavior and bullshit politics, so it's not like I'm trying to say "don't feel frustrated" or something; rather, I'd like for people to take their frustration and do something productive with it, ya know? I'm sure that's tough and not everyone can do a lot, but surely posting a link wouldn't be that much effort? idk as much about IRL, but the radicalization s**t seems to be primarily happening online, so.. yeah. :Va Seems like... catching people before their minds are complete mush would be the better alternative to seeing someone fall and being like "welp, guess I need to cut all ties with them now" because that only hastens the descent. And it gives away more ground to alt-right crazies. To make it even easier; Vaush has been working on like this... franenstein'd document that tears down all the talking points of not just fascists and nazis,but I think people on the right in general, where all the info is collected and gathered into one single place.
Coalition building is super important to effect meaningful change. It gives lefties the power to effectively politically beat the s**t out of nazism and fascism. But that isn't a strong suit of too many lefty folks, and they don't seem to understand the consequences of refusing to coalition build; instead, they do like the opposite, where they have smaller and smaller circles, and the smallest of those circles s**t talks everyone who isn't in that small circle, as if that's going to do anything but alienate people, and feeling alienated is exactly what starts people down the alt-right pipeline. Then, those people in the small circle act like "hah, knew it" or some s**t, as if they did something good????


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