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"Many years ago, I was fishing and as I was reeling in the poor fish I realized, "I am killing him - all for the passing pleasure it brings me." And something inside me clicked. I realized as I watched him fight for breath, that his life was as important to him as mine is to me." - Paul McCartney.

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l X l X l X l X l X l

Hey so, its always hard to figure out what to say for these things. I'm not really new despite what my account might tell you but anyway....

So, i do a lot of things to pass the time. I'm an artist(all the art you see on my profile are things I've made even if they're from years ago) and a musician. I play guitar, i play piano, i also sing and i love working out when i can muster the motivation and energy for it. I also occasionally play video games here and there and watch movies. I used to be really into RPing as well but its one of those things that ended up getting swept underneath the rug whenever i had too much going on but i wouldn't mind getting back into it. Anyway i guess if you happen to find anything in common with me shoot me a PM or something maybe we're kindred spirits?

Also if you'd like to request some art by all means shoot me a PM and hit me up. I'm a little odd about it but we can discuss the details of that in a PM.

~~`*Some of the works I've done*`~~/


-Wu Fong Express-

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AxelleJean Report | 08/15/2019 4:43 am

Small and Frightened Report | 08/14/2019 11:51 pm
Small and Frightened
Amaeranea Report | 12/28/2018 9:03 am
We are like opposites to one another haha!
You make me wanna match you!
Amaeranea Report | 12/27/2018 12:14 am
Madame_Sins Report | 12/10/2018 7:10 am
3nodding Danke heart I feel like becoming your Avi but in gorl form.
Madame_Sins Report | 11/30/2018 9:14 am
heart heart Look at that avi xp
awful-ly delirious Report | 11/17/2018 3:16 pm
awful-ly delirious

          Thank you so much <3
Lavoli Report | 11/08/2018 6:35 am
Hehehe sweatdrop
Lavoli Report | 11/07/2018 9:52 am
A little , nothing I can’t handle -flexes-
big booty witch Report | 11/03/2018 7:18 am
big booty witch
You’re welcome!


Arts' ******** lame yo!
but if you'd like to commission me or talk just PM me
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PM's are super cool! You should send me one!
I RP as well. I'm kind of a monster. Whatever~


Music Is Lame And So Am I

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