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xDarkness_In_Mi_Heartx Report | 10/05/2009 9:16 pm
nice avi an profile biggrin
AnuxiNova Report | 06/29/2008 3:11 pm

Hey!!!! Long time no talk!!!

Wat's up?!?!?!?! XD
Dark Mistress Quinn Report | 06/06/2008 4:41 am
im single its better that way but on the good part i might be moven back ta fredi
Dark Mistress Quinn Report | 04/11/2008 7:59 am
You won the bet along time ago im with sum1 new i love him ta death i miss u hunn<3
Radetzky Report | 01/27/2008 6:47 am
you have a nice avatar....
Little Boy Rapist Report | 01/06/2008 7:45 pm
nice avi!
vince moon Report | 12/28/2007 8:07 pm
where u at?

crzy4jcr Report | 12/22/2007 7:42 pm
ello Alllllphonse. yur profile asked me to PLEASE leave a comment. lol wats up?
wormri Report | 12/15/2007 10:01 am
You won't be speaking to me anymore? what happened? User Image
vince moon Report | 12/09/2007 8:07 am

sorry I blocked u randomly

I was mad at someone and forgot who it was

and as it turned out

it wasnt u XD

sorry T.T

Me and My lovely wife

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Haru Elric-san

Goes By: Alphonse; Aru; Al

Last Login: Whenever I wanted to.

Registered: 12/14/2004

Gender: Wouldn't you like to know?

Location: Ari'el, Israel

Birthday: December 5th, 1986


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Al is unfortunately not a country in Europe, nor delicious cake

Extremely belonephobic. If I hear you talk about those things I might have to hate you.

I like boys. On top of other boys.

I like anime. And manga. And video games, but I'm no good at anything but DDR.

Jewish, but not rich, sadly.

Trilingual. Hebrew, English and Russian. I'm not Russian, though. I just speak it.



Oh god I need medication.

Tragedy is the new comedy. I laugh during war movies.

I got too many cats. Mostly Siamese.

I got a wife, Rokona Elric; the Winry to my Alphonse.

Yo Chris, stop hogging the popcorn. You told me you ate most of it already. The rest is mine, damn you. Don't make me sic Lyla-sama on you.

My friends made me into a pervert. That means you, Roxy-nii. Hope you're happy.

The glass is half empty, you idiot.

I draw. Quite averagely, but for some reason, people like it. Must be because I'm better than them.

My current obsession: XigDem.
2nd place: NaruMitsu
3rd place: LeeGaa

I cosplay:
Al (Hagaren)
Mitsurugi (Gyakusai)
Renji (Bleach)
Axel (KHII)
Vincent (FFVII)
Tamaki (Ouran)
Haru Elric-san

Fear the evil vampire elder frog! Fufufufufu!