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Hey, Call me Dante if you choose idc tbh lol


there's really not much to know about me just that I'm a legalized adult, im freakishly tall, and i game and read a lot


Want to know more Message me
I do have Disc so ask if you want it, worst i'll say is no lol

Juice WRLD - Come & Go


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Dark Mistress Quinn Report | 11/03/2020 7:28 pm
Dark Mistress Quinn
Hello,no problem! Thank you for the comment! I have not been on for awhile but I look forward to coming back! I still love Gaia with all my heart!!!
CheesyThicc Report | 10/19/2020 11:11 pm
Hey Dante! How are you doing man???
Mystigan Report | 09/05/2020 11:19 pm
I need morrreeee money. Lol spaaam yooouuuu I shaallll
Mystigan Report | 09/05/2020 11:15 pm
Bahahaha, inspiration is everywhere buddy! 😂😂
SweetMomiji666 Report | 09/04/2020 11:01 am
You're welcome!
SweetMomiji666 Report | 09/03/2020 11:51 am
Hey! Your avi looks so cool!
Mystigan Report | 09/01/2020 11:16 pm
Ayyye I like your new avi bro lol
Lahvi Report | 08/30/2020 6:20 pm
Same! I thought Kanda just was "that guy" in every series but he actually had a good story and redemption TTT it was beautiful! And GEEZUS IKR!? I'M # PROTECTALLENSQUAD! ;-; the poor kid....Same...I'm glad mangaka is recovering too and taking their time with the series!
Lahvi Report | 08/30/2020 9:54 am
Bro, you're talking to someone who is obsessed with the anime/manga LOL! I literally buy all the volumes and wait for all the chapter updates lol because I have no life.
But yes, Kanda's character development over all was so nicely done....I really like it ;;;;;! Made me like him even more.
Lahvi Report | 08/29/2020 9:16 pm
Oh yeah! Allen's my boy! I love him! Him, Kanda and Lavi are my fav's!


gaia_nitemareleft THE WORLD SHALL END IN -farts out the window- THE WORLD HAS ENDED!!!!!! oh w8.. only my urge ta fart ended ;P[/color:37aa033607][/size:37aa033607] gaia_nitemareright

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Mrs Bak3r
Mrs Bak3r
Miya Sempai
Lordess Sparda

The lil asian girlWho drewThis wonderful avi art for me!

my ugly mug lol

this lil person drew this :D