Welcome to my profile. The name's Kayla A.k.a Darkness but you may call me Dark. So I should tell you a little about myself. I am 26 years old even though I do not look it. I have 5 tattoo's. One on my Back,Neck,Left Wrist and one on both my Legs. I have 3 piercings. Eyebrow,Tongue and Nose.(I don't wear the nose one anymore.) I have Gray eyes that can change color's. They can turn Blue,Dark Blue,Light Blue,Green Blue.Etc. I have natural Dirty Blonde hair with Blonde Highlights. I love all kinds of music, I am very creative. I Sing,Draw,Write storys and Poems. So if you wish to see my stuff simply ask and I may send you my Deviantart. I love animal's and currently own a dog and cat. For all those who are wondering, YES I do have a boyfriend!!! I am very much inlove with my Puddin!(So I am not interested in cybering and all that stupid stuff!!!) I have been on Gaia for along time, So when I get bored I might disappear, But I usually come back. Anyways, That's it for now since I don't feel like putting anything else right now. If you wish to know more about me, Simply send me a pm. Anyways TTFN-Tah Tah For Now. Dark
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